Friday, May 10, 2013

This makes my blood boil....

Another totally misleading and UNOFFICIAL endorsement that is meant to look like it is coming from an organization....
My first thought was that Barry Hand and I were gonna be having a conversation, until I realized that, no, this was not his doing. I mean, I doubt he protested much given his BFF Steve Mitchell is the "Neighbor" quoted on the other side (even though he lives in Heights NOT Cottonwood). 

But alas, this was Laura's campaign all the way. I guess all you have to do is find two supporters in each neighborhood to make this technically "true," but still, this shiz is shady.


  1. Be my guest with a conversation with Mr Hand. (He who wanted to 'ok' a storage facility at Plano / Beltline 'as a test')

    You'd think they could have hired a better artist to do a caricature of Ms M. If Amir's team had distributed that picture, well... I doubt the Mayor Pro Tem would have liked it.

  2. a.) Barry is no longer President of CHNA. Perhaps your neighbor should have brought you up to speed on his official role directing evil in Richardson.
    b.) The Mitchell's live on Blue Lake which is very much an integral part of evil in Cottonwood Heights
    c.) Plano/Beltline?

    Barry the former president and alledged master of all time, space and evil in the world.

  3. Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to you and all moms.

  4. I just like to pick fights with you Barry. ;)

  5. I knew we should have trade off Blue Lake to RH when we had the chance! You know,. the evil thing and all? Can we still do that? :0)