Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From Darrell Day...

"I had originally planned to NOT run for Place 3 because of my father-in-law's bone marrow cancer. My wife and I had a temporary bit of good news when his chemotherapy started well, and that gave us a false sense of hope... that's when Ginger gave me the "green light" to run. That's why I filed at the last minute.

But that has changed dramatically in the past week. Her father suffered a broken arm last week just changing a furnace filter, and it's become apparent that he has shrunk in height by 3 inches in the past two months. That has shown the rapidly degenerating state of his bones and his health.

Unfortunately, his disease is progressing much faster than we thought, and therefore Ginger asked last night that I bow out.

I've been encouraged and heartened by the outpouring of support that I've received in the past 10 days. The phone has been ringing off the wall from well-wishers who have been offering support and financial donations. There are no easy campaigns, but beating an unknown first-time candidate in a race for an open seat is as easy as they come. So, it pains me to drop out.

But Ginger has asked that I be there for her, and I will respect her wishes.

Darrell Day"

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