Wednesday, April 6, 2011

RISD Survey

So I got an automated call from my son's school today letting me know that they had sent me a survey to fill out. I hoped on the computer thinking it would be easy...when suddenly I realized what a bleeding heart conservative I am. I mean, don't get me wrong, some were easy (field trips) while others only appeared easy (lawn care..i.e. someone's mom or dad). I hate the fact that I'm willing to cut fine arts before administrative expenses, but I just feel like I can supplement my child's exposer to art, but I can't supplement a small family's income. This is tough, RISD....

Anyway, thought those of you who don't have children in Richardson schools right now and aren't having to play Sophie's Choice might find it interesting...

The first three questions were just asking for information about my son, and as always {click to enlarge}.


  1. That whole list of questions was bullshit. What is it with leadership nowadays where we have to make decisions based on consensus or polls.

    Administration gets paid the big bucks to make the big decisions. It's time to wear the big boy pants and grow a pair folks.

  2. All these $$ questions with an RISD bond election coming up.