Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My 3 Dirty Little Secrets...

Ok, I'll admit that title is a bit dramatic, seeing as how none of these are actually "secrets" as much as they've just never been broadcast on my blog before. So here goes...

#1. I'm a dirty, filthy, lowlife renter-

That's right, we rent our cute little house over in Cottonwood Heights, because as a growing family of 5 there's no way we could ever afford to live in this part of Richardson otherwise. Since I'm "naive and immature," the concept of building equity vs. throwing away money every month on something I don't really own doesn't bother me at all. However, it should be noted, we're not housing 27 of our closest relatives either. So while we're "renters," we're not like scary renters. I don't think.

#2. Darrell Day is my father-

Or stepfather to be exact (he and my mom got married when I was 9 months old and divorced when I was around 4 1/2), but I refer to him as 'my dad' and so do most of the people who know me. It's not at all something I keep secret.

#3. I don't hate Gary Slagel and I will miss him when he's gone-

His glasses alone make up a good portion of the material on this blog and without him, the city will be much less like a junior high girl's slumber party. Because see, right now we're divided into the Pro-Slagel's and Anti-Slagel's, and since I'm an eh-Slagel, all day long I have people from both sides calling me to gossip. I get to be like the Perez Hilton of Richardson and I'm not gonna lie, it's a lot of fun.

Why am I telling you all this you ask? Because evidently "secrets" #2 & #3 got me a shout out in the JJ Pearce newsletter this month. Btw, do I have like NO JJP readers? Why didn't anyone give me a heads up?  I digress...

So basically, I wrote a column for my dad's local paper/newsletter last month about Gary (if you read C&P regularly you'd think it was one of the most glowing things I'd ever said about him, however, if you don't, than evidently it was offensive at best) and it really ticked off one Belinda Vrielink, so she wrote a letter to the JJP newsletter "outing" secret #2.

And so to keep that from happening again, I figured I might as well officially go on the record about all of the things that might cause my readership to plummet from a lofty 12 down to 3.

Here's my column from The Richardson Times...

{click to enlarge}
Mrs. Vrielink's rebuttal...

{click to enlarge}
So there you have it. All of my secrets have now been told. To unsubscribe from this blog, simply hit the power button on your computer.


  1. You're an open book. Proud of you for that, and proud of you for that long before this post. Your comments on Slagel in the Richardson Times was about un-offensive as it could be. Seems it might be time for some undergarments to be untwisted and properly placed.

  2. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 12, 2011 at 6:43 PM

    Destiny, I think you are way beyond your 27yrs in your thinking and the wisdom you share. In Mrs. Vrielink’s defense(I am guessing). . .she does not understand your writing style, your humor and more importantly YOU!! When a 27yr old says they were 3 when someone became Mayor. . .that is a little shocking but it is also a fact. Gary and the council voted for 12 year TERMS (after the City of Richardson voted for term limits). So obviously most people felt there needed to be a change. I did not see you criticizing Gary as much as saying it is time to move on. Can you imagine what we would be saying if we had a US President for 24 years. That is why there are term limits!!! I think you understand our city’s division more then most. You are one of the first to actually write that you have seen good and bad on both sides. I honestly do not hear that very often(or at all). You have one of the only yards with signs that show you stand by your belief of looking at the candidate instead of a cluster that some group has endorsed!! Maybe everyone does . . .not judging!! I think your open-mindedness( having or showing a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments. 2. unprejudiced; unbigoted; impartial) seems to scare people who do not agree with you . . .it looks like on both sides!!! And it seems both sides are getting angry with you at times. . . so I would consider that a compliment . . .and keep doing what you are doing . . and maybe now and then . . . . another mind will open to a new(or a different) view!! Stay strong!! mmt

  3. i rhink destiny already has a life partner mmt

  4. I see the RCA has posted the list of candidates they endorse. No surprises here: http://richardsoncitizensalliance.org/candidates/ While they added that information, they seem to have deleted the names of the founders and supporters of their organization or, at least, I couldn't find that info. It's possible that I didn't mine deeply enough into their site. Can anyone else find it?

  5. Classy Anon 11:35pm. I was advised not to talk to the Anonymous Trolls. . .but sometimes it is fun to see our 6th graders in RISD understand who writes Anonymous(cowards,bullies&perverts). . how can they be so smart so young!!! The only sad part is to think they could be living with some of these people!! I wish Anon would meet me at the next forum and explain the comment. . .maybe I missed something. Oh, I forgot . .he/she hides his face!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Allison, here is the PDF http://www.richardsoncitizensalliance.org/images/RCAMembers.pdf

    I found it by Google: "richardson citizens alliance" pdf

    I don't think it's linked to the RCA site at this time.

  8. "Anonymous Trolls" You should be ashamed at trying to be mean to people you do not even know. "cowards,bullies&perverts" You crack me up mmt. Must lay awake at night thinking about these anonymous people. :-]

  9. It sounds as if all the RISD 6th graders ever talk about is: cowards, bullies & perverts, and it sounds as if it is MMT teaching them. Scary.