Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Darrell Day's Out

So, Congrats to Councilman Dunn!?!

Btw Dunn, I heard you advocated for 1 day a week trash pick-up during the FF interviews. Please reverse your stance on this before you become too Bobby T. on your newfound power.

The stink lines coming off of my residents would seriously reach all the way down Waterview to strangle you.


  1. The Dunn camp is in a state of shock at the moment. We were prepared for two months of excitement. We wish Darrell and your family the best.

    Scott's message about city services got lost in translation, obviously. Scott places priority on public safety when it comes to city budgets, and IF it comes to having to cut city services he'd look to things like finding ways to use electronic communication vs. paper and postage and reducing twice a week trash pick up. BUT he doesn't think that the city is anywhere near needing to do drastic changes to city services. He certainly is NOT ADVOCATING reduction of trash pickup services. And he objected to his opponent's suggestion in the firefighters' interview to get rid of budgets for the arts, the golf course, etc.
    - Lisa (never anonymous)

  2. Good to know.

    And I'm not bluffin'. I'll dump my trash on y'alls front lawn if he ever does it. :)

    Not "winning." Not "winning" at all.

  3. A Sad Day for Richardson, in more ways than one.

  4. Do I understand Lisa's post correctly?

    Candidate Darrell Day wanted to examine the hundreds of thousands of dollars that we now give to the Eisemann Center, which benefits a few hundred folks?

    But Candidate Scott Dunn wants to save money by cutting to ONCE A WEEK trash pickup, that would effect every single home in Richardson?

    Wow. Any way that Mr. Day can change his mind? If not, I'm going to write him in. It sounds like Dunn is loony.

  5. The trash pick-up comment being discussed here was understood by the RFFA panel as an example only, not as a campaign platform or talking point.

    I too want personally thank Mr. Day for the opportunity to conduct the interview as well as commend him on making the choice to put family first. He's a talented leader and presents himself as such.


  6. This is a huge disappointment. While Mr. Dunn is a nice fellow, he did not deserve to get this seat without a challenger. He is woefully unprepared to serve, and lacks any of the fundemental experiences that would make him successful (LR, serving on a board or commission, etc.). We all know his wife taughts him as "one of the people". That's great, but I don't necessarily want my neighbor next door to represent me on the city council. Mr. Dunn reminds me of the last candidate to get elected with these kind (or lack there of) credentials, which was Rhea Allison. You can draw your own conclusions.

    At the end of the day, Mr. Dunn lucked totally out. All of the A-team candidates were simply unwilling or unable to step up and run this time. Fair enough; their choice. However, in my opinion, they really "sherked" their responsiblity to the community by doing so. I applaud Mr. Dunn for stepping forward, but he simply isn't prepared for the job. Let's hope that between now and election day he will miraculously change in to an "outstanding", "well qualified" candidate!

    As side note, by taking this seat without an opponent, this actually makes him quite vulnerable to a challenger NEXT time. Yes, he will be an incumbent, but...still... an UNKNOWN, unqualified incumbent. Time will tell. Good luck.

  7. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMarch 23, 2011 at 12:14 PM

    If you are embarrassed for your post put anonymous. . . .If you do not believe in” transparency” put anonymous. . . .if you want to do personal attacks we all know you will be ANONYMOUS!!! I never thought Richardson was going to have to start a campaign “Be Proud Use Your Name”!!! Do we really want our children to grow up thinking they came from a town with so many people named “ANONYMOUS” Writing anonymous is like robbing a bank with a mask. . . hiding something????!! The good news is that when a 6th grade class was asked who writes anonymously the answers were COWARDS. . .BULLIES . . .PERVERTS. . . .We can all learn from children before they become old and cynical!!! mmt

  8. And with your capitol letters, you have just described the coalition and council.(with the emphasis on bullies, and I would add LIARS.)
    Writing anonymously is just self defense in this city.

  9. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMarch 23, 2011 at 5:19 PM

    A self defense for cowards. . .bullies. . .and perverts!! Like the 6th graders said!!!

  10. @Margaret - why in the world are you lowering yourself to the level of some of these posters? You should know better. Your "rants" make you come across as bad as some of the other posters. "Cowards?", "Perverts?" OK, everyone knows that you are Bob Townsend's ex-daughter-in-law, so you might want to consider a different tactic in "defending" poor old Bob.

    Seriously, who really gives a sh*t whether someone posts with a name, alias, or anonymous. There's no real gaurantee that even "your" post is really from MMT. It's all about opinion.

  11. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMarch 23, 2011 at 11:38 PM

    You are right Anonymous. ..I did lower myself. . .I was not defending poor old Bob. . .I think he will do find. . . I was defending Scott. . .give the guy a chance . . he did step up . . .most would rather whine. . . One of the best things about Scott is that he is not angry . . .he is going to try and do as much for Richardson as he can in the next two years and I am sure he will do a great job!! He was ready for an opponent. . . things happen!! I would say the same about Darrell if Scott had needed to drop out for family reasons!! I respect both of them for stepping up!! mmt

  12. I think that the point here is that Scott has ZERO experience in civic leadership, and I mean ZERO. Traditionally, those with none do a poor job on the city council (e.g. Pris Hayes, Rhea Allison, Dennis Stewart, etc.). Maybe, we'll get lucky like Scott did, and he'll do a decent job. Expect a VERY big learning curve. And, again, I'd say Scott was very luck.

  13. I'm confused. You think Pris, Rhea, & Denny did a poor job?

  14. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMarch 24, 2011 at 12:50 AM

    That one is confusing. . . doesn't like Scott and any of the Coalition picks(whether the canidate is Coalition or not) and now doesn't think Dennis, Pris or Rhea did a good job. . .wow. . .something about ANONYMOUS just does not like anything!!!

  15. @Margaret - I think you are getting your "anonymous's" confused. And, honestly, some of your posts don't make much sense either :) I don't think that the one poster above necessarily thinks that those folks did a bad job; it was the voters who made that determination by turning them out of office. And, Rhea just didn't run again. Scott Dunn was simply SPARED this time. The fact of the matter still is that Scott Dunn is terribly underprepared to serve. Let's hope and pray for the best.

  16. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMarch 24, 2011 at 7:06 PM

    Sorry, I am trying my best to get use to talking to someone with a sack on their head. After being called out . . . I am trying to be a sport on the anonymous thing!! BTW, Destiny thought it was confusing also!! And Destiny knows!!
    And Anonymous always makes sense??? I sure do get many many emails and FB messages from people who thinks they make sense!! And feel the same way about ANONYMOUS as I do! mmt

  17. I think mmt and wjm should get together! They both resent anonymous comments and go nuts over it. They might make for a good pair of peas in a pod. mmt, you are taking to bloging like a duck to water. One suggestion for you mmt, before you stoke out or have a heart attack... you might consider staying with facebook and email while avoiding all blogs. You do not have what it takes to properly deal with people on blogs. I would say do that, especially since you facebook and email friend feel the same way about ANONYMOUS as you do.