Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Owens Park Forum

Heard it was an awkward, awkward train wreck. Cannot wait to read Steger's rundown.


  1. sigh i just wrote like 500 words and the system ate my post...... shoot me now....

    To recap my lost post because of the retarded sign in mechanism:

    I attended the meeting last night. I live in Owens park with the rest of the contrarian citizens (The ones who didnt vote for Amir). I got there about 8pm because I had to get my 2 girls in bed.

    My condensed thoughts:
    - Gordon came across ok. He beat that horse some more.

    - Townsend came across as an a-hole and basically said that the city was going to get "those people" to pay them for court costs.

    - DeMattia... the gnome.. seriously he was way smaller than the rest of the men on the stage... came across ok. He spouted some numbers which made the dude wearing the solomon sticker next to me say "thats a lie". amusing..

    - Scott Dunn came across as a blustering fool. His mannerism is pretty obnoxious and overbearing. Too bad he is unopposed. Perhaps he will do well.... i sincerely hope so.

    - Mackza was decent and spoke well to the questions asked. She did not sound like a native Texan.... the reason for this comment will become apparent later.

    - Kendal Hartley looked like he had laid on the floor in his suit for a few hours before he came to the forum.

    - Voigtsberger came across pretty well. My one concern with him is that perhaps he is trying all the elections until he wins one?

    - Stewart touted his police background and how communication was important with various ethnic groups in the city. Kudos to the idea of hiring officers of that ethnicity to help out.... duh.

    - Mitchell was well... unopposed. He would have done well to say less.

    - Clawson came across ok. I almost giggled out loud when she said she was a psychotherapist. In addition, her drawl brought back fond memories of rural central Texas. She should have worn a Texas flag skirt and cowboy boots.

    - Amir was Amir. Immaculately polished and keen on doing better in a precinct where he was beaten down. He talked about improving communications by doing the streaming of the meetings.

    These are generalizations for the most part. The most irritating thing about the whole thing was the apparent apathy to the cities costs. Mitchell said they had done great to hire the best city managers/staff. The audit made everything A-OK. And Dunn was talking up the AAA rating.

    Of course, he also calls the city golf course an environmental park. Idiot. And the Eismann center, while not profitable, makes citizens feeeeeeeeeeeel good.


  2. Andy, you're awesome. Thank you so much for rewriting all of this. You kinda totally rock.

  3. wow. gitrDunn isn't testing well. But the best line was about Kendal Hartley looking like he had laid on the floor in his suit for a few hours before he came to the forum. City politics is at least good for a few laughs. I'm going to have to make a few forums before the 'sold out' comedy tour ends.

  4. A few more comments now that I've gotten a few hours of sleep.....

    So I didn't notice that there were non Owen's park peeps in the crowd, let along that they were allowed to ask questions. WTF is up with that?

    A few more comments, Clawson did seem deeply concerned with getting the right mix of business and apartments in the new development on Renner/75.

    TI was demonized for the abatements it receives. In reality, because abatements are allowed by any one city, you have to play the game to keep the businesses.

    I really wish someone in the Texas legislature would introduce something to outlaw abatements. An amendment to the Constitution would fix this and make everyone compete on the merits of the city, not how deep the pockets of the city's homeowners are.

  5. Andy, you are right on the money with the abatement issue in my opinion. Cities should not be allowed to hand out abatement deal and the cities should compete with a level playing field. I also enjoyed reading the rest of your comments. Thanks

  6. Cute. Humorous. Clueless.

  7. Well I would hate to waste such a charming person's time, when obviously you have puppies to kick or something.

    And I gotta ask, what exactly did you read?

    I HARDLY praise the RCA candidates.....idiot.

  8. Destiny - I think you better check. I believe anon 1:27 has set a new record for the most name calling in a single post! By my count 13. Frustrated alot? Instead of asking what he has been reading, maybe you should ask what he has been smoking.

    He has it a bit wrong on Dunn. Dunn is slamming himself with his own words.

  9. You know, I've been reading this blog the past couple of weeks and found most of the postings - either praising or dissing candidates I like - to be relatively fair and on the mark. But I've never seen such a collection of vile and evil viciousness and lies than Mr. Anonymous 1:27. If you don't like a candidate, say so. And give a reason.

    But vicious personal attacks like that are just wrong. What kind of a sick person would write things like that?

  10. I believe "anonymous at 10:44 AM" is probably Charles Eisemann.

  11. Yeah, I had to delete that nonsense.

  12. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMarch 31, 2011 at 7:32 PM

    Andy, I was wondering if you knew that Laura went to JJ Pearce and grew up in Richardson. . .how long do you have to live in Richardson Texas to be a native Texan?? Just asking?? mmt

  13. one would think that a native texan is one who was born and raised in texas. Her lack of an accent is odd to me..... but perhaps it is just the Big D.

    Transplants who come here after their formative years generally don't have that accent. That said, my wife lived her whole life in Dallas and she doesn't have an accent to my ears.

  14. Ok I just read her bio on her page. She came to Richardson when she was in the 7th grade. No reference to place of birth. But she did choose correctly in going to Texas A&M. Whooop!

    However, that does not guarantee you my vote. I didn't vote for Amir either. But she seems pretty solid and has a decent set of beliefs on her website.

  15. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMarch 31, 2011 at 8:38 PM

    Andy, My daughter graduated from A&M. . .I graduated from UT. . .but didn't ya'll sign something "An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.” I would think that would make a good councilman/woman??!! How long have you been in Richardson. Are you one of my fellow RHS graduates like DC??? mmt

  16. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMarch 31, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    And Andy. . .like I told Destiny . . .Lynn Townsend and I love this BLOG. I did not go to the forum last nite but plan on going next week. Later tonite when I talk to Lynn I will ask her . . .how did someone get this impression of Bob . . ."- Townsend came across as an a-hole and basically said that the city was going to get "those people" to pay them for court costs" she is very objective. . .and appreciates the critique!! Now one time I read her an anonymous and she knew exactly who it was. . . .this guy has been saying the same thing for 8yrs . . . . forgets that he says the same thing every election cycle . poor guy hasn't been too effective!!! I will see what she says about Bob's response about Wm Gordon needing to pay the city for court cost (I thought the Judge ordered it. . .maybe I am wrong).mmt

  17. margaret,

    I came in late... so I don't know what led up to his a-hole-ish aura being sent out..... But his mannerism when he got up, or should i say sprang up out of his seat to make that comment right off the bat made me uneasy. He came across as an asshole. I may have missed some of the questions that evidently got some of the peeps riled.

    The non-riled peeps came across well.

    And to be honest, Gordan had a point. But one could argue that taking it to the extremes that Gordon did to prove a point probably crossed a line at some point. But did the city ever say what they did was wrong?

    Some people, like Gordon, will go scorched earth on your ass if you cross a line. I can respect that, but on the flip side, a lot of people don't understand why someone would go to those lengths to prove a point.

  18. Andy, I can respect everything you just said. . . . I think it is the EXTREMES that get me in any canidate or any council for that matter. And that would be a good question for the incumbents "Has the City done anything wrong in the last 2yrs". And to John, William,Dennis and Diana-"Has the city done anything right these last 2 yrs". mmt

  19. Margaret,

    I came to the metroplex in 1999 after graduating college. I first lived in Plano for a number of years. I've lived in Richardson since 2002. First in a rental house, then an apartment, then a house. We've been in the house for 5 years now.

    I grew up in the rural outskirts of Waco. Went to a small 4-A ISD.

    And yes.... we all signed that when we were accepted into A&M. Institutions have integrity, but people are fallible.

  20. Andy, You need to run in 2013!! Youth. . .Aggie. . .Seems to know there are 2 sides to a story. . .Appreciates Richardson but knows there is room for improvement!! Hopefully the younger generation will put the RC and RCA in the Richardson History Archives. . . .and you could run as YOU!! Yes I know the RC started it. . .so the RCA had to also form a gang. . .I mean group. We never can get away with tat excuse as kids but adults use it all the time. . . “We learned our dirty tricks from the RC!!” Impressive. When Bob ran in 2001. . .the incumbent would have been considered a RC choice. He decided not to run when Bob told him why he was running!! Then Bob’s opposition was also in todays’ terms a RC choice. . but with a lot of hard work (and not as much money) he won!! Now I hear he was sucked into the RC. . .not so sure about that!! Ask Pris Dennis Rhea and Steve how things are a little different when you are sitting in one of those 7 seats!! 2007-2009 really makes me see that things are a little more complicated then perhaps they thought before winning their seat!! One of Bob’s most vicious attackers is a guy that wanted the city to pay for a project on his property since 2001. . . Bob could not get it approved by the engineers (BTW. . .the guy got his first thing he wanted but he wanted more). Just the other day I asked Bob why Anonymous did not get his project done during 2007-2009. . . it is a question that no one can answer!! And why isn’t Anonymous mad at Steve Dennis Pris and Rhea. . . Bob was not even in his district at the time!! Anyway my point is that it can be a thankless job. And unfortunately to many citizens it is . . . What can you do for ME today. . .not the city or even my neighborhood but ME!!! mmt