Monday, April 29, 2013

I bet they both smell pretty McSteamy at this point....

Am I the only one who's super curious about the dynamic up front at city hall right now?

I mean, both Amir and Laura are out there, and you know from time to time there's got to be a lull in traffic, so......awkward..... I wonder if they're talking at all, or ooow, better yet, fighting! How crazy would that be to walk up as some poor, unsuspecting voter and suddenly they both spin around, fake, angry smiles on their faces and you can totally tell they were just all up in each others grills?

I mean, I doubt anything that exciting is happening but I can imagine, right?

And why stop there? I've watched enough Grey's Anatomy (I'm not proud of it, but it's true) that my imagination can go much, much further.

What if in a delirious daze only hours of sun exposure can bring on, Amir slowly begins to peel off his jacket beneath Laura's sultry glare. He drapes it over his chair and notices how this has given Ms. Maczkjsd a case of the vapors as she begins to bite her lip and fan herself feverishly with her Richardson Coalition voters guide. Before she knows it Amir is returning her gaze, and just as passionately he throws down his water bottle, the backsplash drenching his now clingy white shirt. He lunges towards Laura taking her up in his hands on leadershipy arms. Breathlessly, she exclaims, "Took you long enough Amir Omar!" to which he replies, "You did all of this just to get my attention, Councilwoman Macskdhfza?" As their lips move closer together in the moment all of Richardson has been so desperately longing for, suddenly a tire iron cracks into Amir's sunburned skull. A now hysterical Laura is left holding her lifeless opponent, dying in her arms, as she screams out, "NOOOOOO, MIKE MACZSDKA! Why?!? WHHHHHHHY?"

Or maybe they're just playing on their iPhones and totally ignoring each other. I really don't know.


  1. You're way too funny! ;0) Love it!

  2. The Drama-mine - continuing saga of Maczkshsdga -