Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I want to make something very clear....

Laura Maczka is someone I have a lot of respect for, and in my opinion, will be a councilwoman one day.

She is an ACTIVELY involved citizen who is raising a family and doing wonderful things for this community and beyond everyday.

And as for the picture below, sorry but is there a woman out there who hasn't had that happen?  You go to pose for a picture (1ft away from your husband even, in this case) and someone who's probably your good friend and perhaps has had a bit to drink kinda gooses ya.  It happens.  It's awkward (more so for him).  But none of the blame should fall on her.

My point in posting these pictures was that Larry Zacharias was in the wrong.  After looking through a long thread of photos it seemed like he was really living it up and in my opinion some of the shots were questionable.  I do not believe that Laura looked compromised whatsoever and it bothers me (in an angry feminist sorta way) that she's taking any of the heat in the comments.

Like I said, she will more than likely be a Richardson councilwoman someday, and as these pictures prove, it's about time we got some estrogen back in authority.


  1. She Who Will Not Be NamedJune 22, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    My feminist leanings were right in line with yours. What kind of man, in this day and age poses for a picture with his paws on a woman's junk?

  2. Where is the picture?

  3. I don't find her at any fault.

    In my post-Feminist leanings, I'll say in a gender-neutral way "who poses for a picture with hands on anyone else's junk?" I do not think that it would be any more appropriate if roles were reversed or if it were same-sex groping.

    This means, however, that I do not subscribe to the post's final sentence which seems to suggest that folks of any particular sex have the ethical high ground. Ethics are a matter of _personal_ character.

  4. Bloggermouse...You're right. Reversed it's still inappropriate. BUT, the problem is, we don't have a balance of people in leadership roles...all men. I imagine the police chief saying, "Hey, honey, get me another beer," after the picture was taken.

    And, whereas morality and ethics are a matter of personal character, a woman has to assert (moreso than a guy) her boundaries / beliefs / and very being to keep from looking like a bimbo. You aren't the guys we worry about. It's the dudes that talk to our breasts and slap our hineys at work...and yeah, they still exist.