Saturday, March 19, 2011

So, I'm kinda Bobby T. right now...

...yes, I did just change a noun into an adjective, so catch up.

Furthermore, I think this should be a thing from here on out. Also, I will probably delete this post early in the morning (assuming I wake up then), so consider yourself lucky to have viewed it.

Anyway, I just crashed the end of the firefighter's thing. It was....smokey...and bar-ish, and I heard from a lot of the candidates that it was good....and that they loved it...and that it was awesome, and that they love Americaandstuff...aaaaaand that the candidates are officially boring now because all they are going to say is really PC junk from here on out I dunno, richardsonrocksandwhatever.

Anyway, fire fighters on the other hand, are awesome. Noel should be the president of infinity. He saves people's lives everyday and it's way cooler than anything anyone's ever done ever, and also wine. So there.

In conclusion, firefighters. And America.


  1. Noel rocks...maybe, he should run for city council?

    So, did Bobby T. get "Bobby T'd"? As a chimney smoker, I am sure he "loved" all that smokiness of the place.

    Bet it was the first time that blue blood candidate Kendal Hartley ever set foot outside of the Canyon Creek bubble. He probably kept say, "wow, I didn't know a place like this even existed in Richardson"!

  2. Love your blog. . . love your humor!!! Now SOME ANONYMOUS comments . . .maybe not so much. Many of Bobby T’s supporters know him as the MAN who goes to every school/sports events of his 7 grandchildren. If Granddaddy and Grandmommy are not at a baseball,football,track meet,basketball,school play, sports banquet, cheerleading dinner birthday dinner. .. . everyone wants to know “where are Granddaddy and Grandmommy”!! They ran from ballpark to ballpark to stadium to auditorium from Lake Highlands to Richardson to cheerleading events to Eaglette Review to carwash fund raisers. Never missed a Graduation (from kindergarten to jr. highs to high schools to colleges to law school) from different cities/states times SEVEN grandkids and even make it back to Wildflower!!!! Now the kids he Supported along w/ his grandkids are growing up . .and are now Supporting him. (Words of wisdom- what goes around . . .comes around) They see (along with their parents) the dedication to his family and community for over 30yrs. I supported Chris Davis(Baseball Moms together) and wanted her to stay clear of the “Negative Guys” but w/o her consent she was on a flyer at a forum!!! Kiss of death for all 2009 candidates!!! I am neither RCA or Coalition(and thank goodness most voters never heard of either)!!!! When I see the negative. . .you want to defend but I keep remembering 2009 election. . .Kiss of Death so ANONYMOUS keep talking about Bobby T.!!!!

  3. Being a great parent or grandparent doesn't automatically make one a ethical councilman.

  4. No you are right. . but being a great and dedicated parent and grandparent is a good start on being an ethical councilman!!!! Do you know a bad parent or a terrible grandparent you are supporting for an ETHICAL councilman???

  5. Mr. Townsend should be commended for his dedication to and appearances at his granchildren's interests/activities.

    Wish the same dedication would be applied by Mr. Townsend to citizen's interests.

  6. Seems to be many citizens who appreciate his dedication . . .time will tell!!! That is what is great about our city. . . we have elections by the citizens and they make the choice!!!

  7. Sure hope that when "Granddaddy" Townsend was driving all over Richardson and North Dallas that he was driving sober, as it is widely speculated in city circles that he has a drinking problem. I, myself, have seen him "sauced" on a number of occasions at various city events. I guess, maybe, I was just imagining that he was "slurring" his words and staggering a bit?

    Many may recall the incident last Cinco de Mayo at II Creeks when RPD was called because some believed "Granddaddy" Townsend was so drunk, he couldn't drive. Thankfully, for "Granddaddy", City Manager Bill Keffler was present and saved him from being hauled away to the pokey.

    Since "dedication" was mentioned, I wonder if the Townsend kids and grandkids know what a foul mouth and sour disposition that "Granddaddy" Townsend has apparently to everyone, but his family? "Grandaddy" harrassed fomer councilWOMAN Hayes to to point of tears on several occasions. Maybe, the kiddos shoud take a look at the widely circulated photo where, at a council meeting, "Granddaddy" is "shooting the finger" at a resident. How lovely; it really shows such a warm and tender side of "Graddaddy".

    So, whatever Townsend family member decided to extoll the wonderful virtures of their "Granddaddy" on this blog needs to take a real look at this person that the public knows. No one doubts his dedication to his family - and that is to be commended - but, sadly, that's where his dedication starts - and stops.

    Not that I am a WG supporter, but it's time for change in District 1.

  8. Echo Election Analysis: Why did the winners win, and the losers lose?
    By Andrew Laska
    Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 11:35 PM
    I think the above made Andrew Laska's point. . .again . . .and again and again. Some canidates in 2009 could only talk about their opponnets(never even talked about what they could do for our city). Why winners win and the losers lose. Personal attacks are the only thing some people have to say. . . .Election 2011. . .will we see a repeat of the same? Will Andrew be able to copy/paste that article again in 2011? Like he said "Supporters negativity ruin it for their own canidates". UTD students stuidied the City election of 2009. . . did not even know any canidate personally. . .predicted the outcome after one forum!!! They will come again to these forums to see who learned from 2009. . .how the winners win . . .and losers lose. . . it makes for a great study!!!

  9. Oh, great, now the Richardson Coalition is quoting the all-divine Andrew Laska to make their point. I guess that air up in Canyon Creek is getting SOOO thin that they think that the rest of the city knows or cares about what Eisemann-lackey Andrew Laska thinks. Please, spare us.

    I don't see the comments made in many of these posts as "attacks", per se; they are simply noting character flaws. And, like it or not, a flawed character IS and SHOULD be a factor in any voter's choice for a candidate. Many a candidate - at all levels throughout history of the political process - has cried foul when they are pointed out, but when you are an elected office or seeking a position, anything is fair game, particularly character.

    The difference here is that not only does Bobby T. have a flawed character, but also he does NOT offer any new ideas, vision, or energy to an already sagging council.

    Bobby T. should honor the statements that he made in the last 3 elections that "this would my last term", but he hasn't and won't. Consequently, we can now add "not keeping his word" to his list of character flaws.

  10. Noting character flaws in opponents did not work in Election 2009. . . . .or in 2007. . . 2005. . . 2003. . . 2001. . . 1999. . . 1997. . . does not seem to be the thing Richardson citizens want to hear. Maybe it will work in 2011. . . . .sounds like your candidates have a great coach!!! Good Luck!!!

  11. Actually, they learned from the best: your mentor Chuck Eisemann.

  12. Destiny,

    Thanks for stopping in the other night. I believe the "Meet and Greet" turned out to be great for all who attended. Some of the RFFA members were able to get to know the person, aside from the candidate, if just for a few hours.

    Things are about to heat up, obviously, and we'll host our interviews on Monday and Tuesday, March 21st and 22nd. I hope all candidates realize that after the dust settles, we have to be on the same team and move this city forward. With that being said, "mud slinging" only sets us back. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but it's still the truth.

    I agree with an earlier post, run on what YOU can do for the city, not why the other candidate is not worthy. I imagine it's hard being perfect, find me a candidate who is, and I'll support them with my next few paychecks. Now, I'm perfect in the eyes of my 7 year old daughter, but even she's starting to call me out on my flaws, but that's another story!

    There is ONE thing I can say for certain. No matter how this all turns out, who we endorse, or who ultimately gets elected. The members of the RFFA will answer the bell every day and serve every citizen who calls upon us. We don't care if they get emotional and flip "the bird", pray to a different god, or let their hair down (even pink hair) and have a few drinks! They call on us and we'll respond. That's why we love our job; we get to truly serve people when they need us, without prejudice!

    There, that's my Sunday morning FEEL GOOD message! Stay Safe!


  13. Noel, you are great . . .and you literally HAVE saved a life in our family . . .so yes we do think you are close to perfect!! Wish you were running. . .maybe one day. . .you and your guys are what make Richardson a wonderful place to live. See being positive does make a winner . . you are proof of that!! To my friend above Noel's post. Eisemann is no mentor of mine. I wonder how many citizens know who Eisemann is other then there is an Eisemann Center. You give the man too much power and credit. . . that he can change elections(I am sure he is flattered). . .that is insulting to the voters that they can not think for themselves. Let's concentrate on the good Women/Men who run for our City offices to serve our city. They can speak for themselves at the forums. . .(and hopefully speak about what THEY can do). . .I would pick Noel for a mentor because his post is what I love about Richardson!! He is a winner!!!

  14. I believe in giving "credit" where credit is deserved. Just in case you forgot, it was Chuck Eisemann that gave $40K to the Richardson Coalition to fund their actions in 2009. And, gee, wasn't it the Richardson Coalition who published a "voter's guide" whose content was anything but positive for those they DIDN'T endorse. So, yes, I give him a lot of "credit" - and, honestly, I hear he takes a lot of credit for it as well! When you think about negative campaigning look no further than the Richardson Coalition.

    If the above poster is who I believe SHE is, a candidate's wife, she might want to encourage her husband to be less focused on pleasing the RC, Amir, or Gary Slagel - and more on running his challenging race. He's got some stiff competition. And, as you indicated, please try to stay positive. Good luck!