Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a day.....

Laura Maczka had her open house today and it seemed like EVERYONE was in attendance- and that was just within this first hour. More people were pouring in as I was leaving.

Some might speculate that it's because she's amazing, and while I'm inclined to agree, I also think it's because these were amazing...
Good thing I left my kids at home so I that didn't have to share my fudge-dipped-oreo-diabetes.

And while this picture doesn't do the crowd does do my potential next arch-nemisis in waiting Dave Peter's height justice. 
He's scary tall.
As for the un-fudge-dipped-oreo related highlights, I have to say getting pinned by Bobby T. as I walked through the door, made the list. I think this was some kind of tradition back during the turn of the century when he was in high-school, so I was honored.
Although later on when someone asked if I was with the Bobby T. campaign and I joked that "No, he just put this on me because he knows I'm not going to vote for him" ...ummmm, crickets.
Turns out there were either a lot of Bobby T. fans there or just fewer Destiny's dumb sarcastic sense of humor fans. 
or both.

Anyway, after Laura's open house, the whole fam was invited up to fire station #2 to check out the trucks and slides!
We had a ton of fun and Abrahm and I even got a date night out of it!

We didn't really Baby Moses our kids...yet. :)