Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Classy move, Mr.Gordon....

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  1. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 19, 2011 at 5:16 PM

    William, That is very classy still not transparent. It just stands out with the Voter's Guide format. PREVIOUS PUBLIC OFFICES SOUGHT/HELD?? HOW MUCH FUNDING HAVE YOU RAISED FOR YOUR CAMPAIGN?? WHO ARE YOUR TOP THREE CONTRIBUTORS?? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ARRESTED OR INVOLVED IN ANY CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS OR CIVIL SUITS?? PLEASE EXPLAIN: William you even put "NO" on the last one listed here. Why not answer them here?? Just asking??

  2. Must you AlWAYS shout? I would hate to be those "coward,bully,pervert" studying RISD 6th graders.

  3. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 19, 2011 at 10:05 PM

    Sorry, My daughter just told me that Capitals meant shouting. I was just writing it like the Voter's Guide. And I do not teach 6th grade. . .a friend of mine does. I look after my parents 88yrs and 85yrs old who live next door. So in between Drs. appointments, taking Blood pressure,getting meds right,calling 911, spending the nights in the hospital (4 visits so far this year) and making sure they have whatever they need. . .I read these blogs. So when I sound a little frustrated or SHOUTING. . .I am probably just a little stressed. Sorry

  4. It's interesting that the Voters Guide asked about "civil suits." Why does that matter. This country's Constitution provides for legal redress of wrongs, after all.

    I'm suspicious when I notice that question hasn't been asked in previous LWV guides. Why this one? Was that a question planted by the opposition? Is the LWV being less than impartial in asking that question?

    I would guess that the LWV is trying to skew the results - thinking that Gordon's lawsuit against the city is a negative. Instead, I view it as a huge positive.

    I want someone on the City Council that has the guts to stand up for the City Charter. We need a few more Councilmen with the guts to stand up for the City Charter!

  5. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 20, 2011 at 12:40 PM

    By the Blogs. . .alot of people consider it a huge positive. Just like being an incumbant is positive to some voters and a big negative to others. I remember that same question(lawsuits) being brought up last election from Amir's opponent. . .so maybe the RCA planted the question to remind people of that . .who knows. William Gordon has said he stands by his actions(that's honoable). So no reason not to list it. And why take money from people who you don't list(can't have it both ways). I am sure there are many people who count standing up for the City Charter a postive. . . I guess we will see on May 14th. Looks like McDowell is there for his canidates the same way many blamed Eisemann supporting his canidates last time. Maybe no one will be able to say only ONE person bought the election this time! I really think the Richardson Citizens can figure it out themselves!! We all look at things so different. . . DC said the incumbants are acting nervous(at a forum). . .then the person behind me at a forum was saying the opposition(of the incubants) were acting desperate. We are all lucky we get to vote. . .wish more of our citizens took advantage of their right to vote!!

  6. mmt, once again you amaze me with your ignorance. how many times do you need to be told the rca was not there in the last election? how dumb can you be to try blaming the RCA for anything during the last election? planting questions 2 years ago? get serious. what do you smoke day in and day out to be so divorced from reality?

  7. Honestly, I know some of these councilmen and candidates, and, for the life of me, I can't understand why ANY of them would subject themselves to such abuse. And, the abuse isn't just from the public; they treat each other pretty bad, too - some worse than others.

    No offense, Margaret, but your father-in-law, Bob Townsend, I am told, is probably one of the most hateful across the board. He may be a good "grandpa", but he's no fun to serve with.

    And, please, Margaret, tell Bob to give up the aspirations of being mayor; he's too old, too gruff, too profane, and doesn't present the kind of leadership that Richardson needs at this time. Everyone knows he's angling for it, but he would be a BAD choice.

  8. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 20, 2011 at 4:39 PM

    Anon, I did not say the RCA planted it in 2009. . since it was brought up then(by Amir's opponent. . not RCA)then maybe they wanted brought up again. You were saying the RC planted it for Wm Gordon. . . well he never answered it so I guess he isn't as proud of it as he says(Standing up for the Charter). And Jules. . . you know more then I do. . .never heard Bob say he wants to be Mayor, so I guess he is just telling your friends. He is good at hiding his hateful behavior to the citizens because he usually wins by a pretty good %. And the canidates (incumbants and first time running)sure tell me nice things about him. . .maybe that is just politics!! Oh, who is he telling he wants to be Mayor?? You, Jules?? Ck with both of ya'll the night of May 14th!! Let the best man win!!

  9. Obviously, Margaret, you haven't checked Bob Townsend's percentages the last few elections. In addition to getting an opponenet each time, that poor old guy wins with a measely 53-54%. Yes, a victory, but not really anything to write home about, and certainly not a mandate. That endorsement from the coalition certainly didn't hurt (at least not in the prior elections).

    So, given this, I'd say that Bob isn't really doing THAT good of a job at hiding that hateful personality of his. Were you aware that he harrassed councilwoman Pris Hayes to the point of tears on several ocassions? And, you've probably seen that picture of him shooting the finger, as sitting mayor pro tem at a council meeting. Very statesman-like, I think, don't you? What about the police call to II Creeks where, once again, Bob was totally smashed and was attempting to drive home? Care to explain any of this, Mrs. Townsend?

    Also, just curious, but why DOES Bob continue to run since, I, myself, heard him for the last 3 elections say that "this is my last one, so vote for me". Was that just a fake or ploy to get a "sympathy vote"? Guess it worked. Thoughts?

    Nope, your father-in-law isn't telling me, personally he wants to be mayor, but he has told coalition-type friends of mine, who roll their eyes when they hear it. He usually follows his "plug" by running down any of the other candidates for the job. Guess that it is only fair; it is politics, you know? Seriously, though, I can't imagine that anyone would want a face of an alcohol-challenged 80-year man as their mayor - and I don't see how you could either.

    And, not sure which candidates or councilmen you have talked to, but the ones I know, can't stand him. Perhaps, they are just being polite to you given your relationship with him.

  10. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 21, 2011 at 12:28 AM

    Jules, Let's see, I think his percents were 56,81,100,52,75 so looks like Jules has her/his figures wrong. These same people, fellow councilmen have convienced Bob to run each time when they see the alternative (even begged him to run again). . .so he has. The polls seem to speak louder then your rumors. . . in fact your rumors seem to only benefit his campaign. May 14th will be here soon. . .I trust the citizens. . . not too many "JULES" in Richardson. Oh, I guess you are a little worried about him winning or why would you be thinking about Mayor?? The 7 councilmen pick the Mayor. . .and if you are right why would you worry about it. Meet me at a forum and we can talk to these friends and see what they say!

  11. you crack me up mmt.

  12. Margaret, I generally like your posts, Margaret, but, lately they don't seem to have any touch with reality! Did you go off your meds?! (just kidding)

    Thanks for proving my point on the percetages. Bob's write-in candidate got 25% of the vote last time - that's a lot. The prior election, he got 52%. Still, not great numbers.

    So, other councilmen have convinced or "even begged" Bob to run, even after he has said time and time again, he wasn't. OMG, that is totally laughable. Who did you get this piece of information from? Bob? Lynn? Or, maybe, his buddy, Gary Slagel? I can assure you that NO one outside of the Townsend family is begging or even asking Bob to run again.

    As far as alternatives to Bob, it is hard to get those "alternatives" when Bob files the FIRST day, months before his challenger did. This isn't about "alternatives", or is it? Is it only "alternatives" that Bob (or Gary) find acceptable. What is that secret benchmark? Gordon isn't acceptable, but, surely, there are other good options in District 1 other than your father-in-law.

    You failed to comment on Bob's bad behavior. How are those rumors? They have a documented police report, don't they? Plenty of folks have seen Bob stumbling around at social events after tossing back too many. That's never been a secret. Talk to Pris Hayes about Bob's unbridled hostilities against her. Guess, you either agree with them, don't know how to defend them, or, sadly, don't care. You seem to throw a lot of rocks, Mrs. Townsend, but fail to see that the Townsends do live in a "glass house".

    Yes, I am worried about Bob Townsend winning his election. While I don't support Gordon, I think Bob is a bad representative to our city, based on the my earlier comments, which you failed to address. I am not "thinking about Bob as mayor", in fact, I try to put those thoughts completely OUT of my head. It's Bob who is promoting HIMSELF, not others, I can assure you.

  13. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 21, 2011 at 10:45 AM

    1)Yes, is was laughable when finding out who made the call to the RPD. . . charges could have been filed for a false report from a very frustrated man who hates the city council. The caller has not tried that one again. The caller has had several confrontations with every group he is assoicated with. 2)Yes(I voted for Pris) I know of several occasions with Pris that I honestly felt sorry for her, but she has said it was not Bob who was pressuring her on various decisions but the ones she never expected. I remember Pris and her husband going out with Bob and Lynn when her so called friends left her behind on more then one occasion . . .as much as she "hated" them, at least she was included. So believe me there are always two sides to a story. Why won't you meet me at a forum and we can ask Pris? 3) And show me these people besides you that hate Bob so. He sure gets many calls from coucilmen(and newcomers) which seems strange if he were hated so much. Now maybe not from William,Diana and a few others but that's fine too! And when the 7 are elected and if Bob is one of them. . .they vote for Mayor. . .I have not heard but one saying he wants to be Mayor(and it wasn't Bob). 4) Oh just because Bob files doesn't mean someone else can not run againt him! That was a leap to blame him for filing early so no one else can run (someone said that is why Bill Denton was a write-in). . .sorry, that makes no sense. Why didn't he get his stuff in on time. I hear the RCA has canidates lining up for all Places in 2013. . . good choice. Strong canidates do not care who has filed or when they file. Diana was going to run against him until they met(at her request) and thought she woulddo better to go after Tree the Town instead. 5)You know when you have this annoying bug flying around and flying out from behind curtains, you just want to swat them out of your face. Well Bob used a hand gesture instead(not his proudest moment) but considering what all lead up to it . . many seem to understand enough to vote him into Place 1 a few weeks later. I love glass houses and glass forums and glass blogs . . .meet me. . .let me know where and when!! Gotta go next door. . .Mom and Dad want me to tell them about the canidates!! I thought I would show them some Blogs!! My Dad was Mayor of Lakeway years ago. . .he understands politics!!

  14. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 21, 2011 at 10:47 AM

    Anon, You crack me up too. . .come with Jules and meet me at a forum!! We will have a great time!!

  15. Now, that would be fun, Margaret. We could all meet up at the forum, then, maybe, all go out for drinks afterwards. We could even invite Bob and Lynn because, God knows, Bob Townsend loves to throw a few back, particularly after a forum (who wouldn't). Maybe, we could even get him to stumble around for us; it certainly would be entertaining - but this time, we'll call a cab for him and the Mrs., or you can give them a lift home.

    P.S. Destiny, of course, you are invited as well. Would love for you to document that "Kodak" moment.

    P.S.S. Margaret, I highly doubt your comments and her "feelings" about Bob. I know her personally, and you are totally wrong; she can't stand him.

  16. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 21, 2011 at 11:53 AM

    What "feelings" did I mention. I said she went out with Bob and Lynn on more then one occasion when left behind(I do not go out with people I hate). . .I am glad you know her personally. Now you always hear that a drinker/smoker/drugger are hardest on the people with the same problem. . .I am really starting to wonder if you are the one with the drinking problem. ..you are consumed with it. Are you able to drive. . .I can pick you up if need be. If you are who I am told you are. . .you really really really like your cocktails yourself. Which forum are we going to meet? Or are you more comfortable saying things that you cannot prove?? Until you pick the forum. . .I will assume you cannot back up your comments!! And what has Lynn done to you. . .I guess you are going to tell me everyone hates her too?!!

  17. Actually, Margaret, neither my husband and I drink, so not sure about your comments. My husband's late father struggled with alcholism, so I have seen how serious it can be; that's why we don't touch the stuff. That's fact.

    As for me, I am active in the community and have known Bob and Lynn socially literally for years, same age group. Lynn and I have been in some social clubs together. I've seen both Bob and Lynn drink heavily and so have others. And, I am sure you have as well. That's observation.

    I know Pris Hayes through some business associations, and she, herself, has stated her "feelings" about Bob. That was nice that Bob and Lynn ate with her when folks went off and left her (whatever that means).

    Clearly, I am not a fan of Bob's, don't particularly like William Gordon, and wish that Bob didn't run again. That's just my opinion. That's what these blogs are all about.

    P.S. To your suprise, I haven't even decided how I am going to vote - I might even vote for Bob because I don't like Gordon.

  18. @Jules

    I as well know Pris and wonder what she would think about you sharing her private "feelings" with the blogging world to accomplish your end.

  19. Actually, pretty good. Honestly, this really isn't any new information; not sure where you've been, but it's been blogged about for the last two years. It's nothing new. The difference is that I heard it from the source.

  20. Jules, I don't know WHO you are, but the type of person you are is very apparent. So sad. What has happened to you in your life that makes you so hateful? It must have been awful and I'm sorry you had to endure it.

  21. Allison, I am sure you will get over it. Jules doesn't seem to have a problem. Fairly level headed and sensible words from her.

  22. @Jules

    I've been here all along. Just because "others" do it, doesn't make it right. It's either betrayal, or gossip. Your choice...

  23. Hey, MMT, were you proud of old pappy last night when he told the audience at the mosque "all the white people are leaving Richardson, so we have a lot of diversity." ?
    As for William Gordon, I have known him for many years... never have seen him drunk, never have seen him give someone the finger.
    He is very intelligent and appears to be a great father, husband and friend. Just wonder if you have even taken the time to aquaint yourself with the person you are so quick to defame.

  24. @anonymous 6:14p.m. - Yeah, we all sometimes say things we wish we hadn't. While I didn't attend the forum, so don't know what Bob may or may not have said, I heard that there were people of all faiths there, that the mosque did a wonderful job of hosting and making everyone feel welcome and that there was a major effort to build connections.

    I wonder if YOU are proud of William G's response to the question about what connection candidates have to the Muslim community or how the Muslim community has impacted them. It's being reported in certain circles that William G. told a story about his visit to Israel and ended his story by saying something to the effect of: he admires the Palestinians' desire for peace but didn't see anything like that in Israel.

    I'm sure our neighbors of the Jewish faith loved that one. Sounds like W.G. may have blown up a few bridges with that one.

    So, it seems that ALL of our candidates are human, they all make mistakes as far as I can tell.

  25. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 22, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    Anon.6:14, I have never defamed William . . I am sure he is a good father and husband. Bob has been too, his wife, kids and grandkids know him a little better then you!! I am surprised Mark Steger didn't mention that quote of Bob's. I have never ever heard him make a racist comment. I will take Mark's word!! I still do not understand why Willaim hasn't come forth with the answers to the DMN questions. . . even admitting he should . it is very ironic. . sorry not only one to feel that way. . read the blogs!! A friend asked me why the people against BOB,Mark,Scott,Laura and Admir are so mean and hateful. . .she said she saw no Personal Attacks on the other side. Supporters lost the campaign for several last time. . .looks like it could happen again. We will see May 14th. You are not helping William at all!! Yes Wm and I have talked on FB(messages) and talked on Blogs . . .look at the top of this blog. . he understands my ?, just doesn't want to answer it like everyone else did?

  26. Just wait, the "negativity" should be arriving in our mailboxes shortly. That's the Richardson Coalition's "Voter's Guide". You know, Chuck Eisemann's lovely piece of fictional political literature, that doubles as bird cage liner. Hopefully, folks won't fall for their lies this time.

    Now, I could be wrong, but I am sure that they (e.g. "the other side") will have plenty of negative things to say about "other" candidates, and will write glowingly about "their choices". There will be plenty of distortions and attacks on those who don't tow the Richardson Coaltion line.

    So, my quesiton to you, Margaret, is why do you seem to take such a "stand" on negativity, when both sides are doing it? What makes the comments about Bob, etc. any worse than the lies that were written about Diane Wardrup, Pris Hayes, or Chris Davis last election in their voter's guide. I suspect that this one will be more of the same. Would love to get your take.

  27. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 22, 2011 at 11:40 PM

    Jules, I would not like it at all. . . and if the Voter's guide is printed the way you say then yes it will be terrible. That is one man(not 20 or more mean anon and Jules/DC's bloggers are the worst). I really wish Laura would approve it before CE sent it out!! I honestly do not remember it. . .if anyone has one they should scan and post it! Maybe it would be a reminder to people. I honestly would not want my name on his mailer if it is full of lies. So yes I hate the lies and negativity. . .show me some from the "other side" other then CE! And Jules. . BTW. . you mentioned being in "social clubs" with Lynn. . .there is a lie!!

  28. Voice of Reason/MMT/Mr Steger - It is unfortunate that you have never had a conversation with either citizen who brought on these lawsuits to understand any of their perspectives. Because they ARE your perspectives too, whether you realize it or not. You seem to have belief that is based on (who knows??), and declared it a truth. And based on your responses, you did not attend any of the court hearings or read any of the transcripts or court filings. If so, your facts would be different, no matter what your opinion.

    Seemingly, neither did Mr. Steger, though he has a strong opinion on something he was not a party to or present for, either. I could label him an elitest, but he knows who he is better than I.

    And MMT, to just believe Mr Steger and his unsubstantiated perspective because you like him, or know him, or respect him is a chain of thought even more absurd. There is a vast space of infinite gray between opinion, belief and truth. Hold you own opinion based on what you know. It is the one you know best.

    These lawsuits have a much stronger premise than the simplistic justification that an error was brought to the attention of the council and they stopped having closed meetings. Or the council had staff and the city attorney create a loosely defined committee to decide the wants of the citizens and present it to the public in the form of a ballot. Or it is past history, so get over it.

    A community that lacks the knowledge or information to make an honorable and responsible decision (vote) is not a fair playing field. It is a manipulated one. This is not the only infraction of it's kind in Richardson. It is the one requesting an opinion of a higher authority in one particular instance.

    The Texas Open Meetings Act clearly states the provisions for a closed meeting:

    Sec. 551.004. OPEN MEETINGS REQUIRED BY CHARTER. This chapter does not authorize a governmental body to close a meeting that a charter of the governmental body:

    (1) prohibits from being closed; or

    (2) requires to be open.
    (continued below)

    Our charter clearly stated that ALL meetings shall be open to the public.

  29. What is wrong with you people? Your words portray you at the emotional level of a jr high kid. At the end of every post I see a kid shouting "So there!" haha!!!!!

    Is this a sitcom script? Jim Carrey could so handle this one!

  30. I'm an acquantance of Bob Townsend and have to say that those defaming his character have it wrong and don't know him. Bob is always straight with me, pleasant, and listens to my opinions. He cares deeply about the City of Richardson. I also think he doesn't take kindly to those who seek to cause trouble for trouble's sake in our city. It's this last characteristic that offers context to the infamous finger picture.

  31. Nobody likes trouble for troubles sake. If that's his belief then maybe he did not want to hear what was said. I was there the night of his finger episode. Let's just say he was having a bad day.

  32. I was there too for the middle-finger show. Nathan and Kathy were talking and happened to look over at Mr. Middle-Finger just before he raise his middle finger and flipped them off. That is what they get for smiling at Mr. Middle-Finger. So what ever you do, don't smile at Mr. Middle-Finger when talking with someone other than him. Should we not expect more from an adult? That was very childish and vulger. Bad night or not.

  33. Who "happens to look over" at someone, yet has the camera ready to take a picture? That sounds more like a "setup" than a "I have no idea why he flipped me off". That's not defending the action, which was wrong. But my guess is the "flipped off" entity was not wholly innocent...

  34. Nathan disagreed with the council on a decision to be made and turns out he was was right on that particular night. Bobby was upset. Nothing setup, just had the cell phone in hand. Click. Click.

  35. Now, HERE is a fascinating statement: "why the people against BOB,Mark,Scott,Laura and Admir are so mean and hateful." This is a joke, right?

    Margaret seems like a sincere and wonderful person. But it's a little naive to wonder how things have gotten this nasty. The Coalition has set the template for nastiness in Richardson politics, and I'm not even talking about the snide little Voters Guide two years ago. I'm talking about whisper campaigns. Chuck has legions of nasty little whisperers like Bob Nusser, Bill McCalpin, Joe Russum, etc. that get things going.

    They're not out there talking about issues right now. They're out there talking about character assassination. That's what the Coalition followers have become known for.

    Now they're getting a taste of their own medicine and squealing like a stuck pig. I'm not saying that it's right; I'm just saying that the kettle can't whine that the pot is black.

    People, our neighborhoods are declining. Can we get back to the damn issues?

  36. Frankly there are some folks who DO like trouble for troubles sake and some are in our community. Sometimes a finger is the perfect antidote, so I say right on Bob. ;-)

  37. Home values are declining most everywhere. I believe that property owners themselves have a huge influence on the value of their neighborhood. If a good proportion of homeowners invest and reinvest in their property then things will improve. It's the broken window philosophy. Richardson's neighborhood integrity program and the program to encourage significant reinvestments are both great services that the current and recent past Councils have supported. A good candidate, in my opinion, has to support these programs.

  38. It's so interesting the way the anonymous commenters are always the most hateful. I can understand why. I wouldn't want my name put with such nasty words either. They must know they're nasty that's why they know to take on an anonymous identity.

  39. The declining values have very little to do with some little upgrade as you refer. Nor do aging neighborhoods. It is based on the movement of property. The buyers and sellers. And there are many more sellers than there are buyers. Money only has value when it is in motion. And there is very little movement of property. Banks are struggling to lend. So all of this hype on investing in your neighborhood is rather blurred. It is easy to blame your neighbors for not holding a standard YOU think they should be living. At the end of the day, this is America and even a homeowner can decide how to live their lives and where to spend their money.

    All the candidates are spreading some vague issues that are less than practical. I would if they really know what they are saying? Uh, I want world peace, too!

  40. The declining values have very little to do with some little upgrades as you refer. Nor do aging neighborhoods. It is based on the movement of property. The buyers and sellers. And there are many more sellers than there are buyers. Money only has value when it is in motion. And there is very little movement of property. Banks are struggling to lend. So all of this hype on investing in your neighborhood is rather blurred. It is easy to blame your neighbors for not holding a standard YOU think they should be living. At the end of the day, this is America and even a homeowner can decide how to live their lives and where to spend their money.

    All the candidates are spreading some vague issues that are less than practical. I wonder if they really know what they are saying? Oh, uh, and I want world peace, too!

  41. So true about Chuck's spys who conduct wisper campaigns all over the city - Bob Nusser, along with his little friend Joe Russum; Bill McCalpin; David Peters; and, don't forgot Andrew "Lap Dog" Laska. These gentleman gossip like a group of junior high girls, spreading lies about current council and candidates.

    All to say, folks, welcome to Richardson 2011. The Richardson Coalition has set the bar on nastiness, so they aren't in the position to cry "foul" when they get the volleys returned to them. I personally don't know how Chuck Eisemann can sleep at night.

    Those in the Richardson Coalition camp talk about "hate" (in reference to the "other side", of course). Hmmm. Interesting. I find nothing pleasant about their 2009 voter's guide where Chuck and his band of octegenarians "trashed" the candidates they didn't endorse with total lies. And, I am sure we are gonna get another heppin' helping of it again shortly.

    When it comes to "hate", these old folks in the Richardson Coalition wrote the book on it. Just remember, turn about is fair play - and what goes around, comes around.

  42. @Jules-I don't see any of the people you mention in the post above smearing the RCA candidates on the local blogs. I read only RCAalliance supporters trashing Coalition candidates. So, in other words, instead of rising above those whom you look down upon with such disdain, you have chosen instead to sink to their level? Where's the integrity in that?

    Also sure would like to see that 2009 voters guide 'cause I don't remember anything in it jumping out at me as trashing anyone. I'd be willing to take a second look, however. Anyone have a copy?

  43. Why does this have to be about trashing anyone. And what is your definition of trashing? So what if there are documents proving it.

    This is about a difference in philosophy in how the city is managed. So let's just say the voters guide, put on by the Coalition, described a perspective of one candidate over another. And other groups put out a perspective on one candidate over another.

    Sad fact is that marketing determines the elections, not a a knowledgeable and informed assessment of the city's performance and achievement of goals. Because you cannot measure what they are doing, or so they say!

  44. Allison, about the RC smears. Have you read the rumor monger rumorcheck.org? There you will find lies, distortions, and smear against the non-rc candidates. McCalpin is one of the biggest users of smear anywhere. He, Eisemann and Laska are the whisper and smear experts. Others are mearly copying their antics.

  45. Allison has forgotten about the "smiley" and "frowny" faces associated with each candidate. Of course, the "smiley faces" were associated with the RC candidates.

    Allison has also forgotten how the RC stated that candidate Diane Wardrup had trouble working with "female volunteers". Huh, what does that have anything to do with anything. Or, was that just a jab from ol' Bitter Ritter? The list just goes on and on.

    I fully expect that this year's "voter's guide" will have the same slanderous format. Who knows, maybe they will surprise us, right? WRONG. Either way, don't expect any positive comments about John DeMattia or Dennis Stewart who are poised to take down their two candidates. Word has it that the RC has been having emergency meetings to prop up Kendal "I suffer fron the Scott Dunn speaking syndrome" Hartley's campaign.

  46. No one needs to say anything negative about Scott Dunn. His very own words do that. I have never seen such a poor public speaker.

  47. It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt

  48. @anon2:10. Do all of Richardson a favor and share your thoughts with Scott Dunn. He needs to here it over and over and over and over and over and over.

  49. Excuse me but I just had to get the reply count off of a prime number. Please carry on.

  50. they said she had a trouble working with female volunteers?- truly truly nasty. The epitome of slander, no doubt.

    Smiley faces next to their candidates I really really hope doesnt mean the use of...that mean old frowny face for the others?

    just so i understand completely, what you're telling me is that the coalition voters guide doesnt say nice and complimentary things about the people they don't support?? That is some serious politics being played right there. I can't imagine why they would do that.

    Anyway. Props to those who utilize the super classic, "[ but mom!]they did it first!" because I was never able to get away with that excuse after the age of I dont know, 9 or 10? An impressive feat worth noting.

  51. if it walks like a duck...April 26, 2011 at 6:25 PM

    Sorry, Tom, but your comments are strange at best. Yes, I - along with most people - find that saying that a female political candidate "had trouble working with female" volunteers in a "voter's guide" is very negative and totally inappropriate. The RC never interview this candidate, so how do they even know? You don't see these kinds of negative attacks in credible endorsements venues like the Dallas Morning News, do you? You also don't see chiildish "smiley" or "frowney" faces either.

    No one expects your group, the Richardson Coalition, to say complimentary things about any candidate that you DON'T endorse - that's fine. However, the negative retoric on those that you don't endorse borders on lies, bad taste, slander - whatever you want to call it.

    As long as your group, the Richardson Coalition, continues to act in this manner, I suspect that you will continue to be met with the same kind of negativity reaction. Maybe, you should talk to your friend, Chuck Eisemann, to see if he might be willing to be a "big boy" and stop the negativity first!

  52. I have no allegiance to the coalition nor do I personally know any of the people behind it. I also agree that the smiley faces are ridiculous. I couldn't really remember anything about the pamphlet from last time and as someone who was looking for more of the story, anon 8am's shocking examples of how candidates were "trashed," were less than shocking. Smiley faces and frowns are definitely childish, but it barely qualifies as mean let alone a "character assasination."

    Other comments- thought it was interesting how jules brought up the old men gossiping and yet everyone of her insights begin with "I hear that, I heard that, story is that, etc."

    Also thought it was cute how old dc-tm came to here defense

  53. Thanks Tom. I am glad you thought it was cute. :0)

  54. And why does the RC have a bad reputation and why do so many dislike them? See Zach mailer and the coalition email from yesterday. Packed with lies. Any questions?

  55. It's all just marketing. We have warped to a state of illusion! Or is that a city of illusion.....