Saturday, April 17, 2010

From Noel Saldivar, President of the Fire Fighters Association

Citizens of Richardson,

Thanks for your consideration and support of Proposition 3 in the upcoming bond election. The Richardson Fire Department is without a doubt, one of the most talented collections of emergency responders in the State of Texas and continues to look for ways to advance our service. The citizens of Richardson have always been very supportive of the fire department and our needs in the way of equipment and facilities and the members of the Richardson Firefighters Association Local 1954 are very appreciative.

Responding to emergencies has always been the job of firefighters in the City of Richardson since the volunteer firefighter days of 1926, but the game has changed in a post 9/11 world. In addition to fire and medical calls, we also specialize in high angle rescue, trench rescue, hazardous material responses, and all fire apparatus' also have advanced life support capabilities as well. Training and emergency preparedness is at the core of our existence and you deserve to continue having well trained, professional firefighters responding to your emergency needs. The only way to keep up with the demands of this profession is to have the best equipment, which we have, and a “state of the art” training facility, which we desperately need.

Budgets are tight all around the country and every one of us feels the pinch, but emergency services are one area that cannot afford to do without. While I know you’ll review all propositions of this upcoming bond election, as you should, I ask that you consider each item carefully and give it due process.

In closing, I personally feel each proposition up for vote serves a valuable purpose in the City of Richardson with its aging landscape and infrastructure but it’s your job to decide what’s important to you. The men and women of the Richardson Firefighters Association Local 1954 would like to ask for your support in the upcoming bond election. We’re asking for your vote of YES! Thanks for your time and continued support.

Best Regards,

Noel Saldivar, President

RFFA Local 1954


  1. Mr Saldivar, Ask Mr Keffler if he would give up that 20 yr assumed accrual of sick time ($300,000) to help you out. oh, and Dan Johnson got over $80,000. That might help you too. The residents are tapped out. No votes from this neighborhood.

  2. Glad you stepped up with the endorsement. There are many others that support one or more of the bond propositions and I hope more of them step out publicly too. Myself, I support #3. I'm not tapped out and see the little extra that it will cost residents per year as a great investment in the future of Richardson. Even if that extra expense were a struggle for me I'd support it and find a way because I love the city of Richardson, believe that it is being governed well, and wish to see it continue to be the fine plce to live that it is now.

  3. Has anyone read the assessment done 03/09 on the fire stations and training facility?

  4. Local union boss supports conservative blog! Lions and lambs! Cats and dogs!


  5. Of course! We can all work together!! :)