Thursday, February 24, 2011

You know who I love?

...and I know I'm gonna take a lot of heat for this....

But I totally love Bobby T.

If I were an old white man- I'd be him.

Hear me out...

I'm pretty sure he's a drinker, but like the awesome kind that's probably pretty funny. Not the assish kind that's a jerk and sucks.

Also, he wears his pants really low when he's not dressed up, and he kinda looks like a geriatric skateboarder.

Furthermore, he takes awesome pictures, like these and this one.

And lastly, he hits kids in the face with things (+5 points) DURING PARADES (+10 POINTS).

I heard he doesn't think this is nearly as funny as I do, but you know what, I don't care. Crap like that is what makes me like him so dang much.

...Also, the way he talks. As I've noted in many a tweet, he sounds like he has big, George Washington-esque, wooden teeth. If he read books on tape, I would buy them...and let his acoustically accommodating chompers lull me to sleep every night.


  1. You're so funny, Destiny! This picture makes Bobby T. look like a Bud-version of Barry Goldwater, except Townsend isn't nearly as smart, professional, or articulate. Plus, I don't think Goldwater would have ever "shot the finger" at any resident! It's time for this dinosaur to GO!

  2. You know Destiny, he "loves" you too. He "loves" talking about you! Any chance he gets he mentions how much he "love" you and what you do. He especially "loves" how you write about him!!! (!!!<-I read Bloggermouse"s blog about omar's use of !!!) And he especially "loves" how cute you look with you mult-colored hair. And, he "loves" that you are not one of those horrible JWP "go-to-hell-white-people" types. He "loves" you so much!!!!

    HONESTY ADJUSTMENT FACTOR FOR ABOVE COMMENT-Substitute "hate" for all of the "loves" mentioned above, and you will know how Bobby 1-Finger feels about you.

  3. ....he does always tell me when my roots are getting too long. which is weird. :)

  4. Goldwater wouldn't shoot the finger at someone?

    From a review of the book Barry Goldwater, by Robert Alan Goldberg

    "... an important fact about Barry Goldwater: he made his mark not only as politician but as a personality. His famous bluntness, his profanity, and his utter lack of pretension were crucial to the impact he had on others."

  5. Will - OK, I guess the two men ARE similiar, at least, in the "profanity" department! Maybe, someone has a piture of Goldwater "shooting the finger" at someone. Will, if you have it, then send it to Destiny. That would be fun to show it next to Bobby T.'s famous "bird" picture!

  6. Would a photo of Johnny Cash do until I can research Barry G?

  7. while rooting around in the darkroom I did find the picture of barry giving the finger,its an 8by 10black and white pic,, gonna hang it up next to the signed pic of barry...