Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Laura's got Jesus on her side, y'all.....

Alright, so not sure if you've all heard the rumors, but I guess Laura's dad (who is one of the cutest, sweetest men ever) has been telling people, when he finds out they are Amir supporters, that "ya know he's a Muslim, right?" I think this is hilarious, and totally something my grandparents would do too, so I get it, but I figured it was just him. Oh no, turns out her whole camp is playing the Jesus card.....big time.

So I just got a call from my neighbor down the street asking if the "Laura people" had stopped by my house yet, because they just left hers. She told the young lady that she was still undecided, and the girl responds, "Well, I will be praying we get your vote."

I kid you not. Turns out.....

Update: So tonight Abrahm had to work late, or it was his mistress's birthday or something. Anyway, my grandparents kept my two littlest so I could actually sit and listen to the LWV debate. Afterwards when I went to pick the kiddos up, they gave me this....

All I could tell them was that if Amir was one of "those" Muslims, 
he would've Jihad'd my ass so long ago. 

Hope that made them feel a little better.


  1. He loves AO too. That is how He works. Whether He is is loved back is the big question. If Religion card gets truly played, then LM wins with 80+% of the vote.

  2. The next flyer will somehow have the words pressure cooker in it....

    1. ^Literally made me laugh. out. loud.