Monday, January 31, 2011

David gets Amir'd by Laura!

Now here is what their babies will look like...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the City {Updates}

(coming via Will)

Small stage at the Eisemann, not the big room. Talked to Dennis on the way in. Good guy (Editor's note: agreed...for a mason :) )

5 minutes to showtime, under 100 people here, another 100 in the lobby.

Lights turned down as the meeting started, so 'real time' reporting stopped. Sorry 'bout that. 

Dim lights, raised stage in front with two LARGE screens above the stage. And on the stage, was it the entire City Council, seated, each reporting on part of the City's 'state'? Was it Fire Chief, Parks and Rec Director, Bill Keffler, giving details?

Nooooooooooooooo ... the only person to speak, the only person on stage was the man who the citizens of Richardson voted in as Mayor, voted in as sole spokesman for the City.

What? Wait ... the voters don't pick the Mayor. Sorry. Forgot about that...

You've seen The Colbert Report show opening, right? Waving flags, eagles flying... Well, one of the big screens had that theme. No eagles, but waving red white and blue graphics behind the COR logo. On the other screen, similar background (moving, always moving) and on top of that, small windows with photos, movie clips, keyed to the topic the Mayor was talking about. 

Mayor Slagel used two teleprompters (below the stage, to the right and left of center) and, other than a nervous pacing back and forth, his presentation was quite good. Some humor, some snark, positive slant, of course... 

I won't get into the hour long details. The 'show' is on Richardson Cable and supposedly the city website. You can see for yourself. A few items though:

The Mayor did, of course, introduce the Council, a few city staffers, and honored guests (RISD, PISD, Methodist Hospital, UTD etc.) "Please wave as I introduce you" ha.

Other than the introductions, and at the end of the show, the only applause during was when he mentioned Tree the Town as a 'Council initiative'. He *did* mention Amir during that, though, and that is what triggered the applause. 

The Apartment the Town initiative was presented as a done deal. He did mention public hearings to educate the populace, and only mentioned the apartments as "we're looking for the right number of multi-family units ... still working on that". 

He compared it to Highland Park Village. Now THAT is funny. Let's see... Highland Park, University Park, old North Dallas, Preston Road. Yep, that compared quite well with freeway off-ramps and a garbage transfer station. 

The Mayor's Major Announcement: (not certain of the exact title) The Mayor's Office of International Trade (something like that). He mentioned a list of CEOs who are on the board of that new office... He didn't mention how often he or others would be flying overseas, but I guess that will be showing up in the transparent checkbook soon.

{Thanks Will!!!}

Friday, January 21, 2011

FYI, I'm officially excepting bribes for my endorsement, staaaaaarting now.

Don't judge me. I'm no different than the rest, I'm just admitting to it...and letting you know I prefer reds.
So let's see, the Dunn's have started off on a very good foot. I don't know much about Scott, but his wife, Lisa, is a delight! There are two ways to get to know a person- by arguing with them, and by drinking with them. Since my friend Mac already tried out the first one I chose the latter with Mrs.Dunn (me much more heavily than she) and we had a blast! Additionally, I have a feeling the more I imbibe on my bribe the more I'll like Scott too.

Also, heard today that Larry Z. picked up a packet. Moments later I vomited in my mouth. Related? You decide.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's just keep it real.

So I have to admit, over the weekend I was kind of excited about the flurry of attention C&P was getting, and even thought about asking (again) if the "anonymous" posters could please pick an alias and stick with it, as trying to decipher the different commenters can get a bit tricky when they are all named "anonymous."

....I was, that is, until it was brought to my attention that the same insomniac (who shall remain "anonymous") posted 14 of the 17 comments.

Don't believe me? Check the log...
(click to enlarge)

Here's the deal, I'm not trying to call you out, but at the same time, you're giving all anonymous commenters a bad, you've got my phone blowing up with e-mail alerts at absurd hours of the night. 

Anyway, just thought it was fair to remind everyone, I* can tell when you're being crazytown and arguing with yourself...on a 4 in the morning. 

*by I, of course I mean my good friend who actually follows this stuff and knows how to read it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Correct me if I'm wrong.... this what everyone else has so far, too?

Place 1 - Bob Townsend, Bill Denton, Diana Clawson

Place 2 - Mark Solomon 

Place 3 - Scott Dunn, Darrell Day

Place 4 - Gary Slagel

Place 5 - (Bob Macy?), Laura Maczka, Pris Hayes

Place 6 - Steve Mitchell

Place 7 - Amir Omar, (Dennis Stewart?) 

I think some alzheimer's is rubbing off on me because I can't seem to keep all the rumors straight. Am I missing anyone?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Does fbook mean it in like the "biblical" sense?

Because if so, than yes- Chuck E and I used to be looooooooovers. That's why he hates me with such a passion.  Keep it on the DL y'all.

Am I the only one.....

...who's waiting for one of the blog sites to make like the Taliban and claim responsibility for Murph's retirement?
On a personal and highly inapprop note, I'm gonna miss the eye candy.