Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: John Murphy Doesn't Care About Spring Valley Redevelopment

...or perhaps he just had other plans tonight, I don't know.  Either way, I made it to the last 30 minutes of this evening's Richardson Heights Fall Forum.  I maybe probably kinda missed mostly all of it, but I did discover this - Mark Solomon has ALSO spotted prostitutes over on the Dallas side of Spring Valley (next to his church) & a man got shot last night by Richardson police officers back behind Texas Land & Cattle! Walking distance from my house! Crazy! And according to my friend 'Sweet Chenny' (which btw David, someone *not me* coined you tonight, and I LOVED it!) the cops jumped in front of this dudes car after he backed up into them and then tried to drive off. That's when they shot him in the shoulder. I dunno about y'all but that doesn't strike me as the brightest move.

{Update: I recently found out that the Murph did indeed attend this event, he just didn't stay the whole time. At this point a real journalist would go back and change the awesome title to this post. Good thing I'm just a blogger.}

{Update on my update: I could always call it "Sweatin' like a whore in church," I just don't know if that would have the same shock value. I'll think about it....}

{Ultimate update to top all updates: According to the Murph, I don't care about the Citizens Fire Academy since I wasn't there. Also, George Bush doesn't care about black people.}

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  1. Wonder what other means besides their clothing or appearance Mr. Solomon used to "spot" possible prostitutes? Were there interviews? Surveys?

    On the shooting issue, there was also a female occupant of the vehicle when the six shots were fired. Police arrested her for public intoxication - presumably after she exited the vehicle driven by the man who was shot. Since the man ostensibly was living at the Continental Inn, look for our "privacy" minded Council to work for its and the Como's closures because those enities and their customers create a negative image for our town.

    Why not just buy them out? Like the Council bought the "unsightly" modest houses across from City Hall. The property where the houses stood is still empty, and the Council still hasn't said (doesn't know) what they are going to do with them. So if the front of the houses the City bought were "unsightly" did they think the view of the rear of the houses now visible across the alley are any less unsightly?

    Maybe the City can offer the developers of the condos at Brick Row - or maybe the developers of many fewer condos at Brick Row - a sweet tax abatement to build something the City Father will find more palatable.