Friday, April 29, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe to open your mailbox again...

The frowny faces are back.
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For real, RC? Did we not mock you enough last time?

And wtf, I support a few of your candidates but half this stuff is lies. again. why am I not surprised.


  1. Chuck just keeps shoveling those lies out there. Lie No. 1 is that the Coalition is simple "a volunteer organization." Why not just be honest and say that the Coalition is a PAC? Chuck can't even be honest about his own organization?

    I once that that Chuck Eisemann cared about our city. Now I realize that he's just another politician, except one that doesn't even have the guts to run for office.

    Get his name off our performing arts facility. Now.

  2. All I needed to read is their glowing recommendation of Scott Dunn.

    That would be funny if it wasn't so damn sad.

  3. Andrew Laska and/or William "Bill" J. McCalpin must have written this! This is nothing but knuckle-headed and dunder-headed CRAP. This also prove that all of the anonymous commenters over the past week knew what they were talking about. Sorry MMT. But I would vote you out of this blog.

    But on the bright side, this voters guide is so absolutely stupid it will make the points other bloggers have been talking about and shows the RCA to have credit for at least promoting the truth, even if their wording might be a little off.

    Chuckles Eisemann, I would not vote you off this blog, but out of the town of Richardson, if not the entire state of Texas. you are a snake oil salesman!

  4. Well golly little miss! The coalition should have more clearly stated Diana needs to stay at home, the woman's place, and while there, remain barefooted and pregnant. There they go again making attacks women. Didn't Bob Townsend say much the same? She need to stay at home and take care of those grandbabies? Bob Townsend is in perfect sync with the grand poobah UpChuck Eisemann.

  5. I want to thank the Chuck Eisemann and the Richardson Coalition for confirming all of the nasty things that have been written about them over the last two years in the blogs by producing yet another slanderous, libelous publication. Honestly, who writes this crap?

    Here are some of favorite parts:

    They highly recommend Scott Dunn? Based on what? The fact that he's not Darrell Day (who unexpectantly pulled out of the race)?

    They compared Kendal Hartley to EF Hutton? Huh? He can't string two words together to make a complete sentence; that's why he has to listen - because he can't communicate. In my opinion, Kendal gives off the vibe that, "hey, I've paid my dues, this is my seat. Gary and Chuck have said so". I didn't know it worked that way in democracy.

    For a little "legitimacy", they encouraged people to vote for uber-popular and unopposed councilman Steve Mitchell again. Oh, how sweet. Sadly, though, he didn't quite make that "highly recommend" category (that was reserved for the likes Scott and Kendal). Shocking. The RC made it sound like fiscal conservative and redevelopment champion Mitchell has just occupied space for the last six years. Guess that is why he continues to run unopposed, because he so ineffective. Whatever.

    They claim that Amir Omar has saved the city $4M. Wow. OK, that might be true - if so, great - but how and where? And, for heaven's sake, how would the RC even know?

    I actually thought that a lot of comments written about the RC and Chuck Eisemann in the blogosphere over the last 2-4 years were a little harsh, but no longer. These people - Chuck Eisemann and the RC - are simply bad to the bone.

  6. "They claim that Amir Omar has saved the city $4M. Wow. OK, that might be true - if so, great - but how and where? And, for heaven's sake, how would the RC even know?"

    They know this from all the open records request Willy McCalpin has NOT made. The preferencial treatment he gets compared to all others. Unless of course, he is BSing about how authoritative his knowledge is. He is the mouth piece of the city and the coalition. He must have written this with help from andrew.

    I agree 2:07. This piece of crap the RC put out does validate what the bloggers have been saying all this time and is not suitable for even the bottom a a rat cage. Proof positve.

    Go RCA! I hope everyone one of your candidates win. Especially after this mess of lies.

  7. If I were an RC volunteer who bought into the original vision of the RC, I would be appalled at this Voters Guide; the misinformation, slander, vitriol, and lies with which it is comprised. I appreciate the Richardson Coalition and its focus on the positive aspects of our community, and its local heroes. I admire the work of its volunteers. But this kind of trash negates all the good I would otherwise associate with the RC. I have no problem with the RC endorsing my opponent over me, but to slander my reputation in the process with false information and trivial data that has nothing to do with my position on issues and the values that I hold, well I find that simply ingenuous. The RC is a good organization. Its members and the City of Richardson deserve better than this!

  8. You are far more gracious than I would have been William.

  9. I'm appalled at the RC voters guide, yes, but the ad from the RCA in the Dallas Morning News was even more appalling. Gosh, lots of people doing a lot of work to trash our town and the people in it. Makes me wish the housing market was better, I'd put a for sale sign in front and move to...just about anywhere except Farmers Branch. Thanks to everyone for ruining the good name that Richardson has held for decades. Shame on all of you. Shame!

  10. You might not like either the voter guide or the ad in the paper. I understand that. But which was had truth and which one had lies. The one with lies is the one you should be pissed about. That is the one I am pissed about.
    As long as the dallas news ad was documented fact and true, I do not like it much made, but it is hard to fault the truth even if it is makes us look bad. The thing to do admit the problem and then fix it.

  11. Could you clarify which specifict remarks are considered lies?

  12. Allison and MMT have failed to comment as yet. Ashamed of the RC much, possibly?

  13. Congratulations to the Richardson Coalition and the Richardson Citizens Alliance for, basically, showing our “panties” to not only all of the residents of the region, but also to the businesses and corporations which exist here and elsewhere.

    These two groups have, single handedly, ruined Richardson's reputation as a civil community. Seriously. Business leaders and elected officials from other cities have asked me about "what is going on in Richardson?" The business leaders confirmed my fear: they avoid relocating to communities which have political turmoil. Well, folks, we are now there.
    Here's who to blame:

    *Chuck Eisemann - financier/Richardson Coalition founder - as someone who should know better, he has trashed this city and the political process more than anyone, initially, because he was mad about the mayoral selection 4 years ago. Certainly, the dollars he has contributed make this case . Please, Chuck, get over it. This man wants to control this city. As a result of your actions, Chuck, you're gonna LOVE this year's slate of mayoral candidates! You might even get an 80-year old man as your mayor. Nice. That will be a great regional representative to our city.

    *The other "hanger-on'ers" and "RC groupies" like Ken Bell, Stan Brandshaw, John Tanner, Dave Peters, and Martha "Bitter" Ritter. You share almost as much blame as Chuck, except you don't have his money and you're not as devious (or smart). Why would you even associate with someone like Chuck Eisemann?

    *Mac McDowell - opposing financier/Richardson Citizens Alliance founder - like Chuck, he should know better. His fight began four years ago when the city wouldn't give his organization at the time, Network, free meeting space in the Richardson Civic Center. Whether legit or not, this started an endless series of open records request to city, and brought together every misfit/wierdo in this city. Mac, why would you associate yourself with some of these people?

    *The other "hanger-on'er" and "RCA groupies" like Richard (the other) Tanner, Cheri Duncan-Hubert, Bill Denton, William Gordon, and others. You guys thrive on just stirring trouble up. The taxpayers particularly thank you for that Gordon lawsuit which has cost the city nearly $50K.

    *The RC and RCA "worker bees"/"wannabees" - Andrew Laska, Bill McCalpin, David Chenoweth - these are the guys who do the "heavy lifting” for their respective groups (Andrew, Bill - RC; David - RCA), but they all three say, "oh, no, we aren't associated with anyone". Yeah right. Funny thing, these all three seem to think that “by working” hard, they will somehow gain favor with their respective poo-bah (Chuck or Mac). Ha – think again.

    *Richardson voters – OK, that’s a stretch , but the point here is that when you get a “voter’s guide “ in the mail from anyone (RC, RCA), please just don’t BLINDLY follow it. In fact, toss any voter’s guides your receive in the “round file” (i.e. trash). And, that means you seniors, especially! Any group that is willing to spend these kinds of dollars has some kind of “secret” agenda (control). Research each candidate, go to political forums (which have all concluded – all 14 of them), speak to each candidate, read their literature, then cast your vote for the BEST candidate. I, for one, am voting for mixture of both RC and RCA candidates (Bobby T, John D, Laura M, Dennis S., and others).

    Like praying for “world peace”, I don’t naively think that either side is going to stop fighting, but I believe that it is the rest of the city that getting caught in the “cross fire”. If you truly love this city, then you should be committed to put to rest this political division that both groups now seem to perpetuate.

  14. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 30, 2011 at 9:22 AM

    Couldn't have said it better Anonymous 8:43!! I guess politics in Richardson is to "get even" instead of "rise above"!! Good Luck to the Candidates and Good Luck to Richardson!! mmt

  15. "Business leaders and elected officials from other cities have asked me about "what is going on in Richardson?"

    Seems Steve Mitchell is showing both his faces in this post. Thanks Steve. Now we know where you stand.

  16. Give it up Chuck and go play in your sand box. if you have to win by lying how can anyone trust you. Semper Fi!

  17. I WISH that a current council member or candidate had written the 8:43 post, but I am neither. They all seem to have several faces. Just an active, concerned citizen. I am still praying for world peace!

  18. @ Anon 4/30 at 8:05 a.m., that was me on 4/29 at 4:00 p.m.
    What makes you think you know me? I've never aligned myself with the RC. The only thing I've ever advocated is civil discourse, solutions rather than attacks, and a strong and UNITED city. I don't know who anon 4/30@8:23 a.m. is but I couldn't have said it better. This whole thing is a blot on our city's reputation and it is a crying shame.

  19. Thank you Chuck Eisemann for creating such a mess and for where it all began all centered around your lackey Gary Slagel. The people of Richardson love how you have worked to turn the name "Richardson" into mud and a laughing stock. You must be so proud. It is well that you are a rich man, because you would otherwise have no friends.So thanks again for your lies, distortion, spins and all of the other appaulling things you have done to the city, its residents and businesses.

  20. @Anonymous 10:18 AM. (A.K.A. Steve Mitchell - Place 6 Councilman and former Mayor)Your "WISH" was granted almost six years ago.

  21. Anon@8:23 Don't blame Richardson demise on political tumoil. It is so much more than that. You have the RC who wants everything to remain the same .. the downward spiral to continue; and the RCA who wants things to get better. If you think it is fun to work for change in this city you are mistaken.Every day I think about giving up and moving. I have lived here for over 30 years, raised my children here, and seen the RISD decline as well as the city. Obviously, Eisemann and his cohorts are making money out of this; why else would they be so intent on keeping the status quo?
    People choose to not move to Richardson because we don't have what other cities have: shopping, places to take our children,etc. (parks and a library are not enough.)Most people I know go to Plano Sports to enroll their children in sports.
    These incumbants only give lip service, especially Mitchell and Omar. They are in this for their own political gain.
    Instead of whining about how all of this turmoil is ruining the city, do something about it. That is what William Gordon,Cheri Duncan Hubert, Richard Tanner, etc. are doing.

  22. I must agree with anon 10:50. These folks are doing the right thinng. While it may be unpleasant to hear the items brought up by these individuals, it must be brought up and recognized as a problem before it can be addressed. That is constructive.

    The actions of the ALL of the current council members, RC and Mr. Eisemann are the destructive portion of this equation. As illustrated by Mark Solomon at one forum, he was clueless about the Eisemann Center making money or lossing money. All of the current council members are lacking in knowledge of the financial situation. While they are all probably very fine people, individually and personally, the are very much lacking in knowledge about city affairs. That is what makes them destructive.

    They do not accept that there are problems in Richardson. When presented information, they do not investigate the problems. Rather, they turn it over the the city manager.

    Mr. Eisemann and the RC are also destructive. Contrary to the city line that everything is OK and perfect, they support those that hide their heads in the sand hoping the problems will go away, and hoping that those who point out the problems, just give up on trying to make things better.

    So, it will come down to what type of people you want to vote for, proactive who recognize the problems and would like them dealt with, or those who would prefer to hide their heads in the sand and pretend there are no problems.

    It is an easy choice for me. I want people who will deal with problems when they are noted, not people who put their heads in the sand. ALL of the incumbents needs to be retired.

    My vote will be for Gordon, DeMattia, Maczka, Stewart, and Clawson. Scott Dunn is unopposed and it will be a horrible person for place 3. He is very lacking in communications and sounds like an idiot when he speaks. No vote for place 3. Unopposed for Place 6, Steve Mitchell, will not get a vote from me either. He needs to grow a backbone and not be so spineless and two-faced. He and Amir show obvious signs of being in this for themselves only.

  23. You are all being fooled. Laura M was hand selected by Eisemann.

  24. I think you have it backwards. The RCA seems to be generally opposed to development and redevelopment. The RC seems generally supportive of development. I haven't heard anyone say Richardon is perfect. A very small minority wants to trumpet the negative and distort the facts to exaggerate the negative.

  25. Anon 8:43 - Since you have such a wealth of opinions about me in your post, lets set up a time to have coffee and I will share with you my research. Then you will be intentionally clear on my focus. I am an independent, a self thinker, capable of understanding documents you have probably never read. Always have been and will stay that way for the rest of my life, probably. I always find it most amusing when someone else who does not know me well, tells me who I am in the world. :-)

    As far as Mr Eisemann is concerned, I made the same offer to him and he very rudely declined. And he has been negative and very abrupt in the other 2 conversations we have engaged in. So my opinion is my own based on my own experience. No one elses. That was a confirmation to me that he likes the diversity and I will continue to be until something else happens.

    So you decide why there is a division in Richardson. Oh, and glad you liked my earlier post on 'world peace'. Kinda catchy huh. lol

    Cheri Duncan-Hubert

  26. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 30, 2011 at 9:15 PM

    Cheri, Glad to see your name. . .heard you were Jules at one point. . .all so confusing with so many no names! I have an idea. .after the new council gets in, there needs to be a mediation group formed. Maybe You, Anon 8:43 if he/she comes forward, Laura(sorry Laura,if you win, hoping you can help bring our town together),Destiny,Mark, just throwing out some names. Of course then the name(will we ever agree)how about the RAC-Richardson for All Citizens or Richardson Alliance Coalition. Our T-shirts after the election could say " “You get what you get and you don't throw a fit. . just Do what's best for Richardson!!" . It's a start(No smiley face!) mmt

  27. No I am not So often there is an objection before a word is uttered that sometimes Anon postings are valuable. But rarely can you get to the issues through the people. I have been around a while now and willing to share what I have learned in spite of the obstacles placed. So if 8:43 wants to chat , let's do it. I am not hard to find! lol


  28. I know Destiny that you are for Amir, but do you remember when he said, in his commercial, that he had never run for political office before two years ago. Don't you remember that he ran for Congress and lost by a huge margin? You might want to look up "Omar for Congress" on the internet. Just another lie.

  29. "Anonymous said...
    @Anonymous 10:18 AM. (A.K.A. Steve Mitchell - Place 6 Councilman and former Mayor)Your "WISH" was granted almost six years ago.
    April 30, 2011 10:43 AM"

    I too recognize the words of 8:43 as almost exact quotes from Steve Mitchell. I guess Steve Mitchell is playing both sides again the middle. But... does that really surprise anyone? He has always done that. Steve is out for Steve, just as Amir is out for Amir.

  30. yeah but steve is unopposed, so it doesn't really matter does it?

  31. I learned a long time ago that one should never judge a book by it's cover. Sounds to me that Cheri Hubert is in this thing for Cheri Hubert.