Saturday, April 27, 2013

And This Week's.....

...award for "@$$hole I Really Want To Hate But Can't" goes to...... Mr. Laura Maczkshsdga!
Just to clarify, while Tannery shared the original article,
Mike's the one who added the exact same quote a
guerrilla blog that's not actually a blog/fb page
just happened to use as well. Coincidence? 

So, back when I first started writing (very unpopular) opinion pieces for the Dallas Morning News, I would take a lot of heat. Turns out some people just super love abortion y'all, but whatever, I digress. So, while this one post in particular had gotten really CRAZY in the comments, thankfully I learned long ago you shouldn't jump in and defend yourself on internet forums. You basically lose all your credibility by stooping to the trolls level, and it rarely turns out well. It's really hard to stay out of it though, UNLESS someone comes to your defense (which is always super awesome.) Anyway, a few days after the post went up I noticed this person, "Johnny42839" -or something, defending the points I had made in the article. This dude got it. Like he really, really "got it" and was saying the very stuff I would've been saying had I given in and started arguing with the trolls like I so desperately wanted to. He was awesome, and redeemed my faith in humanity, and it wasn't until a few weeks later when I jumped on my home computer, and went to sign in to the DMN website, that lo and behold I discovered "Johnny23876297" was still logged in. 

So there ya have it, my husband was the original sweet, sneaky @$$hole that I'm sure lots of people really wanted to hate, but now I was loving more than ever for his internet chivalry. 

So I get it, Mike. Do what ya gotta do. You're a good, loyal guy. Even if your fb activity enrages me from time to time (read as: a lot of the time). 

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  1. I was just sitting here minding my own business, as I often do, and I decided to google ‘Maczkshsdga’ and to my surprise google has 2 entries pointing to your blog. Thanks for the miles of smiles.