Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Firefighter Endorsements-

Bob Townsend

Mark Solomon

Scott Dunn

Laura Maczka

Dennis Stewart

Steve Mitchell

Amir Omar


  1. However, predictable.

  2. This time they really examined how each candidate handled the issues that affected (or will affect) them. -I think that's smart.

    And unlike other PAC's, their endorsements were not pre-determined.

  3. Agreed - hats of the the firefighters for giving each candidate the opportunity to seek their endorsement. All VERY professionally done.

    Interestingly enough, it is some of these same incumbents, including Bobby T. who used to criticize others for accepting the firefighter's endorsement and contribution. Let's see if Bobby T. will accept it. (You bet he will) And, if so, will he apologize to the firefighters for all the nasty things he's said about them throughout the years (You bet he WON'T).

    And, Destiny is correct, this process is head and shoulders above the Richardson Coalition who "claimed" they interviewed candidates (which they didn't), then trashed those they didn't endorse in their "voter's guide". So glad that the firefighters are not like Chuck Eisemann who headed up the propaganda machine at the Richardson Coaltion.

  4. Are the Firefighters now in bed with the Coalition? This is just the Coalition's slate - except for Dennis Stewart - so this smells really bad?

    These are odd choices. I mean, tired old Bob Townsend over the young, dynamic, sharp William Gordon? Come on.

    And the Insurance Salesman over John DeMattia? That's just flat-out bizarre. Has anyone here ever heard Mark Solomon speak? Even after two years on the Council, Solomon is completely, absolutely un-prepared and uninformed.

    It sounds like the Firefighters have sold out, and that would be sad.

  5. Yeah, they didn't endorse anyone who actively worked against them getting a new fire station and training facility. Must be because they're Coalitionists.

  6. @Destiny, I wish blogspot had a like button. I'd click it on your last post. Sarcasm suits you well. :)

  7. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMarch 23, 2011 at 11:15 PM

    Destiny, I was thinking after reading the endorsements. . . now they will be blaming this on the Coalitionists. . .do they really think that? Now they are insulting the Fire Fighters and their integrity!! Next, I bet one of them will be sueing the city. . .and wondering why that is not a good thing on your resume when running for City Council?!

  8. And Ms Margaret has started the ugliness. Thank you, the election brutality has officially begun! Police out front and all!

  9. Margaret, I take it from your comment it would be fine with you if the city council had continue to break the law by holding unlawful closed meetings?

    Did you know there was another suit over the way the charter changes were made? All city council members lobbying for the charter change?

    Do both of these suits lack merit in your opinion?

    Just asking, because it seems you have no problem with city officials ignoring the law.

  10. Oops, all but one lobbied for the charter change. The only one who had the sense to do the right thing was Pris Hayes.

  11. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMarch 24, 2011 at 12:10 AM

    I have question . . .during the 2007-2009 term when Steve was Mayor(I think a good one) and Dennis, Rhea, and Pris were on the council(I think did a good job) why weren’t some of the issues resolved that you complain about??? The issues were there then . . . . . they were talked about during the 2007 campaign. And I will ask again. . . .did Dennis Rhea Pris and Steve bring their own dinner meal to save the city $7,280(1yr) and if they had SHARED their meal(potluck) they could have saved the city $12,740 in one year and $25,480 during their term. Blaming everything from the Fire Freighters pick to the dinners to the closed meetings on the Coalition. Some candidates just know more people . . . some just are more likeable . . . William has run and lost several times starting back in 2003. . .from the School Board to the Council. Did the Coalition make him lose the SB election was there a Coalition in 2003?I am just saying . . . . Could it ever be anything else??

  12. Margaret, you have mastered the art of evasion to a direct question. Thank you.

  13. margaret mclarnon townsendMarch 24, 2011 at 9:41 AM

    David, you just answered my question. . .and Thank you!! It is a question many people have. . and no one seems to be able to answer it! You are much more educated on the facts then I am but until this is answered many people I know saw that 2007-2009 was your time to CLEAN THINGS UP!!! I guess instead it would take more then 4 of your pick to get your concerns taken care of. . . doesn't make sense. . .and why do you only get to ask questions and not answer them??? mmt I know you might be shocked because the Coalition had soooo much power but I voted for Pris also!!!

  14. and another wonderfully evasive answer.

    But, to answer your question; I didnt have questions or complaints back then about city matters. I was one of the many uninformed across the city.

    On the meals, I didn't know about that or question it until late last year. Matter of fact, before I questioned that, noone had even brought that subject up.

    I haven't blamed a thing on the fire fighters and certainly didn't blame the closed meetings on the coalition. However, I do fully blame the city manager, Slagel and our almost never present attorney for holding the illegal closed meetings (which happened to stop once Mitchell become mayor).

    Concerning William Gordon, I have never claimed the coalition had anything to do with him losing an election.

    I think that covers every question you asked, if not, please let me know. Now, will you do the same? Answer my questions?

    Have a good day Margaret

  15. Nobody brought it up because its not a big deal- $35 for the meal + the $50 they are paid each week for VOLUNTEERING to lead our city. So $85 per council member * 7 members * 52 weeks= $30,940 plus tax. Cracks me up how much this bothers you. Have you seen that SNL Weekend Update skit, "Really?!?"? If not, check it out because its funny and also very fitting for many of the things you say.

    Now that you are so informed- I can't quite figure out why the most vocal opposition to the current staff and council (pat yourself on the back because its really not even close)- is yet to walk the walk and run yourself.

  16. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMarch 24, 2011 at 3:11 PM

    David, You really should run and I still believe that you will bring your own dinner when you are elected. Why don’t you run? 2013?? I believe there always needs to be a watchdog!! Yes, I am with you on the Mayor being decided behind closed doors is ridiculous. It starts the new council on the wrong foot. The whole term the council is divided by” who voted for who.” I think the 7 new councilmen/councilwomen should pledge to say nothing about the Mayor election until the day they are sworn in. Then put their vote in a hat. . . . first count might be they all voted for themselves!!! Vote again until the first one gets 2 votes!!! Then we have a Mayor and then they can start the work they need to do . . . .would that be fair? O.K. since you were not informed about 2007-2009 term and I am not informed on the lawsuits . . .let’s start now. I think we have a good start . . . .no 20-25yr term guys. . . .no one renting office space. . . . .if John wins he can bring pizza on Monday nights!!!!

  17. Have you had John's pizza? It is good!

  18. Although it was implied, I believe there should be a question mark at the end of anonymous 1:31's comment, dc-tm. Assuming it wasn't rhetorical, it appears you are being evasive yourself.

    On a different note, what's the name of this pizza joint?

  19. John's Pizza place -