Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You think you're so clever...

So word on the street is that Amir's T3 project is now being called "Brown The Town." I would like to lodge a formal complaint, as this is what Abrahm and I call our baby making, and I find it extremely offensive that you all are using it in reference to dead trees. You people are insensitive monsters.


  1. I much prefer your style of "browning" to Mr. Omar's. I still don't understand why he
    (and his cohorts) did not consult tree experts before embarking on this ego trip.

  2. You answered youself with that comment Anon @ 7:04. "Ego Trip"

    All "brownings" are not equally as good or as fun! Cute pic too.

    Signed: Insensitive Monster Number 69 of millions.