Thursday, March 3, 2011

Listen up RC & RCA....

Not only are they better at removing morbidly obese people from their houses AND compiling tastefully awesome calendars but it looks like the Richardson Fire Fighters Association might also be trumping you when it comes to candidate endorsements.

First of all, they're hosting a mixer for the candidates and fire fighters on March 18th. And I dunno about you, but that's reason enough for me to pick up a packet. Secondly, they're inviting all candidates to sit down for a proper interview in front of their panel the following week.

That has credibility written all over it if you ask me. They're not just interviewing the people they want to or picking the individuals they "think" they should. No, they're listening to ALL of the candidates and making informed decisions.

Also, calendars. Y'all don't have that. Clarification: I don't WANT y'all to have that.

Could you even imagine what Chuck E would look like carrying a water hose....shirtless...and glistening?

You're welcome.


  1. Yeah, the firefighters rock. I am not sure how Chuck Eisemann can sleep at night with the lies he and his Richardson Coalition wrote in their "voter's guide" in the last election. While they claimed they did, Chuck and his band of three 80 years olds didn't interview a sole.

    And, no, I can't imagine Chuck Eisemann shirtless. I can hardly stand looking at him fully clothed. When the surgeons "did" his face, I heard they were going to remove his heart, but...they couldn't find it - ha ha.

    As far as the firefighter's interviews, how did you know about it, Destiny? Did your "girlfriend" AO tell you about it? :)

  2. Well, obviously since he's the ONLY politically involved person I know in this city.... *rolls eyes*

    Umm, no, it was actually Noel Saldivar, president of the RFFA, who told me.

    I've got the mad hook-up. I knowz people. And some of those people even let me slide down giant, awesome fire station slides...and tell me things.