Monday, February 28, 2011


Earlier I said that Barry Hand pretends not to know me whenever he sees me at events. When in reality (a place I'm none too fond of), he actually really had no idea who I was.

I know, that was hard for me to believe too. *head shrinking*

He did however mention that he's out of the country a lot in order to justify this fact. *head re-inflating*

Either way, I'm a little disappointed that I no longer have an imaginary arch-nemesis. First Mark Solomon accepts me on twitter and now this. Who should I create a fictitious rivalry with now???

Perhaps Dave Peters? He's one scary looking mo-fo. I remember the first time I saw him thinking I'd obviously died and he was there to collect my soul.

So the bar has been set at Dave Peters. Please submit other suggestions below.


  1. OMG, you're right, Dave Peters aka Lurch is so scccarry! Isn't he Chuck Eisemann's goon?

    Speaking of Chuck Eisemann, I'd add him to you list of "arch nemesis". This former philanthropist has ruined his name in this city to the point where in many circles, "Chuck Eisemann" is a dirty word. Funny part is that he probably doesn't even know - or care!

  2. Oh, and throw in Martha "Bitter" Ritter. Although, I hear she digs you pink hair!