Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Soundtrack to the Highland Terrace Forum...


  1. Definitely, a circus. The highlights:
    *Scott Dunn still couldn't put two sentences together. Gonna be a long two years. Where was Sheryl Miller this time when we needed her?
    *Kendal Hartley did better, but still not comfortable. Sweet wife.
    *Dennis Stewart and Laura Maczka shined.
    *Omar got to talk about trees (still don't know how we are gonna pay for them) and why the Sr Tax freeze went south for him.
    *Steve Mitchell got to defend the Eisemann Center, um, several times. Liked his points on quality of life.
    *The "them" (Dunn's term) crowd talked about "deficits".
    *Mark Solomon talked about "balanced budgets". Still needs some volume control. OK, Mark, we hear you.
    *Bob Townsend boasted about the bond, and "how proud he was of the city" and our "enhanced" tax rate.

    The evening made you feel like there were two parallel Richardson universes, with the other side not having any clue about - or certainly not agreeing with - the other

    Lot's of interesting questions which made a lot of incumbents "dance". You never knew what kind of question was gonna be drawn out of "the hat".

    Definitely, a lot of audience "participation"!

    Overall, a very interesting event. It was, after all, a Highland Terrace meeting. Always expect the unexpected.

    With the number of video cameras rolling, I expect some Academy Award nominations coming out any time.

    Wished they had sold pop corn. It beat watching TV.

    Oh, and Destiny, you hair looked mah-velous.


  2. Cute!!! I love your humor!!! Great jingle. (<- !!!!!)

  3. I missed the fun last night. Darn! Sounds like it was a wild evening.

    Are you serious that Bob Townsend is describing higher property taxes as our "enhanced" tax rate? Did he really say that last night? Higher taxes are "enhanced" taxes? No politician - even an old crusty one - is going to brag about higher taxes, right?

  4. So did Alan North drop out? Was he serious about wanting to be on the city council? He really needs to show up!

  5. How many people do you really show up to the forums? Seems very empty compared to prior years

  6. Margaret McLarnon TownsendApril 9, 2011 at 11:01 AM

    I looked into the "enhanced" tax rate. Bob said " I said increased not enhanced tax rate. . . because of the bond which the citizens voted for and knew about." Lynn later asked if I had received Bob's message on the "increased" not "enhanced" tax rate. She said someone might have heard wrong because of Bob's "wooden teeth"!! She is great!! You have to love being a good sport when your husband is in politics!!