Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Open Letter to the Richardson Coalition

Dear Mr. Eisemann,

Last week many Richardson citizens received an email from you, where you once again reminded us of a quote from the Richardson Coalition. After earlier use of that same quote in Mr. Omar's campaign, you got your panties in a wad, and "politely" requested that he no longer use the stale endorsements of past elections.

He ignored your request. Mainly because it was dumb.

In addition, your minions are now forwarding around that email to voters referencing the endorsement and reminding us all of your previous support for Amir Omar. Brilliant move, you guys. seriously. 

We find it disingenuous and insincere to imply that you never gave the Richardson Coalitions support, in spite of the coalition's strong endorsement of Mr. Omar in both 2009 and 2011.

Your behavior intentionally misleads citizens and is unacceptable.  

We now call you to stop misleading Richardson voters, because saying someone else is doing the exact. same. thing. you guys do every single election cycle makes us laugh....uncontrollably. Like in a 'milk shooting out our nose' sorta way. 

And so RC, I dedicate this song to you. Mostly because it's a really good song…but mainly because it's insane how hard you want to rule this city. 

Keep the laughs comin' please,
A Highly Amused Richardson Voter


  1. I respectfully request more Tears for Fears references in posts regarding Richardson politics.

    Except you can't use "Mad World," because that's just too easy.

  2. Funny how everyone in the Coalition wraps their arms around an idea they never supported from the beginning. They did everything they could to disparage the idea that Richardson citizens should be able to vote for their mayor. This made up coalition represents who??

  3. It seems the RC has removed the link to their editorial where they were trying to scare the public into believing it would be a bad thing for the people to elect the mayor themselves. Here is the link now buried in their website: