Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Leadership Richardson 25th Anniversary Event

Oh, the joys of facebook.

Ok, so here's what we're gonna do.  I'm gonna post a series of pictures that showed up in my facebook feed and you're gonna tell me the one thing that they all have in common.

First person to guess correctly gets a free bottle of Horny Goat Weed, from one of 


  1. She Who Will Not Be NamedJune 15, 2010 at 11:39 AM

    Okay, Richardson is the epicenter for tanorexics? You know where to find me.

  2. Get down with your nasty self, Larry. Pervert.

  3. It's a Richardon Swinger's party? I'm insulted I wasn't invited!

  4. Richardson's finest.... Zach's roving hands on Laura's butt gave it away too easy.

  5. Why is Zach's hand on future councilwoman Maczka's rear? Makes one wonder about the Peyton Place rumors.....

  6. I figured it was the shorthaired fellow's consistent photobombing.

  7. We have some quality leadership in R-son!

  8. All that is missing from these precious pictures is Chuck Eisemann - then the sleaze would be complete - HA!

  9. I'm as frustrated as the next person about local politics but this just seems silly. You are now trolling around on Facebook and reposting pictures (in violation of copyright, I might add, since those do not belong to you) for what reason? Just to take a personal shot at a guy who is taking a picture with someone? I don't even know if he realized it was there or not, but regardless, it's just two people taking a picture and having a good time.

    And sorry but personal attacks on Laura? Again, no big fan of the general way things go, but she's a citizen activist. No elected office, no money, just a citizen who is active and cares. And because of who she associates with and has opinions you disagree with, you stoop down to stealing their Facebook pictures and posting them on your blog?

    I'm normally a fan, but this seems more like something I'd expect from my daughter or her friends.

  10. Nerve hit apparently. It takes so little to do that with some. Unless I am mistaken, the girl who is getting her butt shined is married, and not to the butt shiner Zach. If anyone should have a nerve hit it should be her husband, no?

  11. I like Laura a lot and meant no disrespect to her. I'm sure she was just caught in an awkward situation, and in no way do I think she's to blame for Zacharias' actions. From what I hear he has a reputation for this kind of behavior...

    As far as trolling, like I said, they showed up in my thread, I did not search them out. So, perhaps it's time to be more discerning about what photos y'all post...or better yet, how you behave at events.

  12. The issue isn't that we all need to be more discerning. You're shifting the blame with that statement. The issue is that YOU appropriated other folks pictures and posted them on YOUR blog. That ain't right. It doesn't matter that the conveniences of social media brought them to your computer screen. As for behavior at this event (another attempt to shift blame for wrong-doing away from yourself), you do realize that these are posed and are not candid pictures.

  13. This last comment sounds like it's coming from someone that doesn't know the way the internet works. DON'T post pictures of yourself that you DON'T expect to be seen by ANYONE on the internet. Even my kid knows that much. The pictures are TRASHY and I don't blame Destiny for posting them. She is not the one that did anything wrong. She is not their guardian, as you appear to be. The citizens of Richardson deserve to see who they are dealing with. What is done in the dark comes out in the light.

  14. Umm to 3:08? If someone posts something on a feed that comes through to FB, Twitter, etc., it's in the public domain.

    Destiny had every right and reason to post the pics as they show our city "leaders."

    Get your facts straight on intellectual property, copyright, etc., and then offer us an opinion.

    The people in the pics, none of whom I know personally look like boozy, sleazy, trashy people. Maybe the rumors are true. Ever think of that?

  15. "This last comment sounds like it's coming from someone that doesn't know the way the internet works. DON'T post pictures of yourself that you DON'T expect to be seen by ANYONE on the internet. Even my kid knows that much."

    "Umm to 3:08? If someone posts something on a feed that comes through to FB, Twitter, etc., it's in the public domain."

    I'd suggest that both of you talk to a copyright attorney to inform your opinions. Posting something on the Internet may make it public information but does not remove ownership rights from the creator of that picture and does not give anyone permission to take another's photographs and do as they please with them.

    You know none of the people yet make the comment that "maybe the rumors are true." It's a sad commentary on your approach to people. I do know all these people and "boozy, sleazy, and trashy" are not adjectives that I'd ever associate with these people. Rather, these are people who care deeply about Richardson. They are people who give freely of their time and energy to make Richardson a better place. And, they are friendly, outgoing people who like to have fun.

  16. You know...back in the day...I had a friend sued over something like this. Rather than keeping your pictures to yourself...someone posted them on MySpace. Well, guess what? The pics and commentary were free speech as well as the subsequent blog discourse. Why not just encourage the city "leaders" to keep their parties to themselves?

  17. Thing is, I don't really care that much about these pics. First of all neither of the people in them are even elected officials, our old chief has retired and works at UTD now and Laura is nothing. You are taking the pictures of two normal citizens who right now have no official bearing on our city's operations, so in other words, this is personal and not about our city's "leaders".

    Second, as a 2L at UT Law, I can tell you that the republication of these photos would most likely be found to fall under the Fair Use doctrine. That is open to interpretation and is ultimately for a court, but due to the critical nature of the blog, it does fall within the doctrine's scope of intent.

    However, I still think it is childish and unethical to republish it in this context. What do you allege that it tells about them as people? Do you think Zacharias is sleazy and a bad former police chief, or maybe that he had one too many glasses of champagne? Do you think Laura is unfaithful to her husband, or that she had no idea that was going to happen?

    Yeah, they aren't perfect, none of us are. I'm sure if we dig into the past of everyone who has posted here (mine included) there are some things we've all done that are not truly indicative of who we really are.

    Some people will say "well I don't want people leading my city if they are prone to do things like this." Well I'm pretty sure Zacharias did not go to work drunk or grab people's asses there, and I doubt Laura walks around getting her ass grabbed all the time either, and none of them is even a city employee or official anyway so this whole thing is moot.

    Just for fun though I'm going to stay on the lookout for anything inappropriate from Destiny. If I happen to see you somewhere doing something that could be misconstrued, I'll be sure to take a picture and post it. After all, you are also influential and people deserve to know if you have anything in your closet. When I get to work tomorrow I think I'll run some records on you too and see if there's anything in the civil databases, criminal records, bankruptcies, federal, marriages, etc. If there is anything about you that doesn't conform perfectly to what society expects, don't we deserve to know? Just like everyone has to know about the stupid pictures you are making such a big deal about?

  18. Go for it.

    I speed. As in with my car, so I get tickets but that's about it.

    Ummm, I have a picture of me breast feeding at a Sarah Palin rally, I'll leave it to you to decide which part of that is embarrassing. I have another where I'm holding a Hookah pipe at that place over off of Arapaho. So there's that, maybe???

    As far as indiscretions, I write, so my life is literally an open book, just Google me. Pregnant at 16, baby by 17...whoa, did I just bust into a Von Trapp tune.....?

  19. It seems that the COR kool-aid drinkers, as usual don't get it...

    I don't know the woman in the picture, and I don't need to, to be able to say that it is SO WRONG for the police chief to be groping a woman's butt. Period.

    I also don't know the police chief, but this is another example of someone in a position in power using making poor decisions...none of us would know about the picture if someone hadn't put it out in public for all to see.

    Place the blame where it belongs.

    And, to the anonymous post above, it certainly sounds threatening, a criminal offense in Texas. This post is similar in tone and construction as the ones on the DMN blog in the days leading up to the election. Tell us, please...what do they put in the water over on Waterview?

  20. The water some citizens on Waterview drink is a very special concoction of several unique compound specifically developed for special needs residents by city some of the city staff, specifically, the three ACM commonly refered to as Manny, Moe and Jack. The primary compound added to their drinking water is ASSenile, a compound which stimulates the need to make a person ask more like a a work-house (donkey) than a person. Combined with a healthy doze of Iamignorant and Iamthought-Lis it also helps a person feel at ease when they bloviate as has been demonstrated by the musings of the insomniatic’s post at 4:46am.

    So go easy on the 4:46am post, he/she has been reengineered by the powers that be (for the time) to think and act the way he/she does. They cannot help themselves.

  21. Yes, I'm sure he/SHE can't help it.

    I love how anyone who challenges status quo at COR becomes a target for threats and intimidation.

  22. @Anon June 20, 2010 9:30 PM
    Check yourself before ya wreck yourself, buddy. Switch to decaf for a few days or something.

  23. @ Destiny.

    BTW, that Horny Goat Weed stuff that was supposed to be prize doesn't even work.

    I mean it does work!

    I mean I wouldn't know whether or not it works!

    [goes back under rock]

  24. If I did not want a hand on my butt, it would not be there, and it would not be at all awkward to displace it.

  25. By the way Destiny- glad to see you back.

  26. These pictures show only the surface of what is really going on. The City Council gave Laura big bucks to fund her coronation. A couple of very high level city officials have either openly fliriting with her or been observed in "embrace."