Saturday, May 14, 2011

Early Voting Results



    Page 12, 13 and 14 show Richardson City Council. Currently 7 of 30 precincts reporting.

    Alan North has 164 votes. :-)

  2. The election in a word...... disappointing.

  3. I tallied up the votes in each seat and was amused.... Dunn only received 80% of the total vote. 20% skipped him over.

    Steve received 83%.

    Is there a message there?

    Disclaimer: I didn't vote for Dunn or Mitchell.

  4. @ Andy, I think the more important message is that the people of Richardson are not interested in the negative attitudes and tactics of the RCA. Get the message?

  5. I have no idea what the people of Richardson are interested in. Have you polled them? I sure haven't. I am too busy making a living for my family and paying my mortgage and taxes that increase year over year.

  6. The only important message is that the Coalition ran a much, much better campaign. The Coalition candidates got out multiple direct mail pieces... the RCA didn't. The Coalition mailed out its normal Voters Guide... the RCA didn't. And the Coalition did a much more effective job of organizing its volunteers. That showed up in more Coalition yard signs out there.

    In a nutshell, the Coalition (again) just ran a much more organized campaign.

    The RCA had the issues and had halfway decent candidates. But the RCA campaign was a disjointed, disorganized mess.

    Oh, and there's that tiny little matter of the Coalition cheating. The letter by Keffler was definitely unethical, and quite possibly illegal. Keffler got his people re-elected, but ironically might have sabotaged his job by stepping so far over the line. It wouldn't surprise me to see a legal challenge to the election results because of Keffler's actions.

  7. The weird thing was the low voter turnout. The RCA pointed out some powerful issues, but the public just seemed to yawn and go back to sleep. Richardson will get the representation it deserves.

  8. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMay 15, 2011 at 2:15 AM

    Tonight at a victory party all I heard from citizens was "Who was behind those commercials about our city!!". Anyone that thought those were a good idea just doesn't understand Richardson. Sure it is not perfect but the attitude tonight was “No one better talk about MY TOWN like that”. . .kind of like someone talking about your Mother!! Never a good idea. So now what was learned in 2011. . .no negative commercials for one thing. Hopefully the RC and RCA will be a thing of the past!! The RCA and DC didn’t do it's candidates any favors. Like I told DC. . .keep those negative blogs about Bobby T. coming. . .one more and he would have probably have won by 90%. Negative people attract negative people but thank goodness they are not in the majority in Richardson.!! No excuses this time. . the RCA had the money. . . they had the commercials . . .they had the voter's guides. . they had the endorsements from other RCA buddies . . .but they did not understand the heart and soul of Richardson!! And after reading certain blogs over the last few weeks. . . not sure some of these people will ever “get it”. I read some people(RCA supporters)are ready to move. . .I honestly think they would be happier in Carrolton or even Garland!! Not sure what these numbers are telling us but never expected such a sweep!! Richardson spoke!!

  9. Strangely quiet in the blogoshpere this morning - especially over at DC-TM!

    The citizens of Richardson HAVE spoken, and let's hope that everyone will move forward from here, rather than file new lawsuits that will only cost the city (and us) money.

    I personally had no affiliation going into this election, and initially liked the ideas set forth by some of the RCA candidates. But in the end, I simply could not get past the negativity spouting from the RCA. I think most citizens of Richardson who have contact with our city government find the city to be well organized and the city leaders competent. They enjoy having an Eisemann Center in their city. They have played the golf course and find it to be in great condition for a muni. They see programs like the Home Improvement Program working. They are proud of things such as Wildflower and new developments like Eastside (and yes, even Tree the Town). They are excited to see the city continue to evolve into a major urban area with an urban center, transit stations, and a thriving 4 year university within its boundaries. In a nutshell, the negative messages spouted by the RCA simply do not square with what the electorate sees and beleives our city to be.

    That said, it is great in any election to have differing viewpoints. So I encourage the RCA candiates to come back next election, and give it a try again. In the meantime, work on your message and when you do come back, tell us how you are going to make our city better, as oppossed to what you think is wrong with it. Focus on the issues, and not on personal attacks. Same goes for the Coalition and any other groups that might pop up in the interim.

    So let's move on and work together to continue to improve Richardson. If you can't, I hear Garland has a nice selection of housing available at the moment.

  10. This election is interesting, yet disappointing. What is very curious is the "issues" are more defined by a standard of 'agree with me' or you are negative. That sounds like a personal attack over an issue disagreement. Or urban is better for us. The golf course is fine. We like the Eisemann Center. What comes to mind is the question: Compared to what?

    So move on and work together to make Richardson better.....compared to what? You think Garland leaders are not working to make Garland better? Or how about Dallas? Or Mesquite? Or Frisco? Who is not working hard for their community? I say you cannot answer the question. You measure Garland based on a belief they have not done a good job. I am sure there are a bunch of people defending their community just like you are.

    Our entire economy is based on winning the money/cashflow game. Why do you think Richardson is any different?

    Do you think 'urban' will make Richardson better? Show me how it does and what you believe it adds to the values here. Then we will all be on the same page.

    As far as the 'move if you do not like it' mentality, there are many who have done just that. Owning property here does not meet the financial and lifestyle expectation, they move. So if you want someone to understand you, then do tell what you base your conclusions on? Do you like being led by someone else's dream? Because that is what you just got for two more years.

  11. The people have spoken (and most of what the people said was "I don't care enough to go to the polls and cast a ballot one way or another").

    The prior 2 posters (MMT and Anon) both include "if you don't like it, move to Garland" comments. Wow. That's harsh. There are those who proudly live in Richardson, who wish to make Richardson even stronger, who believe that changes are needed.

    Those of us who feel that way really don't appreciate the "Richardson, love it or leave it" wishes from some.

    Having said that, here's my $0.02 on the election:

    The RCA did not have a chance because their candidates were chained to each other. One negative from one candidate ("He sued the City!!!") impacted all of them. The commercials and the damn voice mails were so negative that they had me questioning whether their campaign was being run by a Jr High student.

    Calling people "liars" is never a good tactic. It might feel good as someone is saying it, but a candidate who has to resort to that comes across as desperate. (And, yes, that includes Bill Keffler calling the RCA candidates liars in his scarlet letter).

    "You can't fight City Hall" - true in this campaign. The Keffler letter, the Richardson Today "Slagel" letters, Slagel's email "spending his own money" yet titled "Message from the Mayor" (or something like that)... I suggest that NOW is the time to introduce specific guidelines for City employees and elected officials to abide by in the future.

    Tough to fight the incumbents given all of that.

    Let the Coalition continue ... but if it's possible to locate well regarded, independent thinkers who have connections with the RC and RCA, those are the people who should be encouraged to start NOW. Show up at City Hall, be seen and contribute to meetings and hearings, show up at HOA meetings throughout the City, volunteer, and in doing all of that (a) decide if you WANT to work that hard and (b) make connections and (c) learn what YOU want to do to make Richardson a better place.

    And finally, if you accept PAC dollars from anyone, stay away from RC and RCA equally. Talk to both of them, ask for their support at the polls, but don't accept a dime.

    That, friends, is what might get some fresh voices on the Council.

    Next time, here are the positions to consider finding replacements:
    Bob Townsend
    Mark Solomon
    Scott Dunn
    Kendall Hartley

    I suggest not wasting energy trying to replace the others at the next cycle, unless, of course, one of the incumbents makes it necessary due to their actions (decisions while in office or deciding to not run again).

  12. @Anon at 12:58: RCA's campaign was a "disjointed, disorganized mess"??? RCA was quite organized and their message was coherent. They funded their candidates equally, tweeted for their candidates in unison, organized multiple phone bank volunteer nights, and released videos on TV, the RCA website, and Chenoweth's blog simultaneously. It was quite united, and as Will states above that was their downfall.
    A campaign funded by vengeance and hate won't work. It is a dishonorable and frankly stupid way to go about working for change, no matter if the RCA had legitimate complaints. The voters will always choose the more noble message and tone. (And before you respond to this last statement, think about how you are going to insult the electorate by saying they are ignorant - that will prove this post case in point.)

    Once again nails the election analysis in his morning post.

    Now how do we get past this? Maybe Laura’s claim to be the peacemaker and uniter will come true, and she can create the bridge across the great divide.

  13. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMay 15, 2011 at 5:25 PM

    Destiny, Sorry to have missed you last night. . . I must have been a party behind. . .hope to see you soon!!
    Will, I know there are those that love Richardson and want to make it a better place. . .their message was just a little “harsh” and obviously did not sit well with the voters. I never was the one to bring up Carrolton and Garland and the comparison to Richardson. After hearing it several times it’s like maybe that is where you would be happier. Lower and declining home values . . .of course make for lower taxes. . . most people I know do not want to live in a town with declining home values. DC does. Many citizens were horrified with the negative commercials of the RCA . . .this does not take a therapist to explain. . .or maybe it does. Its like telling a friend or a mate all the things that are better about someone else and wrong with you . . might just be with the wrong person(just like living in the wrong town)! Comparisons never seem to go over well. . .there are just too many variables. . .and not productive. I see DC is already saying how ignorant the electorate is. . .so of the Voters 75% are ignorant and 25% are brilliant or is it just arrogant. You remember when your Mother said “I do not want you with that group. . . ya’ll do not bring out the best in each other.” I know there are some good people in the RCA with some good ideas . . . they just bring out a negativity and anger in each other that Richardson will never never accept!! Maybe if some of the RCA candidates had asked their Mom (if she was available). . .she would have said “You are not allowed to hang around with that RCA gang anymore. . .your attitude is not acceptable when you are with them!! . . .Hanging with that group. . . nothing good is going to come out of it!!” Mom would have been right. . . nothing did!! mmt

  14. I must agree with Anon 11:38. Mark Steger did "nail the election analysis". And he did this by saying he took personal affront to the delivery of the messenger. Not the message. He also went on to say "in a normal election" he might have questioned the candidates on the issues. Please, tell me what does a normal election look like, folks? What his message says to me is something I have been curious about for a long time. Do voters in the city really understand how our local government works? I am really beginning to believe that most do not or they would spend more time talking the political topics than exercising some emotive response that makes no sense.

    Based on subsequent posts and the discussions all along the way, the answer is no. You are still shooting the messenger instead of listening to the message. If the messenger is negative based on your notions, that does not really mean he is negative. It means the perspective on the topic at hand is opposite and YOU do not want to hear it. You could care less if the message is correct or not. And I will really go out on a limb here and say you do not have all the information to make an educated response.

    Do you people not see that you are confusing people and issues? You may not like Mac, but that does not mean he or any of the opposing candidates are wrong on the issues brought to the table. It could mean YOU did not want to hear what they had to say. It could mean YOU did not know which one was right. It could mean YOU like the people involved and do not care if they did wrong. It could mean YOU like people who get away with stuff. I could keep going with possibilities.

    So to say, as Mr Steger did, that you voted for the opposition because you believed the RCA was over the top tells me you do not understand local government. You were not willing to listen to the issues brought up in the election, you were caught up in the political drama of misconceptions. You voted with your emotions because of personality like and dislikes.

    And MMT, take the value of your home at the time you purchased it, then multiply by 3% each year to allow for inflation. I would think you might be surprised at the answer.

    And I don't know what YOUR group is to know whether my Mom would have liked it or not. But I do know that my Mom said that more often when kids were doing things she did not approve of. But today I am old enough to be my own person, think for myself, learn what I want to learn and walk my own truths. My point is you are still making it about people you do not know. Notice I said people and not issues.

    Rates of return and performance are always measurable. That is if you know where to look and how to calculate them. Comparisons are important to measure your progress. That is the purpose of a financial statement. If you know how to read one. And if you do, let's compare notes item by item. I might learn something new. And I always like that.

    So before you jump on the "the public has spoken" bandwagon, ask one very important question. Did the majority of the voters vote based on what they know OR what someone told them about someone else just being negative OR what someone told them to do because they like that person they were speaking to AND did others not vote at all because they have no idea what the issues are and clueless of the people on the ballot? It is always interesting to me election time rolls around and suddenly candidates are going door to door asking for a vote and people just innocently give it to them. Have you ever wondered what would happen if they came to the door and wanted your wallet, would you just give it to them? Of course not! So why do people treat their vote as any less valuable? I don't get it.


    Oh and before your mind starts racing that I have insulted you in some way, let it go. I have no idea what you know or do not know. I only have a good grasp on what I know!

  15. The people of Richardson have bought into the lie that everything is OK, and then there are more lies that if someone brings up an issue that needs to be improved they are only being "negative."

    Gee, if I have cancer... I'd kinda like the doctor to tell me. Is he or she being "negative?" Or just telling me the truth? Do I hate the doctor because he has told me news that I don't want to hear?

    I'm ashamed of Richardson voters for staying home yesterday. And I'm ashamed of Richardson voters for not becoming better informed.

  16. I don't buy the "RCA was negative" line. Don't buy it. The Coalition candidates just ran far superior campaigns. Robo-calls and commercials that no one sees don't do the trick.

    I got three direct mail pieces from Solomon... one from Townsend... the letter from Slagel... the RCA Voters Guide... an exquisite mailer from Maczka... two from Amir... two from Hartley. That's 11.

    RCA: one from Stewart. Nothing else. That's 11-to-1 in direct mail for the Coalition.

    I got two invitations to neighborhood coffees for Coalition candidates. One for RCA candidates.

    I asked an RCA candidate for a sign and no one returned my call for three weeks. I asked Laura Maczka for a sign and it was in my yard within 5 hours. Bang.

    The RCA started to make some headway last year with their public meetings... then the whole thing just fizzled out.

    The Coalition has a campaign machine that turns out its vote. By contrast, the RCA campaign was poorly conceived, poorly organized and poorly executed.

  17. @Anonymouse at 9:45 - Using the cancer analogy, basically what it boils down to is bedside manner. When delivering the news about cancer, bedside manner dicatates that the doctor be empathetic, tries to put the patient at ease, presents the patient with a plan of treatment ( ) If, instead, the physician screams that the patient's pediatrician was a LIAR because there was not diagnosis of cancer, that the patient's brother was STUPID because he and his brother weren't aware of a history of cancer in the family and if the doctor belittled the hospital staff of nurses and technicians instead of focusing on the patient? Well, maybe you get the idea. If the folks at the RCA are ever to get their points across, if they liken themselves to a physician delivering an unwanted diagnosis, their bedside manner must improve if they are to be respected and trusted by the voters.

  18. It is not about trust. Wait a minute, yes it is. So you trust a person or group because they are nice to you even though they are ripping off the rest of the community? Wow.

  19. See, here ya go. This is a great example of lack of bedside manner. Here's how your response might have been better:
    While I still maintain that fiduciary responsibility needs to be improved so that our city can move into the future from a position of strength, I'll ponder what you have shared. I'll ask myself if there might be a way that the message could have been presented in a way that would have been more positive. While we clearly don't agree, I appreciate the tip. There's a lot for all of us to reflect on at this point. It's good to know that we're all doing just that.

    A response like that would lead me to believe that although we disagree, you're willing to at least consider that I might have a point to make and that you understand that my comment was offered in the spirit of constructive criticism.
    oh well.

  20. Jessica fletcherMay 16, 2011 at 8:06 AM

    CDH- you got it right on Steger. While his blog can be amusing, I found his assessment of the recent election a bit troubling. I was shocked that he actually admitted that he gave a "pass" to some of the gross misteps/comments of RC candidates like Townsend, Solomon, Dunn, etc. because the RCA was so "over the top". Like a PAC, a blog (or blogger) doesn't profess to be objective; they can espouse whatever "truth" they wish. I think that I just expected better from Steger.

    As far as the RCA goes, their campaign was a total trainwreck. Their problem wasn't so much their message as it was their strategy/organizational skills. One would have thought that they would have paid better attention to Chuck and the RC who, once again, executed a flawless election strategy. They made the RCA look like junior high school kids. Case in point - the RC "voter's guide" vs. the RCA "voter's guide". The RC one was slick and professional; the RCA one looked like someone had printed it at Kinko's.

    Honestly, I still believe that we have a vocal divide in this city - equal in number - between the RC and RCA. Simply put, the RC was more strategic in their ground game, ran qualified (or said another way, less controversial and more mainstream) candidates, and had a positive message.

    Richardson needs a different voice than the one offerred by the the RC. I hope that RCA learns from their mistakes and continues their attempt to get their message out.

  21. There are others with concerns over the issues more so than just RC and the RCA. Look at NPAR. The list is growing with who is paying attention and who is still in the growing stage of learning. And there is a growing number of people who are with the HOA's and NNA's who have changed their perspectives after seeing the truth. So with that and even though the RCA shot themselves in the foot a couple of times, the range of the message is getting wider.

    And Allison, you will figure it out. If you stay in the loop and keep listening to the message instead of the messenger you will get it. Reminds me of Don Rickles when I was growing up. He insulted everybody and made millions telling the truth. lol

  22. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMay 16, 2011 at 8:57 AM

    Allison, They just do not get it and for the next two years they will be saying the same thing over and over and can't believe they did not win one seat! I have asked how many elections it would take to see something is wrong in their approach to getting elected. . .but no, they say it is the citizens who are ignorant and that they are the smart ones. Why would we want someone in office who keeps doing what does not work. No,Dennis did after the election two years ago and I was floored by the numbers in Place 5(he tried to distance himself-but he should have cut ties). I doubt the RCA keeps it's name for election 2013. But if it is the same faces just a name change then it will not work.

    DC's blog. . . is the best tool a candidate can have. . . the meaner the blog the more votes a candidate gets. . .that is what makes me very proud of Richardson!! I could have done without the Eisemann flyer. . . hope he donates that money he spent on the flyer to his favorite charity next time. I was glad that Richardson voted class instead of trash!! (as in trashing our candidates and our town) It will never work in Richardson, thank goodness!! I know what I am going to hear now . . .mmt

    A side note of how Classy a RCA helper was at the polls. Bill Denten trying to give my 24 yr old daughter a William Gordon flyer. . . she smiled sweetly and said "No thanks". . .he started walking closer and I said "Bill, Bob Townsend is her Grandfather". . .Bill said still pushing flyer at her "You might need to take a second look!" The RCA thinks Bill is great(enough to put him in their commercials)Not cool Bill(anonymous). . .and still doesn't get it!! Saying the same things for how many elections???? Time for all to move on and for candidates in 2013. . .just hope you have a RCA opponent. . . history is on your side!!

  23. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMay 16, 2011 at 9:06 AM

    The RCA would do good to listen to Jessica, but they do not see anything wrong with their candidates, approach, or campaign!! I was sad about the divide until the numbers came in. . . the "unhappy" are loud(with their help from McDowell) but not so big in numbers!!

  24. MMT, I so truly wish there was a way to get you out of this 'either/or' pattern. There is nothing wrong with the people AND there is nothing right with people. That is where you and I will forever disagree. There is an approach issue. There is a values issue. There is a technique issue. In my world intention always technique. When you can get to the intention of each person in the game and you will have a cluster of variances. And that is where truth lives.


  25. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMay 16, 2011 at 12:44 PM

    Cheri, I hope you know that I want people on the council with different views. . .my vote in 2007 2009 and 2011 would reflect just that. But until the RCA comes up with a new approach to get their candidates elected then I wasted my vote!! In the last 2 years it is very frustrating to see good people with good ideas get associated with people who are a sabotage to these candidate's campaigns. And to say Richardson is ignorant is just ignorant . . before or after a campaign. By the blogs, these people with these great insights(and their advisors) have no idea why most barely got 30%!!! How can they fix something when even after losing so badly they think they opened people's eyes. . .it is not only frustating. . . it's starting to seem hopeless to ever have a close race in Richardson for awhile!! But I will support the new council and with 3 new councilmen/woman and the four experienced councilmen. . . we have a new chemistry and look forward to the next 2 years!!mmt

  26. MMT your posts are pretty condescending. People voted for whomever they thought would represent their interests the best. I could care less about PACs and who they endorse. The same could be said of the firemen association, teachers association, police association, underwater basket weavers association, etc.

    Unless someone goes and does a poll of voters they won't know why people voted the way they did. And polling the people you know is somewhat biased.... most people who appreciate the same things associate with one another. You may say everyone you know voted for so and so, but everyone I know voted the way I did.

    In any case, I sincerely hope the council does a good job. If they don't, we all suffer. At some point if people become dissatisfied enough, they will move. This is no different than all of the people who have relocated to Texas to get jobs or pay less taxes.

  27. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMay 16, 2011 at 3:52 PM

    Sorry you take it as condescending . . I must not explain myself well. Many of the RCA supporters(beside you) said just what I did as far as coming in a clump. . .Will said it was their downfall. Yes, if they get dissatisfied enough they will move and like my realtor said today. . . we need more houses to sell. . .she has more peopole wanting to get in Richardson then moving out of Richardson!! It keeps our home values up too!!

  28. MMt, you are an add-on communicator. Now I get it!!! Whew! You are not being condescending, but you appear to be limited in what you are open to hearing and communicating on. That's ok. If it is important we can have a conversation when you are open to having an authentic one. We might surprise each other.


  29. CDH. U ROCK!!!

    MMT. Not so much. ;-(

  30. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMay 16, 2011 at 5:28 PM

    Cheri, My son, who is an attorney says I am every defense lawyer's dream because I am so open-minded and always try and understand anybody and everybody. And I am told I give people another chance and then another chance and then more after that,so haven't been told before that I am closed minded.

    I was so disappointed in Dennis in 2009 but thought he ran a great campaign in 2011(I guess many didn't give him that second chance ). Then DC thought I would be mad at him for saying Bob was a liar about the abatement, on April 5 there was no abatement planned. On May 2 it was voted on. He said exactly that. . .Fossil did not need to hear that they were considering a abatement when it was not discussed yet. So that was not a lie. And like I told DC. . . the more he talked about Bob lying . .the more votes were going to be cast for him. The meaner it got from RCA supporters the higher the % went up for Bob. . another week and he could have won by 90%. Too many people in Richardson(from City to district to neighborhoods) know Bob and DC's blog lost all credibility as time went on. Just like the commercials, what was the deal on how bad the golf course is then rated #1 in state in Sunday's paper. It just got silly. . .at least to the voters!!
    One friend said "I think McDowell really thinks people are going to believe his "Empower Richardson" message". I don't think he would have spent over $50,000 for nothing! I know he believes it!! mmt

  31. There you go adding to what I said and swinging to the opposite of open. I never said, nor do I think you are closed minded. I just said if you wanted to have an open conversation we could have one. If it was important. I forgot to add 'on the issues'. :-)


  32. MMT , Was that "open minded" or "MT minded"?
    Townsend STATED there would be no abatement.
    A councilman should not be ignorant of such an important issue. Evidently, NONE of the incumbants were told.
    How can you honestly think it was not promised form the beginning?
    I understand: no one likes to think a loved one is a liar, but the video is there for all to see.

  33. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMay 16, 2011 at 7:45 PM

    Well, guess the people who counted didn't seem to think it was a lie. . .that is all that mattered!!

    Isn't it funny how 2 people can see a video totally different. I am not the only one who doesn't think BOB lied. . .how about 5492 out of 7706 voters!!

    Looking forward to next two years with our new elected officials and sure the RCA or Empower Richardson will be ready for 2013(3 in line for each place). . .and that will be a good thing!!

    Still hoping Laura will build a bridge for Richardson's divide, if anyone could she will!!


  35. mmt - using the election results as proof that good old Bob did not lie make you appear to be very stupid. What is does say about the people who voted for Bob, for those that knew about this mistatement, do not care that he lied. It is that simple.
    There is a saying, it is better to keep your mouth shut and those wonder if you are intelligent, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt about your intelligent.
    Thank you for removing all doubt about your intelligence.

  36. Ugh, Margaret you are SO embarrassing! I feel chawed every time I read one of your comments. I think it's time you step away from the computer.

  37. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMay 17, 2011 at 12:56 PM

    Anon,9:14am, the results tell me that your personal attacks didn't work!! People know that it was not a lie. Mark Steger is much better then I at explaining all of the RCA's gross misstatements! See his blog!!

    Anon,10:14, Were you not embarressed after all your big statements before the election. Maybe you need to step away and start that fund raising!! Better yet maybe you and your buds need to step away from your computer if you ever want to see a buddy of yours on the CITY COUNSIL!!

    Good Newson ANONS: heard that it is mostly TWO PEOPLE. . . they traced it to 1) his work computer and home and 2)the other to home computer(unemployed)!! Thank goodness there is not as many ANONS running around Richardson as we thought!! They are just a bit loud. And the election proved that!! I was told to stay off the blogs for awhile and let the ones who lost just talk to each other. Heard they would really be hateful now! From now on. . Anon just skip over my blogs and I will skip over yours. . . deal!! Deal!

  38. someone has their undiees in a wad and is feeling tweaked. ;-|

  39. mmt, good newson ANONS? Only two people are responsible for all the anon comment? Do tell.

  40. MMT AND Mark Steger....listen to the tune playing. And the words of the tune "They're still not getting IT!"

    I do not know who is being hurtful, but it is not me. Despite the arrows lodged my way! lol


  41. Actually Margaret 10:14 was the first time I ever commented on this blog so I'm not sure where you got that from. I'm actually embarrassed for your daughter to see your crazy antics on display for the entire world to see.

    Oh and should you be talking about people being unemployed??

  42. Why Can't We Be Friends?

  43. Margaret says - "Good Newson ANONS: heard that it is mostly TWO PEOPLE. . . they traced it to 1) his work computer and home and 2)the other to home computer(unemployed)!!"

    Clearly you are misinformed if you think there are only two anonymous commenters on this blog. This is just more B.S. on you part.

    How can you expect anyone to have any respect for you or your opinions when you are so clearly misinformed? You are way out there in your own special world with that comment.

  44. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMay 18, 2011 at 2:07 PM

    DC, "heard that it is MOSTLY TWO PEOPLE. . . they traced it to". When you leave out a word . . you are changing the meaning of the comment. (Have you not ever been traced??? Tell the truth!!) And mainly they were looking into the personal attacks. . .it was nice to know there were not as many "haters" as it looked.
    Last night showed the RCA video to my friend who works at the RPD and she just shook her head. Did anyone talk to the Chief she asked? She wanted to know the motivation behind the video. The women who said she thought the golf course was in bad shape and then Sunday it is rated #1 municipal golf course in Texas. That was good timing. . .or bad timing depending on who you believed.(On Saturday night a group of golfers who play at Sherrill Park do not remember the woman who seemed so familiar with the course).

    I am sorry if I offended anyone by "unemployed". . the word was used by the person I was referring to. . .I thought he was retired. . . he said "unemployed". And yes Anon. . .I have a very big job myself. 7 days a week. I am the caretaker for my parents 88 and 85 years old so they can stay at home, but when my job is over then they will be gone. Not looking forward to that. My brother came today to help. I read the blogs to them for a laugh. They understand since Dad was the Mayor of Lakeway and love following Bob on the City Council.My Mom has low BP. . . if we need to get it up we show her the liar comments. . .so Thanks DC for them.
    And yes Anon. both children are very proud of me for my antics. . .taking up for their Grandfather and Grandmother on one side and care of their Grandparents on the other. We are all very close and proud of each other. . but thanks for your concern Anon for my daughter and BD putting the WG flyer in her face!!
    Oh,and DC, I got alot of respect Saturday night at the victory parties!!! A lot of great people in Richardson and appreciate them for their support of our family!! mmt

    We need to move on. . . waiting for new subject. . .

  45. MMT - Here's a new subject. I hold a full time job and care for my 96 yr. old mother who has dementia, so I know exactly what you're dealing with. We have a caregiver 42 hours a week but that doesn't even allow for me to work full time and commute. My employer is very understanding and allows me to arrive late and leave early so my mother will never be alone. Nights and weekends we are on an extremely short leash and have virtually no social life but, boy, can we talk a good game of what was on TV last night! We will have been in this situation 3 full years as of June 1st and it is both an honor and blessing to be able to do this and, at the same time, it's frustrating and exhausting. So. Blessings on you and the love you show to your family. You are not alone. I wonder just how many people in our city are walking this path with the two of us. Might be worth starting a blog about, huh?

  46. Margaret, are you claiming I left a word out of your quote? If so, which word did I leave out when quoting you? My quote of what you said was exact.

    You are way off base with the tracker stuff. You might want to popoff an email to Destiny and ask her about the tracking on her website.

    Allison, you and MMT are doing the right thing with your parents even if it is very difficult. Hats off to you two for that.

  47. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMay 18, 2011 at 4:11 PM

    Sorry Destiny one last caregiver post:
    Allison Thanks for your kind words. I could tell by your posts you had a servant’s heart. I am told by friends I should have seminars for caretakers. (Just do not have time right now). I have had 3 years also to make things easier for parents, the Medical Personal we deal with so often and myself dealing with so much. I have made forms that the Doctors and Emergency workers love!! My daughter’s occupational therapy class uses my parents for their projects. They come and look at the house for ideas to accommodate the elderly. We built it in 2004 knowing this day would come. If you ever need any support or helpful hints as Destiny for my email!! xoxo

  48. Margaret McLarnon TownsendMay 18, 2011 at 6:16 PM

    Thanks David for the kind words. . .I really do appreciate it!! xoxo

  49. MMT and Allison - I have had done elder care for 8 yrs now. My mother until she passed in 2007 and now her brother who has AS. It is a tough road but I have some resources also. They are not easy to find, but they are out there.