Tuesday, April 23, 2013



  1. I appreciate your post and agree with a significant portion of it... Although I don't know the RC and Eisemann, the information that you provide makes their actions seem petty. However, that makes my point, I have zero interest in turning the operation of the City over to politicians, Omar or Maczka.

    I posted this on another topic, but it applies here as well. With all due respect, taking the City staff's policy making role and giving it to a politician is insane... They serve 2 years and if they suck we vote them out with the kind of shenanigans that we are seeing played out in the election cycle.

    The City staff lives it, works it and knows it better than any elected politician ever will. They also have to clean up the mess left behind when the politicians move on the greener pastures. And love him or hate him, I think Bill Keffler did a pretty good job.

    This form of government has worked very well for the City over the 25+ years I've been here... way before there was an Eisemann or a coalition.

    Check the wiki page on Richardson... and then see how many other cities have fared that take the 'policy making role' away from the staff.


    Rationale people can disagree on politics and candidates, but I don't understand why we would want to make wholesale changes in the structure of our government for change sake.

    There are worse places that we could live... Detroit and Chicago immediately come to mind... and I live on the east side of town.

  2. Mark, I agree. The city staff are the ones doing the real heavy lifting. However, what I would like to see is the city council holding them more accountable and vice versa. I really liked Bill, but I also saw that the council deferred to him on major issue rather than doing their job and challenging him so that we could all get the best possible outcome. I think the problem, and perhaps the difference between our city and other bigger ones is, in Richardson council seats are not full time positions. Most council people don't have the time nor resources to vet every issue the way the city staff does, so what do we see them do? They basically just go with whatever the city manager and staff recommend. While 99% of the time this is fine, 1% of the time it allows for mismanagement of funds (like the Keffler car debacle of, what was it '09??? and city staff vacation days) and there's simply a lack of accountability. These two entities cannot be in bed together and cannot be run by the same group of people. IMO, that is what we have going on because of the Richardson Coalition. They did not like outsiders challenging them, so they formed a PAC to assure they'd only have to work with the insiders they could get elected....

  3. Please explain how you think this has worked very well?? I find that to be a very curious statement. Having looked at the financials all the way back to 1992, I see some very different infractions that should not have happened.


  4. 20 years ago we didn’t have city employees driving the neighborhood citing people for having one tire on their front yard. 20 years ago we didn’t have the city demeaning Richardson Texas tenants by forcing a landlord to open the tenant’s home for an inspection. 20 years ago we didn’t have ‘Report a Suspected Rental’ webpage. 20 years ago we didn’t have an iPhone app to report your neighbor for watering their lawn when they were not supposed to. 20 years ago we didn’t have the city running after a neighbor for having too many garage sales. The City ran fine back then but now where are we??

    I actually had a city council person tell me it was my civic duty to report rentals and tall grass. Back when I was growing up, I’d offer to cut the lawn, trim the trees, maybe they needed some help… meet the neighbor, people who rent aren’t bad people and they can certainly tell if a home is safe or not to rent.

    Thank you Destiny, for keeping an eye out for our city. Excellent videoblography.

  5. Destiny, have you ever considered running for city council? I think you would be a great candidate. :-)

    Alan N.

  6. Gawd no! No one in their right mind would want that job! ;)