Monday, April 11, 2011

Forum Questions....

Got any good ones? 


  1. A few questions to consider for the next forum:

    At the first meeting of the new Council, they go into private discussion, then come back to vote for the Mayor. What is said in that private meeting, and do you think the discussion should be public? Why or why not?

    Transit oriented development including apartments and condos are described as the best way to attract substantial retail to Richardson. Please specifically describe why Bush-Renner will not be another Brickrow.

    Regarding attracting or keeping retail in the city, is the conclusion "There's not much we can do" from the Council rep on the City Retail Committee an acceptable answer? (April 5 - Highland Terrace Forum). Why or why not?

  2. I was able to ask these questions to various candidates at the Berkner meet-and-greet event.

    It was not the expected "panel with 2 minutes to answer questions" format, rather like a cocktail party (less the alcohol) with candidates mixing and mingling, talking with citizens in groups of one to four folks.

    I'm very impressed by J DeMattia, not quite as impressed by W Gordon, and still think that D Stewart is the choice over K Hartley.

    Having said that, Hartley is a smart guy and seems like he would listen and respond to citizen questions and concerns. I'll still vote Dennis, without question, but Kendal is OK.

    I'm considering W Gordon as a much-needed change of pace in Place 1. New ideas and a fresh outlook would be welcomed. BT has devoted many years to the City and he's a nice guy, but it's time...

    I didn't see Alan North (not that I'd recognize him in a crowd of three people) but all the others were in attendance.

    Thanks to the Berkner NA for putting this together.