Saturday, May 7, 2011

Alan North is obviously a pimp.

Or a daddy or a boss or whatever it is you call a greasy, nasty guy who runs strip clubs...out of Kondos & Kondos offices. obviously.
Or maybe not, but this rare find was just too funny not to post...

Furthermore, I think Ch.5 should hire me to do their investigative reports from now on. I can be just as sensational as Grant Stinchfield (proof above), and now that he's no longer with them --since days after doing his T3 investigative report he left NBC 5 and moved on to helping the RCA with their commercials-- I think I'd make a great replacement. :)


  1. This city is just getting more Garland by the minute. I'm so proud!

  2. From: "Alan North"
    To: "Cheri Duncan-Hubert"
    Sent: Saturday, May 7, 2011 3:52:17 PM GMT -06:00 US/Canada Central
    Subject: Re: look at Destiny's blog

    Lol I love Destiny!

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  3. If those are the words from the real Allen North, Then it would be the first words I have heard of his. And I agree.

  4. It's pretty common for reporters to do voice overs and/or pr after they aren't under contract anymore. So, I don't really have an issue with a former reporter voicing the RCA videos. Sounds like he was just in the right place at the right time to get a freelance gig.

  5. Talk about "SPIN"! Right place right time, really? Stinchfield is a Magnolia Group guy. You know, the same consultant RCA uses. He does his "investigative report", quits hours after it airs, produces an RCA ad that includes the same footage days later, and this was "right place right time"? It is clearly Quid Pro Quo. Wondering if DC, the defender of ethics will investigate this?

    Speaking of RCA videos, seems like at least 3 have been taken down "mysteriously". DC, any chance you wish to investigate? Perhaps you don't consider copyright violations an ethical boundary worthy of coverage.

  6. What's wrong with him leaving to work for Magnolia or anywhere else? What's wrong with hiring a political consultant?

    As I said, most of the reporters who leave networks, stations, or publications do PR gigs and consulting, even political. Examples: Eric Celeste, Jeff Crilley, Brad Hawkins, Tracey Rowlett, and it sounds like Grant Stinchfield... Seriously, you want to claim that the RC wouldn't have done the same thing? Get real. Not everything has to be an attack.

  7. @ Anonymous 12:52. I will give it that same due diligence you give Keffler's letter in which he takes sides in an election, the city’s email campaign and involvement in the bond election, Bob Townsend’s statement that city expense have gone down overall, Mark Solomon’s statement that the Eisemann Center is profitable, Keffler’s statement that total city debt is $316 million versus what the CAFR and TBRB states as $613 million, and the various other misstatements and misrepresentations.

    Do we have a deal?

  8. I'm not getting what the issue is about Magnolia, this reporter, or why this is such a big deal.

    Any of the candidates could hire a consultant, voice over, former journalist, etc. And, just looking at this from the straight "old school" pr side, Amir is featured in the video (vis-a-vis "no such thing as bad press.") What's the problem? Either he said what he said or he didn't. This isn't Roe v. Wade.

    I'm kind of tired of the "murmur" campaigns. If you think a video violated copyright, then identify the alleged infraction, and stop all this cloak and dagger crap. Both sides do this, and no one knows what the hell you are talking about. Or, if you have a beef, just say it. Sheesh, why all the drama 24/7?

    It seems like a guy like Amir, with a lot of donors from out of state, and mostly proud Muslim-Americans, could have hired his own consultants to promote what he values (given the fact that some people feel like he's "being picked on.") I don't know IF he is, but it seems like he has a broad base, and is capable of defending himself. Right?

    And, the other people running could have, too. Not to mention, they could have all done some more fundraising. I can think of at least 2 other political consulting firms. I'm guessing they would love to have more clients. I'm sure they would love the business. Those firms employ, I would guess, maybe a few thousand people (it pays for food, mortgages, utilities, etc.) To try to paint this as something sinister while the city has a PR firm of it's own seems kinda silly.

    I don't know this guy who was on channel 5, but I do know other people from other stations. A lot of people are out of work right now (in the media), even in a big place that we take for granted (Dallas).

    I know the RC likes to claim that anyone who disagrees with them is crazy...but there is all kinds of crazy up in the idea that no one can disagree.

  9. First of all, no one's making this into a federal case- I was simply pointing out that even if this guy did just happen to pick up the RCA gig while he was out filming the Tree the Town "investigation," he still had some motive to sway the story in one direction during the editing process. Perhaps that's why when he made a statement to Amir, then acted as though it was a question, he left in the clip of a confused Amir Omar in an attempt to make him look stupid/confused/busted.

    Just kinda fishy. That's all I was saying.

  10. And you want his former job, right Destiny! lol

  11. Part 1-Okay, again...I'm not trying to be difficult, but a reporter doesn't have the power to "sway" a story in a newsroom. It's a common misconception, but I can maybe give insight as to how the news "works." The reporters have producers and editors, and there's a whole process as story has to go through before it makes it to air. I know more about TV than publishing, so I'll try to explain as best I can.

    Most news stories (tv) start with an assignment editor at the news desk. From there, a reporter is assigned, and that is logged for a broadcast. Most stations have producers for morning, afternoon, and evening newscasts. If you email a reporter directly, it still has to go through the assignment editor and producers. Stories do need an "angle." That's how the news business is. It's possible a low-level reporter would edit his/her own stories, but for the most part there is a whole other group of photographers and editors who film and put a piece together.

    I'm not seeing how someone was able to get a reporter, assignment editor, producer, photographer (videographer), and line editor hell bent on smearing Amir in some mass media conspiracy at NBC 5 (in the case of the "tree the town" story you mentioned above.) But, that's just me. And, I don't mean to be hateful to this Grant guy, but I'm also not seeing that he had some kind of mojo on the NBC 5 newsroom to get a bunch of grumpy old news dogs to help him...I mean the guy wasn't exactly Edward R. Murrow. It’s possible that the whole tree thing it was a not-so-great idea to begin with, and I’ll talk about that later.

    I don't know this reporter, but a lot of people at 11 and 5 were in situations this year in particular (after March sweeps)where their contracts were NOT being renewed. I'll bet Grant was in that position, and I don't see one of his last acts as an employed reporter in some kind of conspiracy against Amir. Dallas is a "Top 10" region in media, and it's easy to forget how really good the local news HAS to be in order for a reporter to stay employed.

    Destiny, when you called me about the videos and ads last week, it was the first time that I had heard about it. I went online, googled around, and found them. Honestly, I didn't see what you see, but as I told you in my initial opinion, it seems like maybe "you" aren't the target person for those ads. I would for sure say that now after seeing them.

  12. Part 2-I think it's not fair to jump immediately to the assumption that this reporter (or any) has some kind of motive. Although it may seem that way to you, every single person I know at the DMN and various stations is AWLWAYS being accused of having some bias, and it's just not the case. In truth, they are just writing up a story. Maybe the "facts" seem one way to them because the person that gave the tip had documentation, witnesses lined up, etc. I've also known a few reporters (actually two former female anchors in Dallas) who now have agents and ONLY do jobs as on camera spokespeople, or emcee events (we have hired them before for jobs.) The reason we hired them was that the CLIENT wanted a commercial or event to have an "sense of credibility" based on WHO that person is.

    Look, I get emails from people all the time who read something I wrote...according to them: I hate Christians, I hate gays, I hate children, puppies, and my family. Seriously, it's exhausting and annoying.

    And, the stations (just like print mediums) are very competitive with each other and WITHIN a newsroom. I know lots of people who left good, really good media jobs because they just got sick of the grind, and always having to have the next big story. It's very hard. Some of them, and I'm thinking of one person I know in particular told me, "I can just have more impact on the world if I do PR." Even people who have a steady gig have to constantly wonder when that will end, if a contract will be renewed, if they will be pushed out… Surely you do recognize that, right?

    Amir has the ability to contact the stations, too. Hire his own consultants. Produce his own videos. In fact, just from a political standpoint, it would probably be BETTER for him to do that at this point then having you trash this Grant guy. I've never spoken to Amir, but it seems like he's really sharp. I'm sure he appreciates your friendship and trying to make a point, but especially if he has higher aspirations politically, in my experience that's what he SHOULD do for himself.

    Remember waaaaaay back, when the whole Tree the Town thing started, and you and I talked, and you said something like, "Well THEY won't be able to attack Amir because everyone likes trees." Do you remember my response? I told you that Tree the Town was going to come back, "bite him in the ass." I saw the potential pitfalls in doing the tree initiative. Within days of the buzz about the trees, I KNEW there were going to be problems...and not “Amir” problems. I saw functional issues with the concept given what was going on in the area at the time. TxDot, just months before was pulling out hundreds of thousands of bushes, shrubs, and plants along the 75 corridor south of 635 because without $100K of water A MONTH (and WHO was going to pay for that), those plants weren’t going to survive the drought that at that point was about 5 years in duration. Surely Amir did that research, right? And, if he had a consultant…there would have been an actual plan for how to see that his trees were controversy free, taken care of, and wouldn’t bite him in the ass. Seriously…after all this time, there’s no plan in place for the trees. So maybe an investigation (notice I didn’t use quotes) was warranted.

    At some point, the mud slinging has to stop...everyone gets dirty.

  13. @anonymous 1:05. You seem to have hit the nail on the head. Even though you are "anonymous", you points are very good and on target.

  14. A.(nonymous),

    Thanks for the thoughtful response. It certainly does shed light on the process and I appreciate that. However, it doesn't have me entirely convinced. The one moment that stuck out (I think to everyone) in that T3 report was when Grant Stinchfield made a statement, rather than asking a question, and when Amir didn't immediately answer (because it was not a question) it caused him to look guilty of something. It was tricky, and 100% something the reporter did. Perhaps he knew sensational stuff like that had a better shot of making the final cut, I dunno. Either way, it then got upgraded from tricky to fishy IMO once he was immediately hired on by the RCA in the days following.

    I hardly consider the act of me pointing out this convenient coincidence, mud slinging. I have an issue with the way a PAC is conducting itself. And yes, it is a bit personal, because I was expecting this PAC in particular to be a bit more ethical. They are supposed to be the opposite of the Richardson Coalition. Instead, they are using any footage they can get (some of which is copyrighted, and they have been asked to take down both by youtube and NBC5) to embarrass people- not to point out actual concerns- which is what *I* consider mud slinging.

    Bottom line, I am not defending Amir as much as I am calling out the RCA because I expect more from them (most of their single candidate attacks just happen to be aimed at pl.7). I hold them to a different, higher standard, and unfortunately they've fallen short of that.

  15. "Most of their single candidate attacks" No, they are aimed at Place 1 and Place 2 as well as Place 7.

    There have been many comments about the financial shape of COR and how Townsend and Solomon are either ignorant, misrepresenting, or don't care about the "facts". I don't agree that the concentration of "attacks" is Place 7.

    Now about the voice-over talent on the RCA videos. Who cares? Voice talent folks are "hired guns". Whether someone got a paycheck for the video either before or after the Channel 5 Tree the Town report, what does it matter?

    Did COR / Amir plan for funding upkeep on the trees? Yes or no. That's the only thing that matters about that, and, in my opinion, it doesn't matter a whole heck of a lot. There are bigger issues at play in the City that need to be addressed.

  16. Speaking of Omar, anyone received his recent mailer? I am neither for or against Omar personally, but how can he make the untrue statements that he makes:

    *He (personally) delivered balanced budget "without raising taxes"? Last time, I checked the tax rate went up 6 cents.

    *"Be a strong conservative voice for taxpayers". Huh? Hasn't Omar continued to advocate for big budget items, including Tree the Town? What kind of spending proposals has he voted against?

    *His "taxpayers protection plan" - limit govenment spending, pay down debt, and oppose tax increases. This is just ridulous; he has done none of this.

    *And, don't forget about that Senior Tax freeze he promised. Whatever happened to that? Didn't see that mentioned in the mailer.

    Seems like in Omar's world, if he calls himself a "fiscal conservative" enough times, then, I guess he is one. However, this is not the case Omar knows this term appeals to the electorate, but, in reality, he is a "tax and spend" liberal. Just look at his record.

    Omar, his high priced consultants, and all his out of state/region money people should be congratulated on putting out a mailer that is so out of touch with reality.

  17. Ah, but Omar's mailer looks great, doesn't it?

    In that same regard, Diana and Laura's mailers (rec'd this weekend) both are well done.

  18. I have to agree that all of the mailers that I have received look good, except Mark Solomon's. Not sure why he makes "green" his color of choice - it's everywhere. Maybe, it's shown how much of an "environmentalist" he is!

  19. D.(ouche)...KIDDING!!!

    I've been as open and honest with you as I can about the reality of dealing with the news, and I know you are, like everyone else wrapping your brain around the issues of this election. Yeah, you brought up some really good questions...but I think instead of speculating, why don't you just CALL this Grant guy and ask him? And, do it straight. He'll either comment or not, and that in and of itself is "news," and report the results of your efforts to your readers. Call the producers at NBC 5. Amir should have already acted on this, but until he is a paying client, I'm not going to weigh in on what he could/should do. (That's a joke, fyi, I don't do political stuff anymore.)

    Report on it. But, seriously...don't put up a joke and then make it look like a collegue is a dirtbag UNLESS you know it to be true. Are their bad actors in the media? Sure. I just think you need to talk to Grant before you kick him in the balls.

    I don't know ANYONE at Magnolia, but I do know executives at other consulting firms that do political stuff. I've also been involved in TV production for 17+ years. I don't consider myself a journalist, but I do know a lot of "media types." I mean, really...Destiny you know how I feel about you personally, and I consider us to be FRIENDS. Why hold the RCA to a "higher standard" and then not apply what you are demanding from THEM on your blog. A lot of people read it... I'm not asking you to go all "48 Hours" on all of Richardson, but I do think you should have a real sense of what is "fair." We've discussed this numerous times, and I know you've been resistant to my position that maybe your opinion is affected by how you feel about Amir. Maybe my opinion is influenced by how much I like (okay LOVE) you. I don't think I'm holding you to a "higher" standard...but I never thought that the content of this blog was of the "hater" variety I see in the other Richardson blogs.

    Not to mention the fact that you have the power, position, and ability to REPORT something, and that could really be an asset for you "professionaly" (in whatever you choose to pursue as it relates to your writing.) Your instincts are good, and I TOTALLY respect the fact that you and I don't have to hold hands and skip down Belt Line to have that kind of understanding. I'm just challenging you as another collegue to take your natural gift of gab, snark, and talent to a place that fills a need in a community. You might just find something there that is really of value to the neigbors (the ones that Go! and not)...

  20. Haha, "D.(ouche)" --I like it!

  21. All of this under the heading "Alan North is a pimp"!!!

    As anyone thought that all these arguments over petty issues is like watching a 12-13 year girl begin the journey to becoming a woman???

    Too many hormones in the city water!!!!!

  22. What can I say, I really miss high school.

    Since I can't go back, next best thing to do was start a blog.

    I'll be smoking in the boy's room if anyone needs me...

  23. Destiny. Shake them haters off.
    You have been plenty fair to both sides.

  24. What's extremely important when appropriating someone else's idea and making it your own? Making sure you also appropriate their due diligence/costing on that idea. Doesn't look like that happened on the Tree the Town.

  25. @anon 3:38pm, what haters are you referring to?

  26. All y'all haters need to drink some Haterade.
    The RCA is gonna get swept because they just offered more of the same.

  27. If you say so anon 12:40.

  28. Are you saying that a political action committee should be held "to a different, higher standard" than our elected representatives? You're not really saying that, are you?

    Speaking of PACs, you should have called out the Realtors PAC for being in the back pocket of the Coalition. That's just not right. This is a group of people that single-handedly have destroyed Richardson's neighborhoods... which is what the Realtors PAC should really care about.

  29. Anon 2:51....

    That's funny!


  30. Pretty harsh on CDH. Unfairly harsh. She gets what is going on with the finances. Some of you may not like what she is saying, but she is correct. I think the fact that she is correct is what bugs most of the people who say everything is good and perfect in this little, sleepy Stepford type town.

    If she is wrong on the data, then tell us all where she is wrong. Can any one of you do that? Even one little item she is wrong on?
    My guess, you can't show where she is wrong, so that leaves some of you with the ability to only "personal attacks". She has offered many time to sit down over a cup of coffee and explain what she has. How many have taken her up on that offer? Have you MMT?

    So, let's hear it. Where is she wrong in fact and substance?

  31. I find it incredible that NOT one of the people who have called the RCA a bunch of liars, has had the guts to point out the incoreect statements. I guess they don't have to because they won the election, and ethics do not matter.
    steger outed himself as unethical in his blogging, and even he has not pointed out any inaccuracies. It is so easy to state that someone is a liar, but obviously not easy to prove his or her point.


  33. Anon 2:51....

    That's funny!


    what CDH really was saying in her reply was mememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememem!!!!!