Saturday, January 8, 2011

Does fbook mean it in like the "biblical" sense?

Because if so, than yes- Chuck E and I used to be looooooooovers. That's why he hates me with such a passion.  Keep it on the DL y'all.


  1. So, did you "know" Chuck Eisemann prior to him getting that "Jerry Jones" treatment/look on his face?!? One has to wonder how this guy can close his eyes or blink these days with the skin on his face so tight. Oh, well, I know you like your guys looking their best, regardless. Atleast, Chuck recycled those gold rim aviators to Gary Slagel to wear because, you know, they are so "stylish". XXOO.

  2. Uh, gross, Destiny. That just makes me want to take a shower just reading it. And, the visuals. You could do SO much better!