Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It'll be a cold day in Richardson.....

when Gary Slagel decides not to run again.
or Macy, or John. wow.


  1. Is that a REAL post from G.Slagel? ?

  2. The Era of Sleaze is over! The Era of Sleaze is over!

  3. Were they really 24 "great" years? And they were "great" in exactly what way?

    The decline of Richardson neighborhoods? The death of retail in Richardson? The buildup of the telecom corridor at the expense of other businesses in Richardson? The skyrocketing city debt? The theft of $80,000 in rent from a city-owned building, to benefit his business? The vicious personal attacks on his political rivals?

    I'm trying to think of something - anything - that would justify the use of the word "great." Nothing's come to mind.

    The guy has been a toxic pox on our city. I love Richardson, and this news has given me hope that our city can again move forward in a positive way.

  4. My name is Gary the Great, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

  5. Last night's vote on the Renner Road development now makes sense. As they took that vote, I thought every Council member was signing their own political "death warrant." (To be clear: that was only a political metaphor. This does not condone or encourage - in any way, shape or form - actual violence.)
    Since Slagel was a political animal, it was confusing that he would make such a political bungle. Now, it makes perfect sense.

    His push for this development was taking care of a developer buddy... because Slagel had already decided not to run and therefore didn't care about the political consequences.

    But what happens now to Townsend, Mitchell, Omar and Solomon? On his way out, Slagel set fire to their ship.

    We might get seven new Council members. That might be a very good thing... a fresh, new attitude and an embrace of good new ideas might be what we need to start moving Richardson back to greatness.

  6. Seven new council members will undo what has been done?

  7. Anon @ 12.45 PM - By the time a new Council is in place (a different Council, at least less Murphy, Slagel and Macy) - the Bush/75/Renner project might be too far along.

    Or maybe it could be modified.

    I don't know.

    In the meantime, if you want things to change, find a candidate, give them some $ to pay campaign expenses, put a sign in your yard, and get involved.

    Those who sit on the sidelines and b*t*h about the state of the City don't help at all.

    Peace -

  8. Laura Maczka...that should be interesting, she'l quite obviously win the election though

  9. Well, it wasn't just a cold day, it is a bitterly cold day.

    Anonymous 12:13, don't count the chickens before they hatch.

  10. Look at the support she has from
    The council