Thursday, March 17, 2011

Am I not doing enough drugs....

to have a clue what any of this is about?!?

This is only the 4th or 5th time I've been to Maggie May's blog, but I've become increasingly convinced this person is schizophrenic....and that I want to have my groceries delivered as not to accidentally run into them at Krogers and end up cubed in their freezer.

If they are not, and I've just gotten very unlucky all 5 times, please send me an example of the "normal" stuff.

Or just send me drugs so that I can play along.


  1. Sorry, totally wrong link. Guess I am on drugs.

    Fixing it now.

  2. HOW DO YOU DO . . . drugs

    “Just say no,” never really felt right. Even when you didn’t know better and all you saw of drugs was fantastically negative, something didn’t quite fit. Adolescence made you altogether curious for the surreal stuff and bored of the real stuff. In desperate dire need of release from parental, social, geographic and insitutionalised controls that two cans of Skol, didn’t quite cut.