Saturday, April 30, 2011

Since I'm an equal opportunity ball buster...

The RCA's full page ad in this weeks NeighborsGo has a few inaccuracies of its own.

As someone who's been to almost all of the forums and heard Amir harp on and on about this issue both publicly and privately, I have to say the RCA took some liberties with this one...
First of all, attributing one quote to four different people is already a stretch, especially when said quote was NEVER directly made by even one of them, but then to add the name of a candidate (perhaps even "candidates") who said precisely the opposite- now that's just sloppy.

I know for a fact AO believes the citizens should elect their own mayor. And I also thought Kendal Hartley was in favor of a direct election as well. That's when I decided to follow the asterisk...
Awesome. So I'll just go to their site, watch the video and see what they're referring to.

Only one such video has been uploaded. 



  1. Now we have two sides in the marketing business! lol A little non-truth can't hurt anything. Right?

    Amir has said all along he is in favor of the public electing the Mayor. The process to change that is a much larger question that should be addressed.

  2. My opinion (not that anyone asked): Why not face facts and have a charter change so that Richardson is City Manager and City Council with no Mayor?

    That way:
    Bill K actually can earn his salary
    There is no illusion that the Mayor is different (better) than any other Council member.

    Finally, this is just rearranging deck chairs. Who elects the Mayor does not matter. It's who is elected to the Council and who actually has the power - City Manager or Council that really is the question.