Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oh, how cute.

They still think we want them to pick the mayor....

Diane nails it, y'all-


  1. One rule of thumb, never vote for an unopposed incumbent. If a candidate only gets 10 votes, are they really considered the winner and leader of their place??

    This is what we need to consider after the election:
    Section 5.01. - Recall of mayor and city councilmembers.
    The Mayor and any councilmember of this city may be recalled and removed from office by the electors qualified to vote.
    (Ord. No. 3889, § 1(exh. A), 11-19-12)

    If they refuse to work with Mr. Omar.

  2. What she said!!! No more childish behavior from the council members and no to the richardson coalition. They have already damages enough people and this city.

  3. I'll pose the question to whichever Council members are at the local elementary school on Saturday.

    "And if Amir Omar is Mayor, will you not be able to work with him? That's what the ads from Ms M indicate."

    I'm sure they will hem and haw around but it deserves to be asked.