Thursday, February 24, 2011

Steve Mitchell Got Kicked Off!

...his campaign that is.
Everybody who was awesome was there, including the DeLaRo girls whose sitter fell through at the last minute. 
...bringing kids to a campaign kick off is about as stupid as bringing a baby to a wedding.

I had to bribe them with brownies, so of course a sugar crash ensued. I was fleeing inside with them right as Commissioner Dickey began to speak, and I totally missed her rendition of
John Wiley Price's "All of you are white. Go to hell!"
bummer. It got a big laugh.
Speaking of the Commissioner, her favorite person and mine was there too, Mrs. Chris Davis.
You know, I never would've started Conserve & Protect if it weren't for her telling me about "this Ed Cog-something guy out there writing stuff." She's awesome. (*disregard the photos MySpace angle) 

Also spotted were the Dunn twins, or, I guess the Murphy twins, I dunno. Either way, they could totally be related, yes?
Fun was had by all. 
Barry Hand and I pretended we didn't know each other again. 
There was wine.
And that about raps it up.

Oh, and Go Steve!


  1. Steve won't be running alone in place 6 if the rumors are true.

  2. Bring it on - he's ready! He's got the money and hundreds of supporters to run a full court campaign - and he knows how to do it.

  3. Ok, Anon #1 and Anon #2 -- who is the rumored opposition?

    Inquring minds wanna know.

  4. Steve's kick-off party was the widest cross-section frm the city I have ever seen at a campaign kick-off. He holds the only true Coalition in Richardson, and running against him is a colossaly stupid and bad investment for all involved. The term 'suicide run' comes to mind.