Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some people spend their Saturday's lounging around the house....

but not Abrahm and I. Instead, we go on Sex Offender Scavenger Hunts!

I got this app for my iPhone a few weeks back which is creatively named, you guessed it, "Sex Offenders." The way it works is it uses your current location and shows you all of the registered sex offenders within a one mile radius.

Here's what mine looked like:

Since the kids and I frequently walk all around this neighborhood I decided I better put a house with a registry and so Abe and I drove by a few. The two that shocked me the most were the ones right by Cottonwood park. Isn't there some sort of law against living by where kids congregate?!?!?!

Anyway, I made a list of all my "Do not accept candy from that man" neighbors....


DAVIS,ROBERT – 1223 Delmont Dr.


FARRIS,STEVEN MAC – 203 S. Weatherred Dr.

HILL,CLAUDE N. – 914 S. Weatherred Dr.

***Bernie's by far the sickest out of the bunch, though. He assaulted a 4-year-old. I swear, if that was my child he'd be registered at Restland....rather than here:


  1. You know, sometimes things aren't what you want to believe, the vast majority of these scum deserve the rap, BUT...

    I personally know one of the ones you point out, and have since during/before the allegation began, he is my immediate neighbor, and I let my kid hang around him without worry.

    Sometimes things are alleged during bitter divorces that aren't true, sometimes teenagers follow along because they like the chaos and the "freedom" it brings without care of the consequences it brings to others. Perhaps some of the readers have never been through or have seen a particularly nasty divorce or child custody case.

    Back in the late eighties and early nineties, these cases weren't followed up and didn't have to be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, and it's not much better today. Once you have been labeled (let's say that I saw you, Destiny with another woman buying some toys from Zone 'D Erotica), you are a guilty in certain eyes, irregardless of proof, because sometimes you can't prove I'm wrong and that I didn't see it, "I saw you with her at the Como Motel Destiny!" Sometimes there is a witch hunt, a lynching where innocent people get brought down for no good reason, can you agree that it happens?

    Just because someone is alleged of something doesn't necessarily mean it's true. How do we avoid the lynch mob mentality when the majority are guilty, and a few are not?

    These cases are difficult IMHO because nobody wins and it is easy to convict, most of the time for good reason. And, it's always permanent!

    I'll give you one more good point to consider, I was on a jury for 5 days in a custody case. I saw all the evidence of a dad that somehow brain washed his very young stepdaughter and raped her in a scary clown outfit multiple times. It came as an outcry during a divorce. It was a nasty case. I ultimately sided for the dad based on reviewing the minimal circumstantial evidence and taking a gut guess, but there was the doubt in my mind for sure based on all the allegations, how do you comb through all the BS.

    Ultimately, and coincidentally, I found out he was a neighbor on Dover after the fact. I confronted him right after the trial and told him that I hoped that I did the right thing, and not to prove me wrong. 9 years later, he is a good friend, his teenage daughter still lives with him and his new wife. She is a very happy and well adjusted kid that I have no doubt didn't suffer the abuse alleged by the mother via daughter.

    Turns out after the fact by coincidence, he is also a neighbor of one of the predators you point out. In this case, I keep my kids away from the predator across the street because I don't personally know him, just like most people, I assume the worst. Somehow, I have to learn to understand my hypocrisy.

    And BTW, the daughter of my neighbor died of a heart complication many years ago before the fog wore off, so she is not around to clear his name, even if it would make a difference.

    ~D (Dublin Dr.)

  2. SO first, Destiny I have to ask way were you seen at Zone 'D Erotica & Como's? LOL....

    But, to get an up to date listing of all the predators in CoR here is the URL:

    Good luck hunting!