Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scott "Git 'R" Dunn is having an open house this Saturday

....and as it turns out, I'm afraid of commitment. Who knew!?

Mr.Dunn is a lovely fellow and I really enjoy getting lit with his wife, but I feel like it's just too early in the game to commit when it comes to place 3

I mean, what if John Wiley Price escapes to Richardson and moves in down the street from me? I'd have to be crazy not to vote for that crazy! Or what if Amir finds another funny-namer to run in that spot so that Richardson will finally get to live under Sharia Law?...'cause let's be honest, how else are we gonna get rid of Zone d' Erotica, right???***

Either way, the season's still young, and how embarrassing would it be to have to return a sign?  I'd rather wait until after filing to decorate my yard. Plus, if I pick up your sign and then later decide I don't like you, we all know what will happen...

***Take your heart pills, I'm joking! oy...
There's nothing funny about Sharia Law. However, Abrahm did make a hilarious joke about something called "Cherita Law" which he'd like to see instituted in honor of his girl Che-Che.


  1. Destiny! The suspense is killing us... well not really. Scott and I are too busy to worry about competition. In the words of Charlie Sheen, "Bring it!" and "Winning!"

    Thanks for posting the pointer to his FB page. I'm confident that Scott will easily win over those who don't know him yet and are still on the fence (realy Destiny?!). We've had a huge outpouring of support from a wide array of people from all across Richardson. It tickles us that some bloggers think we're backed by Richardson big money. Ha! Ours is a campaign funded by people just like us - those who have worked their whole lives as average working class folks and know that investing in Scott who has good judgment and love for the city is a wise investment.

    Hope to see you and the kiddos Saturday. We can "get lit" together again, if by that you mean sharing a glass of wine over putting signs together (like we did in preparation for the Pro Life Walk). And I'll gladly pick up your yard sign if you decide to return it after Monday, but I don't think you will.


  2. "Pro-life Sign Drinking Wine Making Night" is always SO much fun! Can't wait until next year!

    And L, you REALLY underestimate how bad I want Sharia Law in Richardson. ;) I'll come pick up a sign though just in case.

  3. Also, I challenge Scott to use at least one Charlie Sheen-ism in each forum.

    For every "Adonis DNA" or "Winning" I'll put up a yard sign. :)

  4. Or, if he refers to himself as a "warlock", I'm not taking a sign. Ha!

  5. @Destiny. Not Scott's style. He is all business and won't quote knuckleheads. He leaves the pop culture quoting to me. Now, of course, he may feel the urge to say "Git 'R Dunn" because it suits his southern twang and charm.

  6. Where is the Sunday meeting?

  7. SATURDAY, March 12 · 12:30pm - 3:00pm
    Location: 1003 N Waterview Dr, Richardson, TX

  8. Can't resist my Sheen adaptation for the day.

    "You're either with [Scott] or you're a troll."

  9. Nobody there at 2:50. When's his next meet & greet?