Thursday, March 24, 2011

JJP/Reservation Forum

First of all let me just say....the Reservation/JJP forum was hot. And I don't mean that in an urban, Spring Valley corridor type of way. I mean that in a "dear God, why did I decide to wear my spanx tonight" type of way.

Aside from that though, this forum was a lot of fun...for me at least....because I got a bunch of new material out of it.

So let's begin...

As I walked up the path to Mohawk Elementary I noticed the Richardson SWAT team (not really, but kind of) detaining Cheri Duncan-Hubert at the door because she wanted to videotape the forum. *gasp!* Videotape! How dare she!?! Then people wouldn't have to put on their Spanx to come out and watch as they stacked up all twelve candidates like sardines in something reminiscent of an execution line all the while upping the thermometer to a pleasant 87 degrees!

But I digress, last year I remember taking quite a few pictures and even recording a few tidbits here and there at this very forum. Evidently though, this is a League of Women Voter's rule...but not a law, by any means, so it'll be fun to see what CDH does with this one.

As for the actual forum, and speaking, and fumbling over words -it was brilliant.

After the first question regarding the reenergizing of strip shopping centers, I was able to make some pretty solid (read as: awesome) premature judgements of each candidate.

They are as follows:

Bobby T: Speaks about 'the way it is and the way it was.'

William G: Speaks about 'the way he wishes it would be.'

Solomon:  Same thing as Bobby T. Kinda negative, but honest at the same time.  However, he spoke much more aggressively and louder than I have ever heard him speak in a council meeting. I'm used to the leaning back in his seat, seersucker Solomon.

DeMattia: Speaks from experience, as a business owner (yet, did not try to sell me any of his insurance, er, I mean, pizza).

Laura: Speaks from the perspective of a resident, mother, and involved citizen.

Karl: I just wrote down "train wreck"...not sure exactly what I meant by that. I'll look for more notes later...because I do remember him saying something profound about the city's debt at one point...

Kendal: Let me preface this by saying, I want to like him. I have no reason not to like him. He seems likable. However, after the first question, I wrote down "told a weird story...Bob Macy of the race."

(Bob Macy got elected though, so there's always hope)

Denny: Oh, I looooooove Denny! Can I just tell you how glad I am to see his pointy little ears again! Denny is funny, and has awesome comedic timing. A good councilperson that does not necessarily make....but as a blogger who's about to lose her Murphy-zingers, I will take any zingers I can get. Welcome back, Denny!

Amir: The thing that makes me the gayest for this fool* is that he doesn't waste his words. He speaks with substance and as a citizen I really appreciate that.

Diana: Speaks from the perspective of a city leader. I appreciate that too.

All in all, we have a good bunch competing to serve our city. Like I said, there were some that I really wanted to like and didn't so much, and then there were also a few that I didn't like *cough* DeMattia *cough* because maybe, perhaps they cornered me once at an anti-bond meeting, made fun of my name tag, and then aggressively interrogated me about the need for a new fire station, I dunno....yet, I ended up liking those people a lot.

Also, Diana Clawson evidently eats iron nails for breakfast. Couldn't go without mentioning that.

And, another point made tonight- we the citizens need to vote for our own mayor. period.

I agree with Solomon (who ironically disagrees with me on this issue), that it is only a "ceremonial position." And that is precisely why I don't think it should have the power in this city that it does. The "who are you going to vote for as mayor" question is ridic, and causes so much unnecessary descension. Time to do away with that.

As for other highlights, Denny made a joke about putting up a wall at Spring Valley, but I saw quite a few people (including myself) visualizing the instant improvement that would offer. Good joke idea, Denny. However, I also wrote down "Denny loves Mexicans" but I can't for the life of me remember what that was referring to. I wish we had a video. Oh, oh, wait, that just reminded me or what it was. Denny mentioned closed captioning of the council meetings and suggested we might translated them into Spanish to gain more citizen involvement. Gracias.

And, I have a feeling "diversity" is going to becoming the "transparency" of this election. Crazy thing is I called that 'trend' 2 months ago while on the phone with Amir talking about a totally different initiative, so obviously that's something this city is interested in incorporating. However, Diana toting herself as the 'diversity' we need is a bit of a stretch. A caucasian Christian woman vs. A whatever-Amir-is Muslim... I dunno. Vaginas are weird don't get me wrong, but Muslims are still weirder. So stick to your strengths Diana, you're an HOA prez...and that's not chop suey.

I think that about wraps up all the major highlights. We've got some awesome candidates this election season...What do y'all think?

Anything else stand out that I missed because my Spanx were asphyxiating me?

*meant in an urban, Spring Valley corridor way.


  1. Great to hear that Diana did well.

    I missed this forum but plan to attend a couple of the others.

    She's dedicated, smart and has been a major contributor to the entire City of Richardson.

  2. They prohibited video-taping of a public City Council Forum, at a public facility? Are you freaking kidding me?

    It can't be a League of Women Voters rule, because they videotape - and BROADCAST - the League Forum at City Hall.

    Maybe it's only a League rule when the League can't control the tape?

    What in the hell is going on here? Hey, we know the League can be pretty heavy-handed, but this borders on criminal.

  3. I thought the stars of the Forum were John DeMattia and William Gordon. Both came across as sharp, informed and displaying a firm grasp of what it takes to represent Richardson taxpayers. I was impressed by these two!

    The two incumbents they oppose came across as bumbling and stumbling.

    Would agree with your assessment that Dennis Stewart was the funniest speaker on the podium. Would also agree with your assessment that Diana Clawson made a good first impression. Her opponent is a slick speaker, but Clawson came across as tough and knowledgeable. To me, she was the biggest surprise of the evening and represented herself very, very well. The bald guy has a fight on his hands.

    You were right about one other thing: it was HOT AS HELL in there last night! Will the RISD bond election maybe provide funds for air conditioning for Mohawk Elementary?!

  4. Dennis Stewart did an oustanding job. Poor Kendal. I think even he realized that he was WAY over his heard.

    Glad to see that Scott Dunn lived up to our low expectations of him. He even fumbled his (only) closing statement. Folks, get ready, place 3 is a "throw away" seat for this term. I suspect that NEXT time election, there will be plenty of options for place 3. We can only hope.

    The sad part about Scott is that he is so consumed with himself, he doesn't even know how ill-prepared he is for the job. OK, fellow posters, spare me the he "get's credit for stepping up". I'll give you that, but THAT is about it. Place 3 deserves better representation.

  5. This is leading to staff taking the authority to change the charter......AGAIN. Let's see if they will handle it appropriately.

  6. I'd have to agree with the earlier posting about Dennis Stewart being hilarious and Scott Dunn seeming clueless. Why is Scott Dunn running? Oh, yea, he washes Chuck Eisemann's car on weekends. Place 3 could have had Chris Davis, Darrell Day or Barry Hand ably represent us... and instead we got THIS bozo?? What a joke! And is Kendal Hartley as stupid as he came across? Maybe he's just playing possum and he'll unveil a sharp wit and high IQ at a future Forum?

    Destiny calls this a "good bunch" to represent us? With all the smart people we have in Richardson, I'm finding many of these candidates to be a complete embarrassment.

  7. as for CDH… I would not be surprised how far she takes this because this woman does not and I mean DOES NOT adhere to the word NO! She would just assume set herself a blaze than to be cornered and not allowed to bully her way into any situation just for arguments sake. This woman has no other objective in life but to harass, intimidate and attempt to make a name for her self because at the end of the day she has nothing to show or contribute to society or relatives except a lifetime of drama, self destructive behavior and proving to the world she is righteous at any cost.

    Better choose your heroes wisely because they are not always what they seem

    Gophers burrow their way through life not realizing the havoc they create