Monday, March 14, 2011

I KNOW A....

SECRET! --------------------->

....guess the secret's out now.


  1. Awe now, no fair. Telling us you know a secret and not telling. no fair at all!!!

  2. Interesting.
    Diana moves to Place 7 race
    Karl V in Place 4? Don't know him.
    Same with Joe Munger in Place 6.

    William Gordon in Place 1 - now that should be an interesting race!

  3. Karl ran for Tax Assessor a few years back. I know his wife, Kathy, from Golden Corridor Republican Women's Club. She's used to be the president of the club and is now a doula. Very sweet woman.

    Joe was evidently a PE coach at ACM for a number of years and then moved over to coach at JJP. He's now a golf instructor. Wonder where.....?