Monday, March 14, 2011

Richardson Citizens Alliance

So it looks as though three of the RCA's founding members will be running for city council seats.



*pardon the rough sketch of Mr.DeMattia....btw, does anyone have a photo of that guy?


  1. I think is it rockin'!! About time some real "new" blood gets in there(without it being slagel/eisemann cronnies)

  2. Are all 3 also Tea Party members? I see that Darrell Day is. Does anyone know if the RCA agenda includes ulta-fiscal AND ultra-social conservatism?

  3. If the RCA agenda includes being fiscally responsible with taxpayer money, I'm IN with them! Somebody that wants to spend taxpayer money wisely?! Yeah, baby! A group that wants our tax dollars spent on neighborhoods and infrastructure instead of huge perks for the city manager? Now, THAT's what I'm talking 'bout! :)

    The previous respondent seems to have a list of Richardson Tea Party members. How can I get on that list?

  4. Anonymous 8:57 - if you want to know where the RCA stands on fiscal matter, read their website.

    That might help answer a few questions.

  5. John DeMattia is a fantastic candidate. In addition to serving in our community for over the last 2 decades, John is a small business owner and former chairman of our City Plan Commission. Pretty impressive resume. He's sharp, smart, and articulate. All the things that the current place 2 councilman isn't!

  6. Oh, and remove the asterisk off my last sentence above. With it, it looked too much like one of Omar!'s tweets. Ha!