Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kiss of Death

(Sad that this blog is from 4 years ago, yet still applies today. When will Richardson wake up?)

Ronald Reagan famously said that the world's biggest lie is: "I'm from the federal government and I'm here to help you."

But the biggest lie in Richardson is: "I'm from the Richardson Coalition and I have some information for you."

The Richardson Coalition is the scheming little band of moneyed people in our fair city that believe they should tell you how to vote and how to think. They believe that you're too stupid to make up your own mind or do your own research. So, they're constantly running around with little "polls" of dubious authenticity, websites and mailers. The Coalition - known in some circles simply as "Satan's Henchmen" - use innuendo and half truths to maintain power in Richardson.

The Coalition has two simple goals:
1. Maintain its grip on power at whatever cost.
2. In the process, inflict as much damage on the reputations of its enemies.

And doing the right thing for the City of Richardson? (Refer again to No. 1) Taking care of Richardson's neighborhoods? Fixing the streets and sidewalks? (Refer again to No. 1)

The puppet master is Chuck Eisemann, an investment banker who refers to his office as his "lair," as a spider's lair. His chief lieutenant is Gary Slagel, the former mayor famous for his ethical lapses who set up his software firm - rent free - in a city of Richardson facility. He'd probably still be there if the local T.V. stations hadn't blown the whistle. Did he repay the City of Richardson for that rent? No, he did not. But we digress.

Two years ago, Slagel publcily said that he would step down if he couldn't be mayor. Then he reneged on that pledge after the Coalition put together a "petition" of people begging Slagel to stay. We're not sure why Eisemann or the Coalition is so scared about letting power slip away. Could there be something in the books they don't want coming to light? What is it?

Now we've had two years of stellar (and HONEST) leadership from Steve Mitchell, who has focused on bringing our neighborhoods back from the brink of decay and decline. By all accounts, Steve has done a tremendous job in his first term and has been good for Richardson's image.

So, has the Coalition given Steve a big, hearty "thank you?" Not quite. Instead, the Coalition is slithering around trying to get Slagel back as mayor. Why? Refer to Coalition goal No. 1.

To accomplish this, the Coalition is backing a slate of candidates who have privately promised to vote for Slagel. Don't believe us? Ask 'em. Every single one of the Coalition's boys has evidently signed a blood oath to bring back the Ethically Challenged One to power.

But you can change this, my friend. YOU.

If you think that Steve Mitchell has done a great job as Mayor... if you've noticed that there haven't been any ethical scandals at City Hall the past two years... if you have noticed the revitalization of our neighborhoods and our retail spaces... you know what to do.

Anyone endorsed by the Coalition should be voted down. Spread the word. Email this blog to everyone that you know in Richardson.


  1. Different election cycle and same old problem. Maybe this election cycle will break the pattern with Amir winning the election.

  2. I'd expect Laura to be a lock...... unfortunately.