Friday, March 18, 2011

Upcoming Events....

FOR CANDIDATES-  Tonight's the firefighter's mixer!

Am I the only one who hopes a few of these candidates will really tie one on so Noel can get pics for me to blog about tomorrow? Oh, I am? Ok, fine, whatever, but don't act like you wouldn't LOOOOOOVE to see that happen.

Nothing's impossible...

I mean, Bobby T.'s going, right?

AND FOR RESIDENTS- Laura Maczka's Open House

If you don't already know Laura, you can stop by and meet her Sunday afternoon from 4-7 @ 301 Overcreek. And if you do already know her, come by for a yard sign and find out how you can help with her campaign, if you're so inclined.

*Bobby T. will also be drunk at this event.


  1. Bobby T. will be drunk at any event that serves alcohol. This is a known fact in the council/city staff circle. Some drunks are mean drunks, but, with Bobby T., you cant judge his sobriety on his meanness, because he is just mean all the time. Bobby T. is just an unpleasant old man who needs to retire from the city council. This might just be the year. Cheers!

  2. Love your blog. . . love your humor!!! Now SOME ANONYMOUS comments . . .maybe not so much. Many of Bobby T’s supporters know him as the MAN who goes to every school/sports events of his 7 grandchildren. If Granddaddy and Grandmommy are not at a baseball,football,track meet,basketball,school play, sports banquet, cheerleading dinner birthday dinner. .. . everyone wants to know “where are Granddaddy and Grandmommy”!! They ran from ballpark to ballpark to stadium to auditorium from Lake Highlands to Richardson to cheerleading events to Eaglette Review to carwash fund raisers. Never missed a Graduation (from kindergarten to jr. highs to high schools to colleges to law school) from different cities/states times SEVEN grandkids and even make it back to Wildflower!!!! Now the kids he Supported along w/ his grandkids are growing up . .and are now Supporting him. (Words of wisdom- what goes around . . .comes around) They see (along with their parents) the dedication to his family and community for over 30yrs. I supported Chris Davis(Baseball Moms together) and wanted her to stay clear of the “Negative Guys” but w/o her consent she was on a flyer at a forum!!! Kiss of death for all 2009 candidates!!! I am neither RCA or Coalition(and thank goodness most voters never heard of either)!!!! When I see the negative. . .you want to defend but I keep remembering 2009 election. . .Kiss of Death so ANONYMOUS keep talking about Bobby T.!!!!