Friday, January 21, 2011

FYI, I'm officially excepting bribes for my endorsement, staaaaaarting now.

Don't judge me. I'm no different than the rest, I'm just admitting to it...and letting you know I prefer reds.
So let's see, the Dunn's have started off on a very good foot. I don't know much about Scott, but his wife, Lisa, is a delight! There are two ways to get to know a person- by arguing with them, and by drinking with them. Since my friend Mac already tried out the first one I chose the latter with Mrs.Dunn (me much more heavily than she) and we had a blast! Additionally, I have a feeling the more I imbibe on my bribe the more I'll like Scott too.

Also, heard today that Larry Z. picked up a packet. Moments later I vomited in my mouth. Related? You decide.


  1. That last paragraph is the Destiny we know and love...keep it up.