Thursday, April 14, 2011

How much cheddar did a Chuck E. spend, if a Chuck E. did spend cheddar?

Today's the day all the candidates turn in their finance reports. Should be interesting to see who has raised what and who's contributed to whom. I'm also curious to see whether Mr.North will participate or not.....seeing as he does have a campaign "website" and all.

Anyone expect any surprises?


  1. You won't find any direct money to candidates from Chuck Eisemann; all his dollars go directly to his "Richardson Residents for Responsive Government" PAC, who, in turn, funds the Richardson Coalition. Without "Mr. Moneybags", the RC would be pretty much on the skids, as those $50 donations from Martha Ritter just don't cut it.

    I hear that the RC is busily preparing their second annual voter's guide. I am sure it promises to be as "factual" and "objective" as last time! Anyone who receives this "rag" in the mail needs to immediately toss it in to the "round file" or put it in the bird cage for "liner".

    The Richardson Coalition and Chuck Eisemann has been the leading factor in the continued political division in this city. Because of them, other "splinter" type groups have been created, which are now "ape-ing" the RC's dirty tricks. Nice Chuck. You've been a good teacher.

  2. I stand corrected. Chuck Eisemann has changed his "giving" strategy. While Chuck is still serving as their official fundraiser (like Jim Von Ehr would give $5,000 if Chuck didn't ask him), Chuck isn't giving to the RC directly this go-around. Let's see how long that lasts!

    His new strategy is to give to candidates. Interesting, at least, that's a little more "transparent". Kendall Hartley received $500 from Chuck. Looks like Chuck and Gary Slagel have found themselves, along with Scott Dunn, a new puppet (not that anyone ever questioned it). Chuck's given to other candidates as well. This is all a (new) ploy to control who gets selected as mayor.

    Chuck, your devious ways continue to amaze me, but it doesn't take the public long to figure you out. Please do everyone a favor and go back to being a philanthorpost - your transition to a "political" personal has made your name a "dirty word" in many circles. And, that's pretty sad.

  3. Personally, I'd like that "dirty word" off our beautiful performing arts facility.

    William Gordon brought up naming rights at the LWV Forum Tuesday night, and kudos to him. Let's close the operating fund gap with naming rights. Blue Cross Performing Arts Facility works for me just fine.

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