Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: John Murphy Doesn't Care About Spring Valley Redevelopment

...or perhaps he just had other plans tonight, I don't know.  Either way, I made it to the last 30 minutes of this evening's Richardson Heights Fall Forum.  I maybe probably kinda missed mostly all of it, but I did discover this - Mark Solomon has ALSO spotted prostitutes over on the Dallas side of Spring Valley (next to his church) & a man got shot last night by Richardson police officers back behind Texas Land & Cattle! Walking distance from my house! Crazy! And according to my friend 'Sweet Chenny' (which btw David, someone *not me* coined you tonight, and I LOVED it!) the cops jumped in front of this dudes car after he backed up into them and then tried to drive off. That's when they shot him in the shoulder. I dunno about y'all but that doesn't strike me as the brightest move.

{Update: I recently found out that the Murph did indeed attend this event, he just didn't stay the whole time. At this point a real journalist would go back and change the awesome title to this post. Good thing I'm just a blogger.}

{Update on my update: I could always call it "Sweatin' like a whore in church," I just don't know if that would have the same shock value. I'll think about it....}

{Ultimate update to top all updates: According to the Murph, I don't care about the Citizens Fire Academy since I wasn't there. Also, George Bush doesn't care about black people.}

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saturday Speedo's @ Walgreen's

I meant to post about this a week ago, but I've been kind of busy, so please forgive my tardiness.  Anyway, last Saturday (the 11th, maybe?) the Richardson boy's Lacrosse team was having a car wash up at the corner of Coit & Beltline. I was driving Southbound on Coit when all the sudden I see like 15, gangly, white dudes standing on the corner where Walgreen's is in Speedos.  They were holding up poster boards proclaiming their fundraiser and "dancing".  I get that they were trying to be funny and certainly not sexy (at least I hope that's not what they were going for, or else they were failing miserably), but nonetheless it was pretty gnarly.  Many of them were all squatting down, rears facing the street, waving their butts around in the air. I tried to get a pictures, not for my own viewing pleasure, but because I knew there would be those of y'all that wouldn't believe me, however, I decided not dying as I crossed the intersection was more important.

Anyway, just curious what others thoughts are of this...funny or crass?

I could see how it would be a slippery slope eventually, where the girls teams could be arguing for the same swimsuited car washing attire, but perhaps I am wrong.

What do y'all think?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh City Council Meetings, how I have missed thee.....

I forgot how much I enjoyed attending council meetings and tweeting fun of people, and Monday was no exception. 

Tweets & Highlights:

"Andrew Laska began by addressing to council on his concerns over brick houses. He ain't holding nothing back.#RichardsonCityCouncil"

...A lot of hay was {rightfully} made over who would be the "gatekeeper" of the Richardson Code of Ethics... The term was thrown around so frequently I started to feel like I was living in a J.K. Rowlings book.  

Shelley McCall withdrew her membership to the A-Team. She scolded Amir for "tweeting & texting" during meetings. I thought this was awesome.  Especially since my main goal during most council meetings is to tweet something so hilariously inapprop that Omar or Murph will visibly shake with laughter and embarrass themselves. That's a really stand up reason to be involved in local politics, right?

Let's see, after that, a discussion regarding a code of conduct vs. a code of ethics was brought up at which point Solomon (our most dapper councilman) flippantly  brought up a dress code. Which of course I had to comment on...

"You heard it here first- Mark Solomon agrees we need a dress code! First rule of business: no seersucker! Second?#RichardsonCityCouncil"

Then we went back to the use of "cellular devices" during meetings, this time with Macy bringing it up. At which point I figured...

"No cell phones? Might as well just make hair a requirement. :)#RichardsonCityCouncil"

But then Macy goes on to request that all pagers and beepers (which I guess perhaps in his time were two different things, I was 4 when they quit making them so I'm not sure) also be banned during council meetings. 

And you know what Richardson, I think he got his wish.  Don't say the Mace never did anything for this city.  After his reign in Place 5, I think it is safe to say all beeper, pagers, buzzers, and clickers were successfully eradicated from the council chambers. Good on you, Bob.

Ummm, what else? Oh yeah, I think I figured out who Maggie May is, based on wardrobe alone...
This is that Thatcher guy, right?