Thursday, January 13, 2011

Correct me if I'm wrong.... this what everyone else has so far, too?

Place 1 - Bob Townsend, Bill Denton, Diana Clawson

Place 2 - Mark Solomon 

Place 3 - Scott Dunn, Darrell Day

Place 4 - Gary Slagel

Place 5 - (Bob Macy?), Laura Maczka, Pris Hayes

Place 6 - Steve Mitchell

Place 7 - Amir Omar, (Dennis Stewart?) 

I think some alzheimer's is rubbing off on me because I can't seem to keep all the rumors straight. Am I missing anyone?


  1. Denton AND Clawson? Geez, that certainly will split the vote.

  2. What? Bill Denton? Haven't we been down that long, lonely road before in Place 1? I love you Bill, but you won't win! Grumps Townsend always seems to squeek by with 55% of the vote. Let Diana take her turn.

    Good to see Pris Hayes back. Looks like it is going to be the battle of the chicks in Place 5. I suspect that Laura Maczka is thinking she going to breeze in to this seat, since Chuck gave Macy the heave-ho. Note to Laura: don't underestimate Pris. She still has strong name recognition, and you are pegged as being a part of the RC.

    Who's in Place 3? I thought that RC worker bee Andrew Laska was going to run, too? Guess Scott Dunn is going to have to be the RC candidate.

    Look for Dennis Stewart to take on Amir Omar in Place 7. Omar has been a pretty big disppointment, so I throwing my support behind my favorite retired cop.

    Gonna be interesting.

  3. Slagel is not running for Place 4 again....yet. He is waiting for the masses (all sixteen of the Coalition folks) to BEG him to run again because the city just cannot do without him and will fall apart, without himself as the glue that binds.

    Has anyone noticed that Bob Macy has stopped voting in lock-step with Slagel? It might have to do with Bob being a very decent person personally and him getting tired of the abhorent gutter talk of Slagel behind closed doors.

    I have also heard that Coalitionist and Slagelvite Laura M. is now proclaiming she is NOT a coalitionist (no work on whether or not she admits to eing a Slagelvite). And she isn't the only one making that claim. Seems a lot of people (coalitionist) are trying to distance themselves from the coalition. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, it probably is a duck.

    Whatever...and is going to be a very interesting election cycle! Add......just like Slagel announced he would resign from the council after being dethroned, if he doesn't run for reelection, I will stop blogging. :0)

  4. Word is one of the ducks from Crowley Park is running for Place 2.

  5. Laura Maczka is now proclaiming that she isn't a part of the Richardson Coalition? Yeah, right. That is laughable! Wonder if she tells Chuck Eisemann that at Monday Rotary as she is cuddled up next to him? Word has it that Chuck has given Laura strict orders to go STEALTH as to not "ruin" her chances of winning (by being a member of the RC). After she is in office, Laura will be back to being a charter member of the Richardson Coalition.

    Note to Laura: everyone knows how two-faced you are, so, please stop pretending. I didn't want to believe it, but I have now seen you in action. You have hurt a lot of folks by your insincerity.

  6. P.S. Laura has sworn her allegiance to Slagel in a blood oath. That is required to be a member of the RC!

  7. Laura M. is a nice lady, but she is in WAY over her head. I don't know if it is her desire to "connect" or "please", but everyone she meets a gets a different story from her: she's "in the coalition", ", "not in the coalition", "used to be in the coalition", "friends with the coalition", "friends with Chuck", "not friends with Chuck". Which is it, Laura?

    Laura needs to get her stories straight quickly because this will be a common question for HER at the multiple council forums that will soon be scheduled. Perhaps, she has learned this double talk from her bud Gary Slagel or Omar, who couldn't tell a consistent story if they tried.

    One thing for sure is that poor Laura is being totally manipulated by Chuck Eisemann. She should be mindful that Chuck is a very crafty, deceptive, devious person who will stoop to whatever depths to get his way. Just remember, Laura, if he gets you elected, then you will owe him big time - and he will come calling.

  8. Is it really a given that Bob Macy won't run again? Not so sure about that. Folks may be surprised.

    His recent message for the Brick Row representative - pointing out in public, not in private, that the developers lied to the Council- they never intended to build that many condos - was certainly out of lockstep with his colleagues, and struck right at the heart of the matter regarding developers the City seems to favor. "Paint a good picture/tell the public anything and we'll be able to make it easier and CHEAPER for you to build in Richardson. Bob's vote clearly pointed that out.

    Then there was his vote in favor of a waiver to the Moratorium allowing the dentist to open an office on Spring Valley. The rest of the Council -except Mr. Solomon, who was absent - agreed with Mayor Slagel, who said "it (the proposed office) would still look like what it was, an old Whataburger building." Well, Mr. Mayor and Mr. Murphy (whose district it is) have been in office 20 years and more. Mr. Townsend's been on the Council 10 years and represents the east side of Spring Valley. Those individuals were in office during the years Spring Valley declined. It happened on their watch. Now they say"the sky will fall"if something isn't done NOW? Where were their ideas to stop Spring Valley's downward slide all those years before? They couldn't see what was happening without a nicely remunerated "Consultant"?
    So is the redevelopment plan to bulldoze everything along Spring Valley? No? If not, what will be the cost to do what the consultant is proposing and you as Council members are advocating? Tell us how the City will fund this? Do I hear BONDS? AGAIN? And developers(however highly tax abated) will flock to the denuded sites ignoring what will still exist across the street in Dallas?

    Was this lady's application why the Council needed the rushed and hushed Moratorium?
    Given the "openess" from COR, no "outsider" meaning a member of the public, will know.

    Bob, you need to tell those "well-meaning" people that suggested you need to retire to take a hike.

  9. @Anonomous above - I would tend to disagree. Bob Macy's comments had little to do with his loyalty to anyone or some kind of sense of right/wrong, but more to do with just "random" comments that came to who his head. He got lucky - twice - in two years in saying something that resonated with ANYONE, but, for the most part, everything else that Macy said during this time caused a flurry of eye rolls and snickers.

    This seat - with Macy in it - was a throw-away for this council term; a way to get Gary Slagel back in the mayor's spot. Now that Chuck and his elderly gang of 4 are done with him, they have given him his walking paper. Understand that Macy was none too happy about it.

    Regardless of who did the motivating, it is a good thing that Bob Macy moves on. As a senior citizen myself, I can tell you that NO ONE that is 85 years old has ANY business on the city council - and Bob's work over the past two years confirms it. Bob Townsend should take heed as well.

  10. Have heard that Gary Slagel is still looking for a little "love" up in district 4, but is having a hard time finding it this time. Now, most of his friends are saying that a quarter-century on the city council is ENOUGH; even his wife and family are now saying it.

    One would think that with the baggage that this guy has, he would simply go away. I would hope that Slagel is doing some quick math in his head; given the council openings - and the potential candidates in other other seats - the odds aren't very good that he will be elected mayor again, even if he runs and wins.

    Gary, the time is now. Spare the city and yourself any further embarrasment. Go out on top. Don't run again.

  11. Anom @9:41 a.m. townsend does NOT represent the east side of Spring Valley. By his own words, he represents the entire city and not Place 1, which is to say he represents the coalition.

  12. @Anonymous at 9:48 - good point. Next to Macy, old man Townsend can't put two words together to make a sentence. And, when he does, it is to support anything Gary Slagel or the Richardson Coalition advocates. Hopefully, Townsend will FINALLY get tossed out this go-around. If he doesn't, the "accidental" mayor protem will definitely loose that title. Word has it that even the existing council wants to dump him.

  13. Speaking of Bob Townsend, hasn't this old geezer said publically the last three elections that "this is my last term"? Has this 80 year old man simply forgot he has said this, or does he simply not care about keeping his word? This is, sort of, like saying you are going to resign, and you don't...uh, guess we have had that scenario with Gary Slagel. Note to the next council: if Gary says that he is going to resign again, immediately "accept" it; don't wait around for the letter!

  14. I bet Pris Hayes still regrets that vote for Bob Townsend for mayor pro tem. You would think that Townsend would have been GRATEFUL for her support. Quite the opposite. This angry, hateful man went out of his way during her two year term to be rude and demeaning to councilWOMAN Hayes. Just ask anyone who was around during that time. Perhaps, he just didn't think it was "appropriate" for a woman to serve? Who knows?

    Either way, wouldn't it be poetic justice for Townsend to loose to a woman? Or, for Pris Hayes to get re-elected and be a part of the majority which removes the "mayor pro tem" title from Townsend? Don't worry, Bob, Pris WILL vote against you this time, that is if you are even re-elected....!

  15. Mr. Bob Townsend was terribly furious at all six that he wasn’t the compromise mayor because he offered to be, not the fact he garnered the majority of the vote for mayor pro-tem. He was furious at the moment and very quickly afterward, he played it that he was upset that Mr. Gary Slagel was not the mayor.

    Mr. Slagel and Mr. John Murphy would not agree to vote for Mr. Townsend mayor for the next slate, but they did agree to seek revenge on those who did not want to be under their direction. The behavior of Mr. Townsend, Mr. Murphy, and Mr. Slagel and the bitterness they encourage goes to that point. Who do you see cursing, gesturing and taunting others in public? It is these three men and Mr. Bob Macy. Mr. Macy frequently taunts Mr. Omar in public.

    Each has said that they voted how they wanted to vote and would not take back the votes except for Mr. Bob Townsend who said he should have been the mayor. No one would agree to Mr. Townsend being the mayor, before or after. He was not an accidental mayor pro-tem, he was the mayor pro-tem by legitimate vote the first time. The second time is debatable as Mr. Omar did not have a one year residency status to be sworn. Following the last election Mr. Murphy wanted to have Mr. Townsend voted out as mayor pro-tem because Mr. Murphy wanted to be mayor pro-tem again if not mayor. He did not succeed. The arrangement stayed the same. I believe this was for the best under the circumstances.

    Do not defame the office or the duly recorded vote regardless of what Mr. Townsend’s behavior has been subsequently. Do not underestimate Mr. Townsend’s growing sense of entitlement and lingering anger or Mr. Slagel’s, and those who look to them for personal gain, control and fraternity reasons. It is only met by Mr. Townsend’s unfortunate words and gestures regarding those he sees as less than he, frequently associated with gender, age, religion and political affiliation.

    Any woman or younger person who runs to serve Richardson should be careful because she or he will be expected to acquiesce to demands from certain people of entitlement and sometimes at least one of their wives, when that is not the entire role of any elected official. The men and women of this entitlement mindset fail to recognize that the office is more important than solely the aspirations of other councilmen, more important than their outdated notions of gender roles, and more important than their personal and petty revenge motives.

    It is not unusual for Mssrs. Bob Townsend, Bob Macy, John Murphy, Gary Slagel and Charles Eisemann and their friends who are of this mindset to harrumph in public at people they see as less than they. It is a frequent occurrence. They make for an unpleasant atmosphere. Was it not they who peppered us, our homes and churches, and our phone lines with falsehoods? People have been extraordinarily gracious toward them, especially Angie, Laura, Lynn, Janet, Chris, Marilyn, including another very young lady they make fun of, considering these men’s behavior and the bitterness and sense of entitlement and revenge they encourage.

    Mr. Townsend and people who behaved as he has have been disappointing. The cursing and the hand gesturing in public are not acceptable from Mr. Townsend or Mr. Slagel. The taunting by Mr. Macy toward Mr. Omar and groups of people he disagrees does Mr. Bob Macy no favors. Mr. Murphy is leaving for the immediate council, but his taunting was and is not beneficial.

    If they could look into their hearts and make a change to their behaviors and attitudes they should stay on our Council. If they are unwilling or incapable then they should remove themselves from places of honor.

    I have concerns regarding Mr. Macy and Mr. Townsend’s acuity. It may or may not be age correlated. Two of my relatives are more than a decade older than they are and both are sharp as tacks. It is on a person by person case. The judgment of other members is a concern and I believe this is due to them suffering from groupthink much of the time.

  16. Well said. The only reason why Bob Townsend didn't get dumped as mayor pro tem this last time was due to the chaos surrounding the mayoral vote. Former mayor pro tem John Murphy did, in fact, make play to oust him.

    Rest assurred, the majority of those who voted - not necessarily supported - for Townsend this last time, will absolutely, positively NOT vote for him again, assuming that they - including Bob - are even re-elected.

    If Bob Townsend is re-elected - and that is a 50/50 chance - there is growing concern about his mental faculties, along with his closeted "drinking problem". Those in the know have seen him inebriated at various public events, including a recent "Cinco de Mayo" celebration at II Creeks, where RPD was called to confirm Bob Townsend - along with his wife's - sobriety. Thankfully, for Bob, Bill Keffler stepped in and squashed it. To bad for those who had to share the road with Bob.

  17. Interesting comments about Bob Macy and Amir Omar. I see it the exact opposite. Omar is blately rude to Macy, which is ironic given that Macy's daughter is his campaign treasurer. When Macy attempts to strike up a conversation with Omar, Omar turns his back on him, and talks to someone else or fools with his iPhone. Guess Macy isn't high enough on the food chain for Omar to respect. Not that I particularly respect Macy myself.

    The good thing here is that folks have had the opportunity to observe, first hand, Omar for the last two years. The verdict is mixed. Like his mentor, Gary Slagel, either you love him or hate him. Not bad for someone who has only lived in the city for TWO YEARS. As a liberal democrat, his spending and social stances are out of step with Richardson. Could we not do better in Place 7?

  18. Hey fuckfaces, lay off Laura for a minute will ya?

  19. Laura, how many times do I have to ask you not to drop f-bombs on my blog? geez!

    :) ...kidding of course. Although you are not. You actually sound quite insane. Not to mention if you were a regular reader you'd know I much prefer put downs with the word "douche" in them. They're just offensive enough without being too offensive. So let's go with "douchefaces" next time, k?"