Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mark Twain Forum

{Sorry this is so late, I chose cleaning diarrhea and vomit off my walls/floor/bedding over blogging this week. Don't worry, it' wasn't mine.}

Let's go ahead and just boil it down to the highlights...

I won not 5 but 6 straight games of Solitaire, without using the hint button once.

Mark Solomon made mention of his insurance two separate times...really mastering the technique of segueing.

Dennis Stewart coined the term "Forum Groupies."

Kendal Hartley said he likes to listen more than talk. smooth.

John DeMattia and Amir Omar had an interesting exchange regarding bringing small business/retail to Richardson. Worth hunting down the video to see IMO.

Karl V. talked about how he retired a while back to become a public servant, which I thought was kinda awkward as it only highlighted his losing streak.

Bobby T. fumbled over his words saying "There's still a lot of good in the pipework...er, pipeline," which made me smile.

Diana Claussen's phone rang not once but twice. The second time she answered, and proceeded to have a brief conversation.

However, John DeMattia still topped that to become the king of the Mark Twain forum awkward moment, when he went on a tangent about how Richardson could never have it's own "state park" because we just didn't have the space for it....when asked about the possibility of a "sKate park" in Richardson. Mishearing the question was not what made it awkward, it was more the fact that he went on and on answering it with a straight face....and on a more personal note, as someone who makes a habit out of asking a lot of stupid questions, I really like the fact that John D. won't make fun of me, but rather take them (if anything too) seriously.

Anyway that was about it. Within 24 hours half my house had contracted the ebola virus. So if you see me at the LWV forum tonight, just stand back and let me play Solitaire in peace, as I'm obviously a carrier. for real. like that monkey in Outbreak.


  1. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 26, 2011 at 4:33 PM

    Did William Gordon miss another forum?? You didn't mention him! Hope he makes it tonight!

  2. Gordon was not there.

    It was actually funny, one of the questions was 'can you say one nice thing about your opponent' and Bobby T. said, "Well, he's not here!" :)

  3. Has anyone this year topped my "awkward moment?" Just curious where I stand in the all-time "forum awkward moment" rankings.


  4. The phone call was bad, but your awkward moment made me want to straight up walk out of the building. I'd say your title as 'all time most horrible awkward moment maker' is safe, and will remain so for many campaign seasons to come.

    By the way, have I mentioned lately how you take my breath away J-Schnurr? Because you do. really.

  5. Good. I just wanted to make sure that I retained my championship title-belt. The baffled looks on the faces of the audience is forever imprinted in my mind. Ha. By the way, you took my breath away when you spelled my last name correctly. You are one of five non-related people on this earth that can both pronounce my last name correctly and spell it correctly. Well done.


  6. what awkward moment

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