Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy National "Queer For Amir Day" Everyone!

Yeah, I didn't have it on my calendar either, but it just kinda happened.

So, Nation QFA day began this morning at 5:30am when channel 5 (yes, the same channel 5 that ran the anti-T3 piece just a few weeks ago) did a number of little live shots of AO...and trees...I'm assuming...since I was totally asleep at that hour.  I did however hear about it later on KLTY, of all places, as I was taking my son to school.
QFA celebrations continued this afternoon at the Eisemann center where many of the metroplex mayors and community leaders gathered to kick off Tree North Texas...and obviously talk about how gay they are for Amir...and trees too, of course.

My daughter Eiffel, took this celebrated occasion to make up a gang sign for Tree North Texas.
It's a leaf. pretty rad.
Crypts, bloods, photosynthesizers? I dunno. I'll keep working on it...

And finally the day ended with the whole council telling Amir just how gay they are for him. So I heard...via Facebook.
Actually, so I heard via Abrahm, via Facebook. To which Abrahm added, "I wonder what Steve said?"

I do too. I. do. too. Guess I'll have to watch the rerun tomorrow.

Until then though, I'm gonna go celebrate QFA Day in my own special way- by taking a chance on a guy with a funny name. A different guy. A guy who just so happens to (ironically) be Steve Mitchell's absolute doppelgänger... Mr. Deangelo Vickers.

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  1. I watched the council meeting last night until the end, and saw Gary Slagel's loving tribute to Amir. Brought tears to my eyes - ha. He is definitely QFA.

    Seriously, they all said positive things, including Steve Mitchell about Tree The Town. Really, what's not the like? You know, I don't recall any councilman saying a negative thing about T3. I do remember Bob Townsend and Steve asking about the projected costs at some briefing months and months ago. That's old news. Who knows what grumpy old man Townsend still thinks? Ha.