Friday, April 1, 2011

Let my bias rant begin....

Wow, Diana. Had that one in your back pocket for a while now, huh?

Well, thanks on behalf of Richardson for making us look bad in front of the whole metroplex rather than just bringing up your concerns at the forums.

I know 'Trashing The Town' is certainly something I look for in an elected official.

You're a real class act.


  1. I blame spring allergy season.

  2. I blame Steve Mitchell. lol

  3. OK, folks, let's connect the dots...Diana Clawson is running against Amir Omar....Diana Clawson is being funded by the RCA. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. The RCA just did a little opposition research, and called Channel 5; that's it. Yawn - slow news day - who watches the news on Friday night anyway? Rest assurred, Destiny, your pal Amir is OK!

    Several of the council members had questions about costs the last time it was briefed months ago, but they are all on record of supporting the program.

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  5. Dots connected!! Channel 5 will be back to do Part 2 in their Investigating Report!! Destiny, you asked how long this was in Diana’s back pocket. . .maybe when she went from Place 1 to Place 7. A week before she had a meeting with Bob about why running against him in Place 1 for her neighborhood. I just thought she wanted to try running in each Place.(is this the 5th Place she has tried?). I am just afraid Diana cannot see the forest for the trees and learned nothing from the Election 2009. Richardson voters are smart and can connect dots too!!. Check out Wm. Gordon’s FB. . .he jumped right in seconds after broadcast(Wm’s figure is $500,000) . . is he the trees with Diana?? Sorry. . .had to delete and repost. . . needed to verify the meeting!!

  6. Now that I've watched the video .. Nope, not slimy politics.

    She was able to get TV face time, asking a logical question. "How much will watering the trees cost?"

    Maybe she didn't ask it in a Candidate Forum. Instead, she got a few minutes on Channel 5.

    Agree with her or not, that's a smart move for an underfunded candidate.

    Now -- about the real question. How much will it cost to keep those trees alive? The Channel 5 reporter said that the Parks and Rec didn't have a figure... And Amir's look of surprise and "Actually, not at all..." (at the 1:30 mark) contradicts the Parks and Rec saying they'd need sprinkler systems in the medians.

    So - which is it? Seems to be confusion among City staff and Council .. which makes a question like Diana's appropriate.

  7. Come on, now. Why did't she raise her concerns at the the forums? She IS running for election. The forums have very limited attendance unfortunately, and many of same people attend all of them.

    She shouldn't be faulted by putting her concerns in the widest possible public view. She has received no answer from the City as to Tree the Town's costs.

    Mr. Omar, in the Channel 5 interview said the cost is covered in the budget. If so, it should be easy for cilty management to extract what those numbers are.

    Everyone deserves an answer to the question of what the cost is or estimated will be, not only Ms. Clawson.

  8. When Amir campaigned last time for the Sr tax freeze, he had compiled a set of numbers to prove his point that his plan was fiscally doable. Over a year goes by with no substantial talk about it. That is until Jul 2010. At the budget retreat he was greeted with some large resistance. He held on to his position until Keffler admitted that he and Slagel admitted to tabling his plan. After some dialog, Keffler agreed to look at his plan again. To date nothing.

    So to go to that kind of detail on one issue and not another is surprising, actually. Amir is a driven kinda guy. As with most things in this city, there is probably more to the story.

  9. I blame Amir Omar, who proposed a city program where exact start up costs could not be identified, along with the on-going yearly maintenance cost. Clearly, an example of a GOOD idea, gone bad.

    If Amir Omar is going to expand government, much like the Obama Administration, then please tell us how you are going to pay for it - the exact costs, both the initial ones and the yearly ones.

    I also blame city staff who should have done their homework a little better. If I was Amir Omar, then I would be PO'd - and rightly so - at staff for making me look, um, pretty ridiculous on TV.


  10. Amir can't have it both ways. He can't have TV and press coverage about Tree The Town... and then NOT have answers about how to pay for the program. After all, this program isn't just an Amir photo op. Well, it's not, is it? If he would have done his homework better, he would have known that there would be irrigation costs associated with planting 5,000 trees. Duh. Those costs should have been discussed upfront when the city tackled the program.

    For someone to complain that Clawson should have brought up this issue at the Forums shows a lack of understanding of how news is gathered.

    As a taxpayer, I'm glad the question of the program's cost is being raised. Hey, I still like Tree the Town. But just be honest with us taxpayers about how much the program is going to cost.

  11. I just now saw the Channel 5 and from I read on these posts, was expecting a "hit" piece. Instead, I saw a pretty balanced report. It was an interesting decision to leave in the clip about Amir stammering and stuttering. But that kind of went along with the story line that Richardson had started a program without doing its homework about how to PAY FOR THE PROGRAM.

    Destiny's complaint that this was "slimy politics" seems completely unfounded. (Maybe her "queer for Amir" bias?) For starters, it's not "politics" if a TV station does a story. Secondly, that seemed like a legitimate question: "OK, we've planted all these trees. Maybe we should have done our research into how to KEEP THE DAMN THINGS ALIVE!"

    Fair question, if you ask me.

    Kind of like the general liberal/conservative battle. Liberals want these great new government programs, but then conservatives have to be the "adults" and point out: "Hey, our credit card is maxed out, so how are we going to pay for all this stuff?"

  12. Funny how she was promoting Tree the Town in the HOA when they were planting in Duck Creek but is opposed to it since she is running for office.