Monday, May 23, 2011

Our new, I mean mayor.

He had the most seniority, so he got the job.

Did not see that coming....

My Predictions-

Mayor: Bobby T.

Mayor Pro Tem: Mark Solomon

Let me begin by saying, I correctly predicted all 7 of the council seats. I didn't vote for all of the winners, but I knew who all of the winners were before they won. If I've learned anything over these past two years, it's how this city's politics work.

Unfortunately, the RCA did not stand a chance, even from the get go. However, running a very poorly executed campaign made that bitter pill a little easier to swallow this time around.  The same could not be said for two years ago. While there was not an official 'RCA' there was certainly an organized effort from the Anti-RC-er's.  And after the 2009 results came in, I was absolutely floored that neither Jimmy Schnurr nor Chris Davis had won- or even come close for that matter. That's when I started really examining the campaigning blueprint set forth by the Richardson Coalition. 

See, the RC is not unstoppable by any means, they just have a proven method for winning. And rather than duplicating that, the RCA decided to do their own thing. Big mistake. 

For beginners the RC doesn't just wait around until the last minute to pick their candidates. No, I think they wait and watch to see who's interested in the seat and then they begin to subtly groom the ones who are open to their help (getting them plugged in to LR, volunteer opportunities and the like). Also, it seems to me that they only choose candidates who already have a large network of their own, like Bob Macy for example. That's why you will never see them backing a Karl V. He has nothing to offer their slate.  Every candidate they back brings a certain number of voters to the polls, and subsequently those who support Kendal ("who's face is right here on this flyer!") will also vote for the rest of their endorsements whether they know any of them or not ("Cause if they like Kendal, then I trust their judgement!").  

However, I do not believe that every candidate the RC endorses necessarily endorses them back. I think they pick the "winners" and then put their stamp of approval on them with or without their consent so that they can take the glory when said winner wins, thus building their reputation (brilliant). The RCA on the other hand, picks their candidates first and then hopes that their financial backing will be enough to make up for the lack of a personal network held by said candidate. And because the RCA is just now starting to build its base, they don't have enough pull in the community yet to support these candidates all on their own.

Also among the RCA's numerous blunders, was their need to fill every seat on the council which ultimately led to them supporting sub-par candidates and therefore weaken the credibility of their entire slate. They should have just stuck to the one or two slam dunks they thought they had. Or even done as the Coalition did, and endorse the "best of" each race in which they didn't have a candidate (yes, I'm still naive enough to believe Laura has not yet signed a blood oath with Chuck) therefore strengthening their credibility. Because they did not, now their name is equated to negative, sloppy campaigning and losing.

I absolutely adore Mac (founder of the RCA) and I do believe most of his intension are pure. He loves Richardson and wants to see a better city. I admire that. I think we all do. However, I hope the RCA is a thing of the past as I surmise their name has been permanently tainted.

I could discuss the inevitable demise of the RCA all blog post long obviously (sorry I didn't get to this sooner btw...busy w/ family stuff), but alas, it is a new day. And with it, a new mayor for Richardson. 

It's no surprise that I think Amir would be the best choice for the job. He's young, energetic and has proven that he will take any role he's given and maximize its capabilities. I think he is the perfect face for Richardson, and would help counter the reputation we have of being a bunch of old and crusty white people.

But I am no dummy. This race is as easily predicted as the council seats were. People are going to play politics over doing what's best for the city. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is. Bobby T. is a safe bet for all of the new council people to go with. He is not polarizing and no pun intended, but is basically being (great, great, great) grandfathered in, if elected. He was next in line after all. 

Many of you know that I actually like Bobby T. quite a bit, but I have to say if my prediction comes true and he is our next mayor, Richardson has missed out. We will not be any worse off for it, but he's also not going to do much to help the city's rep....with his old, white, crusty crustiness.

As for Mark, he's a follower, plain and simple. I like him as a person but I have said that about him from day one. When he finally starts a sentence without the phrase "well, I'm gonna have to agree with..." I will consider reevaluating my opinion of him. However, I doubt I will have to do that anytime soon.

Also, rumor has it, Mark S. is who Gary's pushing for which only reiterates my above point. He is a puppet. By electing him to any position of authority over the council you are allowing the old guard to continue pulling the strings.

I would strongly encourage those with a vote to keep him as a council member (a position which he's already unworthy of). 

Like I said, nice guy but no leader- and certainly not a leader of leaders.

Richardson has a chance to really make stuff happen here, but not if these two guys are elected to higher office. The status quo will be kept and your trash will still get picked up twice a week. Which is all the residents really care about anyway, right?

It'll be interesting to see what happens tonight. Interesting but not shocking. I would looooooove to be a fly on the wall in that executive session.....

What about....


Who would you pick for mayor?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sorry things have been so quiet around here lately...

The great and mighty cottonwood has been wreaking havoc on my life, and Richardson politics are pretty much the last thing I care about when I feel like this...
Btw, Happy Friday the 13th!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Alan North is obviously a pimp.

Or a daddy or a boss or whatever it is you call a greasy, nasty guy who runs strip clubs...out of Kondos & Kondos offices. obviously.
Or maybe not, but this rare find was just too funny not to post...

Furthermore, I think Ch.5 should hire me to do their investigative reports from now on. I can be just as sensational as Grant Stinchfield (proof above), and now that he's no longer with them --since days after doing his T3 investigative report he left NBC 5 and moved on to helping the RCA with their commercials-- I think I'd make a great replacement. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hear ye, hear ye! The Great Tex Keffler is speaking....

{as always, click image to enlarge}

This has nothing to do with anything....

So I'm going to file it under 'comic relief.'

Things have gotten pretty heavy as of late. We all deserve a good laugh.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

BBQ(ueer) for Amir...

Out at Glenville Park today, Amir held his fourth and final "BBQ in the Park." Considering the ridiculous weather, it was nice to see that so many people could make it.
And by "nice" I obviously mean it sucked, seeing as I was hoping to get a whole smoker of meat to myself, but whattayagonnado...
Pork was ever there, er, I mean Herc was even there.
Just in case they ran out of beef I guess???

All in all, it was a great way to spend a ridiculously freezing "well that's just Texas in May for ya" kind of day with the family!

I, personally, like to wait until the very last minute to vote, just so that all of my candidates have every chance possible to disappoint me.